My laptop is going to 3yrs now,but recently my laptop will just shut down without warning, sometimes it will on back when I on

Obanubi Aluko

Oct 12, 2016
My laptop is going to 3yrs now,but recently my laptop will just shut down without warning, sometimes it will on back when I try to on and a time a it will not.


Jul 30, 2014
Hi there Obanubi Aluko,

Do you need to wait for some time, so you can turn it back on?
If this is the case, then most probably you are facing some overheating issues.

You can just use some software tool that can show you the temps of the laptop. If the laptop is overheating, you will have to clean the dust out and re apply thermal paste.

D_Know_WD :)

Obanubi Aluko

Oct 12, 2016
Tanx for ur response but a times I will have to remove the battery and put it back before it can work again bit as for the overheating case pls is there any software tool dat I can recommend for me to detect whether is overheating or not.


Aug 17, 2016
If Your laptop is 3 years old, and it just shuts off without going through the shutdown cycle, chances are it is telling You Your battery is dying. This can also make it act strange at times. You can check this by removing the battery, and just use wall outlet power, if it stays running then There is nothing wrong with the power source. Some people says they can hear strange nosies coming from laptop after it dies, those nosies are the laptop shutting off. You see when You power down Your laptop, You are not shutting it off, You are only putting it in stand by, That way it will load up faster the next time in use. You can try cleaning the battery leads where it connects to laptop on both laptop and battery, and see if that will help, but I WOULD SAY IT IS TIME TO REPLACE THE BATTERY. In doing so You need to replace it with one from You laptops manufacture! Because these fly by night cheap replacement batteries are sometimes very unsafe and can cause fires.
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