LG 42LD450-UA HDMI Dropout All Ports (Definitely the TV)

Jul 30, 2018
My LG 42LD450-UA is dropping HDMI signal, for both ports, at random intervals. Sometimes it will come back on its own, other times it'll stay disconnected. I have tried three different cables.

When the signal drops out, the power light turns from blue to red. During this time the screen cycles from completely off to the generic LG screen with the clock (mine isn't set so it just shows --:--) to a black screen (dark gray because the screen is on). Maybe the signal comes back, maybe it just cycles through those three states.

While this is happening, the remote and side panel controls have no effect. Can't change inputs, can't turn the TV on or off, nothing. The only way to break the cycle is the unplug the HDMI. Then the controls work and if I plug it back in, I definitely get my image back.

Could lose the image in a few seconds or an hour, no telling the length of time and nothing really seems to trigger it. It doesn't seem to heat and I've tried running it only at the maximum energy efficiency settings. No difference in behavior.

It does it no matter what the source. I've tried it with a computer, a laptop, and a friend's game console.

I updated the firmware and that also had no effect.

It seems like something central to the TV that handles the HDMI handshake, instead of something wrong with the ports themselves.

UPDATE 8/3/2018:
Plugging the TV directly into an outlet instead of a powerstrip seemed to help but after a day the problem started again.

One day the TV started to not turn on at all. I opened it up and there was a bit of dust I cleaned out. I didn't see any capacitors that looked obviously bad. It turned on fine and we played two programs on Netflix with no problems. Still is good today as well.

Hopefully it was just dust?? Fingers crossed.


I have two LG TV's that do sort of the same thing but only with respect to display. The HDMI connections at the back seem to "loosen" at random and a little wiggle gets the image back. Sometimes the image comes back on its own.

TV seems to "prefer" a very tight HDMI connection. Switching HDMI cables does not work as the input port is what is "loose".

Your problem is a bit more involved and appears to be more power related.

Check the power connections and the source outlet. Temporarily remove any extension cables, surge protectors, or power strips being used.

Cannot rule out that there may be two problems. 1) HDMI and 2) power connections.

Jul 30, 2018

I am continually amazed by my ability to over-complicate a problem. I took the TV out of the power strip and into a different outlet. While I guess it's possible that I could just be lucky, it's been a full day of use with no drop-outs.

Thank you very much!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the problem is back. The time that it worked was so much longer, though, that I wonder if it isn't still something power related.

Now that it's back it's happening randomly again. Seems to be going off about 5 minutes apart for right now.
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