No sound. Smart TV (TCL) using hdmi extender to Marantz NR1602 Receiver

Jun 15, 2018
I am having audio problems connecting the new 2018 65" TCL to a Marantz NR1602 Receiver via HDMI extender w/IR repeater. I know in other forums, people have provided options like add an optical cable or run this and that, but that is not an option here. Is it a settings issue?
Does the extender you used support ARC?
ARC usually has to be turned on in the TV menu. You may also have to turn off the internal TV speakers and change the audio output type,
In the receiver you may need to assign ARC to an input name in the input set up menu.
Jun 15, 2018

Thanks! I contacted the manufacturer as it wasn't clear and they confirmed it does not.
Jun 15, 2018

So an extender with ARC support is pricey. I brought my receiver upstairs to the smart TV to make it easier to setup. I connected the ARC port from the TV to the ARC port on receiver. Ran Optical from TV to receiver. Connected a center speaker only and am getting no sound. Tried adjusting all setting and configs and all I get is a helicopter sound from speaker. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't think of any other solution.
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