will roku 3 play through a hdmi 2 rca converter


Jan 16, 2015
Have a 60 in Mitsubishi rear projection tv abt 10 yr old. Great tv color perfect no Hdmi input. I bought a Hdmi to Rca analog converter, converted sound ok but no useable video through aux input. I can get Roku start up screen ok when it boots up, but image tears into strips and can't be synchronized with tv to give a picture beyond the initial Roku page. I have tried both 1080p and 780i outputs from Roku 3, and neither will give a video picture. Only Roku start up screen, then it disintegrates. I have to use the RCA analog input on front of tv because all other inputs are used up.. I have not had very good luck with any Hdmi to either component or RCA. Conversions. Prob nog a very good idea here, either.
The issue isn't ROKU itself but the quality of the converter. It's likely you'd have the same exact problem with any other HDMI device.

The ROKU 2 supports Composite video (RW and Y).

Western Digital "Elements Play" also supports Composite or HDMI. It does not support Netflix but it does support more media formats.
Only the component video input might support 720p or 1080i (if the TV is HD ready) so the problem might be that you need to set the Roku to 480i or SD (which is supported by composite video inputs) if you can. The start up screen is probably not HD so that is visible. Make sure the converter accepts an HD signal.

Good point.

I'm not sure what inputs the old TV supports. In the initial post the OP said "780i" which isn't an input format so perhaps he meant "480i".

The most universal input (for NTSC) is 480i which is a 720x480 video format. Standard Definition.

HD formats first started supporting 1080i and 720p with 1080p coming later. My HDTV for example supports 480i, 720p, and 1080i only.

*I assumed they tried every output capable from the ROKU 3 however which is why I suggested the HDMI converter might be the issue and to investigate the ROKU 2 or WD units.

By "RCA" I assume he means the RW+Y composite.