Only stereo sound using 5.1 home theatre system and a TV box


Jan 26, 2018
I have a Samsung TV and a 5.1 Samsung home theatre system connected through HDMI and optical cable.
I've got the chance to try out my friend's X96 Mini TV Box and I'm thinking about buying the same one. However it has a HDMI and an AR port. I connected the box with the TV through HDMI cable but I'm only getting stereo sound from the HTS' speakers, the rear speakers don't work in this case. Can I get surround sound with this setup or I would be better off with a TV Box that has SPDIF port?


You're passing through the tv & back out to the home theatre ??

Most tv will only output a stereo passthrough signal from devices connected externally to the tv.

Its a limitation of your setup itself.

The android box will be 100% capable of 5.1 audio out via hdmi , your tv is down processing that signal to stereo.

Whats the sony hts model ??


Then yes mate , that hts only has a single digital audio input (optical as you know)

To get 'true' dolby surround from an android box you need one with an optical port out & you need that plugged straight into the hts.

That said you can get those rear speakera & centre working in a virtual surround option by using the pro logic option on the hts.

Done using the sound effect button on the remote

That said that hts is arc enabled .
If the tv is arc enabled too thenbyou have no reason to have an optical cable from tv to hts - it will pass audio via hdmi if setup properly.

It 'may' be able to pass 5.1 from the tv box this way although I'm doubtful.


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