tv buying advice


Sep 23, 2012
i am looking to buy a new tv. i currently own a plasma but i want one bigger than 46''. My first issue is why does it seem like everyone is wanting lcd when it appears plasma is better? i do not want a tv that has blurring which seems to be the case with lcd's.

i have a guy with a used samsun pn58b860 58'' plasma he will sell to me for $700 however that tv is 4yrs old. would i be better off buying a new tv (plasma or lcd) for $800 or would the sammy be better?

thanks for any and all advice.

Bassim Ansari

Dec 18, 2013
First of all its LED that you want to buy to save power consumption if you're down that track.

Plasmas have two major problems.

1. The electricity cost is higher than LED.

2. "Burn-out" after some years of use.

But the obvious advantage is that Plasmas are very good when it comes to viewing blacks. The blacks of Plasma cannot absolutely be reproduced on any LED whatsoever. Period.

If you live in a bright room , however, the vibrant colors of LED will beat the Plasma , where Plasma will definitely suffer as it is not bright enough to be able to cover your brightness and show picture at the same time.

So it boils down to what you want and where do you intend to view your movies and the environment.

A dark environment and if you are an extreme movie buff, and are willing to risk "Burn off" Effect after a few years or so, then I guess Plasma is a better choice.

But longer life of LED's, compromising a few shades of black albeit not getting the Plasma seem to work a lot better for most people if they live in a brightened room with plenty of sunlight streaming through.

P.S I prefer LEDs now.

And I am looking for saving for the Sony Bravia 55 inch KDLW900 With Triluminos Technology. It costs around 2000 dollars in the market and is just superb. :)
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