Playing audio via external speakers on a monitor with Roku

Feb 16, 2018
My husband is no longer on the scene who knew everything about technology, by comparison I know nothing!

Ok so I sold the tv and I have bought a Roku box to play iplayer through to a computer monitor. This monitor has terrible sound so if possible I'd like to hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker that I have.
The Bluetooth speaker has a micro usb charging port.
The monitor has a hdmi port which is being used with the Roku, an audio port and a dvi port.
I do not own the computer to go with the monitor.
Is this possible?


First, which ROKU model do you have? Some have audio outputs and some only have HDMI. Assuming you have the HDMI only version, you could get one of these -- You put that between the ROKU and the monitor. That gives audio out. But not bluetooth. It is probably easier to buy a set of powered wired speakers that you could plug into the red/white connections on the audio extractor.
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