Set-up LG Home Theater with Samsung Smart TV


Sep 1, 2016
A new Samsung smart TV - old (5 yrs) LG home theater, cable box remote. How do I connect these so that when I turn on the TV (withe the cable box remote) the sound comes from the home theater? I have read the answers to Smart TV connect to home theater and the references to the technical components are beyond me! So if someone has the patience to walk me through this in child like steps I would appreciate it very much.
Without model number I can't give you a precise answer.
Most likely the TV has optical audio out and maybe headphone out. If the LG has optical in then use that. Turn the optical out on in the TV audio menu. You may have to turn the TV speakers off to get it to work. You may also have to change the audio output type.
If your LG doesn't have optical in then use the headphone out.
If the TV doesn't have headphone out you would need a DAC to convert the digital out to analog
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