Looking for a cheap video camera.


May 25, 2014
Hello wise ones!

I am now done building my computer and now need help choosing a camera. I am on a tight tight budget lol and I was looking for a camera that can record 60fps at least 480p with 720p preffered. I'm looking at spending as little money as possible. Where should I start?

Thank you for the help!



Both should be good. I will look at the specs of each and get back to you.

Update: One advantage of the Canon is that it has both a microphone and headphone jack.

Update 2: The sensor size is the same on both Canon camcorders @ 1/4.85" vs. the smaller sensor size of the Panasonic @ 1/5.8" (same sensor size on both Panasonic models). You will probably get better low-light performance from the Canon.

Side-by-side spec comparison: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/compare/Panasonic_HC-V250_Full_HD_Camcorder_vs_Canon_VIXIA_HF_R500_Full_HD_Camcorder_White_vs_Sony_8GB_HDR-CX230_HD_Handycam_Camcorder_Black_vs_Canon_VIXIA_HF_R500_Full_HD_Camcorder_Black/BHitems/1023345-REG_1023455-REG_909737-REG_1023206-REG#removeItem=909737&removeItem=1023455
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