start up laptop, it freezes after a couple of minutes.


Feb 26, 2016
Every time I start up my laptop it will freeze withing a few minutes. I shut down on the power button and restart again, a message comes up saying google chrome did not shut down properly. I delete the message and then the laptop runs fine for the rest of the day. I am on windows 7 and this problem happens without fail every day. When I eventually shut my laptop down after a days work I will check with the task manager to make sure nothing is still running. But with out fail the problem will occur when I restart the next day. I have deleted google chrome and then put it back on again and still the problem happens. So (A) start laptop, it freezes. (B) shut down manually. (C) restart laptop and delete message about chrome not shutting down properly and it runs fine after that. drives me nuts.

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