PC to Stereo via HDMI Question :)


Dec 27, 2014
Hey everyone!

I have a quick audio related question. I'm getting tired of solely playing the sound from my PC to my headset and would like to run it through my old stereo instead. However, I am not sure how or even if I can. My stereo is a Sharp DVD Micro System. Model: XLDV75HMKII (Sharp’s website has just gone down I think so I'm unable to link it or its manual). It has a HDMI connection in the back and I've tried connecting it both to the HDMI spot on my motherboard and GPU, however have had no success. Is my PC able to play sound through my stereo via HDMI or will I have to buy one of those dual RCA cables?

Other information:

GPU: EVGA Classified Kinpin Edition
MOBO: Asus Maximus Formula 6
Stereo: http://www.graysonline.com/auctionproduct/sharpxldv7-178475109/audio-tv-and-home-theatre/sharp-dvd-micro-system-xldv75hmkii-refurbished

Thanks for your time.
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