Playing PS4 and PC audio on USB headset


Jun 26, 2015
I want to know of a way that i can play the audio from both my pc and ps4. I have a Razer Kraken headset. I have an idea that I think might work but im not sure, so here goes - I have a a 4 port USB hub plugged into my PS4 and my thought is that if i plug my headset into the hub and a USB to 3.5mm cord into the hub then into my PC, i should be able to hear both. I got this idea from an old Turtle Beach headset that has a usb and aux connector and I plugged the Usb side into the PS4 and the aux into the PC and I could hear both.
Find a way to route audio (3.5mm cable) from your PS4 to Line-In you on your PC, and move the headset to your PC.
You cannot plug "3.5mm to USB cable" (it does not exists) into the USB hub and expect the headset to **somehow** pick up and mix both USB signals.

Your old TurtleBeach was designed to work that way, by providing separate audio paths.
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