Macbook late 2007 (white) will not turn on.


Dec 31, 2012

For the past several weeks my mac-book has been shutting off randomly. The battery on my mac-book is completely dead, so i have to use a mag-safe to use it. My Mac seemed to always have high CPU temperatures (high 60's low 70s Celsius range). I figured that's the reason why it has been shutting off. I finally took it upon my self to take apart the mac and replace the thermal paste on the processor. After putting it all back together, my mac will not turn on. The light on the mag-safe still is green. I have tried resetting the SMC and reseating the RAM. What could possibly be causing this? I know the keyboard is connected to the motherboard.

I do not have a spare battery or mag-safe to test with my mac.
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