Some Keys on Keyboard Doesn't Work Properly (ASUS X453MA with Windows 10)


Mar 5, 2016
Dear Forum,
I am a ASUS X453MA user who have upgrade my PC from Windows 8.1 to 10 since November ago.

Few days ago, I stucked on a problem. My 'n', 'o', 'j', and '9' key on keyboard doesn't work properly. I've contacted the ASUS Helpdesk by chat, they recommend me to bring the NB to Service Center. I don't know the problem came from, but i guess that isn't hardware problem.

I've updated all the whole drivers. When I pressing the key, it's not responding for a while. But, another key still works! Sometimes these keys worked correctly when typing in Word. Then error come again and again. I've tried this with on screen keyboard, same result.

Can U help me to solve this problem? Thank U.
- Start by checking if your keyboard layout is set to United States.
- If this will not work uninstall/reinstall the keyboard driver.
- Open Device Manager, right click on the keyboard driver and select Uninstall.
- Reboot your laptop once uninstalled and it should reinstall the driver automatically upon reboot.
- Do test it again after the reboot and see if the problem has been resolved.
- If it doesn't work connect and external USB keyboard then test it and see if it will work normally or not.
- If it does work that could mean that the built in keyboard was damaged.
- Your last option if it works normally using an external keyboard is to do a factory reset.