Solved! Need help with headphones, has 3 cables

Jan 27, 2019
Hi! I'm going to get a headphone with 3 cables. One for LED light, another for mic and the last for audio. For singing, is it possible to plug in the mic and still hear the music in order to sing, or do I need the other cable for audio to be able to do that?
Do I need 2 other cable slots on the computer in order to do do two things at once?


"headphones with 3 cables" does not really give us much info, also you did not say what you are plugging them into exactly. The music should come through the headphones. If you want to do karaoke type stuff, you are better off using speakers and a mic instead of a headset. Even if you have headphones for other uses, use a mic for singing along with stuff since getting self audio to the headphones requires some work.
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