Sony vaio does not turn on


Dec 14, 2012
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-3J1L and it randomly crashed while I was working on some important papers.

When I plug it in, the power light comes on. When I push the power button, the power light goes off and the laptop stays cold.

I replaced the battery some 6 mos ago with a Chinese knockoff. Also, I moved from US to UK (change in voltage?).

A friend here (who won't work on hardware) said that it might be a 'charging circuit' issue?

Does anyone have any insight in how to perform diagnostics on it? Is my friend right - do I need to replace the charging circuit? Or is it a difficult issue to fix?
most clone batteries if it been working for a while it not the battery. the battery is charged by the mb. most new laptop have ac bricks that work in both us and over seas. take a look at yours and see if it it rated to run on higher voltage the us 120v.
if you have a volt meter set it to dc and check the bricks output to see if it close to the rated output on it. if it is unplug the ac power flip the laptop over and check that the ram is seated. also check the ac power pin on the brick and laptop. over time the rubber washer goes bad and the pin can short out or the plug on the the solider join snaps and the port becomes lose are does not work any more. the last issue would need a tech guy to pull the laptop apart...had a hard drive failure where the drive pulling to much power for the mb to post or there a seating issue with the cpu or a fault on the mb.