Old VCR with only red,yellow,white CRA needs to connect to new Samsung Smart TV but doesn't work with AV or Component input. H


Aug 6, 2017
Older VCR with only RCA red, yellow, white need to play VHS on new Samsung Smart TV which does have RCA input. It doesn't work as either AV or Component. Help please. Or are new VHS players still available?
VCR would only work with a composite video (yellow RCA) connection.
Some TVs have a combined component composite video input. Check your TV manual for details.
If you put a tape in the VHS and the front panel doesn't indicate that the tape is moving then the player is not working. There are still some DVD/VHS players out there but they are going away fast and are not cheap. You might be able to replace your tapes with DVD for less than a new VHS.
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