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  1. N

    Lenovo G50-45 specs help

    http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/lenovo-g50-45-amd-a8-8gb-1tb-radeon-r5-15.6-inch-laptop-black-a1-80e3013auk/version.asp It does not say any gpu or integrated on lenovos site it says "up to AMD Radeon™ R5 M230 2GB 3D graphics" http://shop.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/lenovo/g-series/g50-45/
  2. Brandon138

    Does VR (Vive) make things 3D?

    Kind of a dumb question but something I've never really known. Will using the Vive headset make whatever game your playing play in 3d since you are using both eyes? Or is it just a 2D screen in front of your face? Thanks
  3. A

    i7-6850K+VIDIA GeForce GTX 1080+32GB RAM, good for vr and 3d?

    We’re actively starting our research in vr and 3d. This is a new pc we plan to buy for our lab (budget $3000). Is this good enough for vr, 3d modeling and rendering? (eg. VUE, 3ds max, Maya, Unity) Limited Time Offer 1 x [FREE] - 6.6 ft. Braided HDMI to HDMI Cable ($15 Value)- Limited Time...
  4. G

    Latest da Vinci 3D Printer Won't Break the Bank

    With a price tag of less than $300, XYZprinting's da Vinci Mini 3D printer is targeting hobbyists, teachers and others looking to get started in 3D printing. Latest da Vinci 3D Printer Won't Break the Bank : Read more
  5. D

    Forcing AutoCAD 2016 to use 940m

    Hello. I have added the application to the nvidia control panel and i can't change the setting which is "High performance". Still running the application says the intel 5500 is used. ugh. How can i force it to use the preferred card ? This is on a Lenovo Yoga 3 14".
  6. Mr666Man

    Atom vs Core i7 for 3d rendering

    For the last year, I have been working with an Asus Transformer Book T100TAF with 2 GiB of RAM and an Intel Atom Z3735F. I have been doing some light 3d rendering in Blender with this laptop, and it's been working pretty well. I'll design a model, get the camera where I want it, push the render...
  7. W

    Will the "ASUS F555LA (Core i3)" run the 3ds max software?

    I just need a cheap budget laptop to edit my 3d models on the go (in this case the ASUS F555LA). I don't need it for rendering, I just want to use it to edit. Will it run 3ds max? I'm also on a low budget (500$CAD or less) and this seems to be the best bang-for-the-buck. Here are the specs...
  8. E

    3d printed music instruments?

    Well if this is not a fake story, a lot of new musicians are going to be hitting the scene :) Guess you can make your own violins with this '3d printing' technology. http://formlabs.com/stories/designing-a-3d-printed-acoustic-violin/ There are even files out like on how to make this guitar...
  9. adam keen

    3D Acceleration Issue

    Hi everyone :), recently when i installed Rise Of The Tomb Rider i faced a problem which is the 3d acceleration , it appears when i press the play button i searched for solutions in the internet of course i found some suggestions like " checking if the direct 3D is enable on dxdiag " but they...
  10. M

    Best desktop configuration for 3d rendering

    Can you recommend specs for desktop for 3d rendering( using rhino /vray)? I need high specs for faster rendering. Are the gaming pc specs can be ideal also for 3d rendering? Though I am not a gamer, I just need it only for designing. Thanks!
  11. S

    Half of the screen of my 3D tv has gone dark brown

    My Onida 3D tv's (Model No.LEO32NF3D ) half of the screen has gone dark brown and whatever picture shown there seems to move very slow. I have not been able to figure out whats wrong. Is it the panel or Tcon board that has become faulty. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have attached a...
  12. V

    Could't connect TV with Home Theater

    I have LG Led 3D tv it has optical output for audio speakers, but my home theater doesn't have optical. Please help?
  13. D

    Is this PCspecialist laptop enough for animation/3D works?

    Hello, I wanted to know if you could help me out a bit here: I recently purchased a laptop from PCSpecialist, and I don't know if it is enough for what I want to see it, which is for programs on Maya, Nuke, Mari, AfterEffects, 3Ds Max, etc. Here I post the most important specs. Octane...
  14. J

    Laptop suggestion for gaming & 3d rendering

    I'm on the lookout for a laptop for 3d rendering and game developing in Maya, Unity etc for my girlfriend. It's also going to be the primary laptop for games such as Assassin's Creed 4 and other somewhat demanding games. It doesn't have to run smooth 120 FPS at ultra settings, but 40+ at medium...
  15. A

    is this Laptop good ?

    is this Laptop good for Video Editing & 3d modeling ? and rate it of 10/ http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=c04819633&doctype=data%20sheet&doclang=EN_GB&searchquery=&cc=emea_middle_east&lc=en
  16. R

    Need helping narrowing down a laptop

    I'm going to be using the laptop for gaming, autoCAD, and Civil 3d, along with movies and the general stuff. I've got it narrowed down to these 3 I think: Asus K501UX-NS51 ~ 679.99 usd Core i5 6200u 8gb ram Nvidia gtx 950m 2gb 1tb hdd and 128gb ssd Asus X550JX-DB71 (Refurbished) ~ 679.99usd...
  17. MaqDrew

    3D Studio Max & Maya

    I'm a medium level expert in adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, But now I'm more interested about 3d modeling & rendering to the Autodesk'3D StudioMax & Maya'...... problem is i've no idean about those software...... I just wanna know I'm already skilled Adobe suite.... now How kind of skill do I...
  18. K

    ill b studying 3d softwares now and i need to buy a new laptop i had a question that if alienware was good?

    i have searched many sites and i still cant figure out which to buy.. i m graphic designer and will b studying 3d software now but i also play games i checked out dell xps and alienware and i cant decide which one to buy//
  19. L

    hp omen or MacBook Pro 15 for 3D animation

    Hey, I am looking to buy a laptop for 3d modeling/animation (maxon cinema 4d) 2d animation and graphic design (adobe suite). I know that a desktop would be a better solution but I dont have a permanent workspace, so I need a laptop. I was thinking HP omen 15-5210nv (i7-4720HQ/16GB RAM/512GB...
  20. S

    Nvidia 820m reduces clock speeds when running 3D application.

    Greetings, So I have a Geforce 820m: On idle, it runs at 720mhz (I guess GPU boost applies here since default is 625mhz) But when I try to run a 3d application like CS:GO or FurMark, it reduces clock speeds to 270mhz! Wich is just INSANE, I go from 120fps to 40fps in CS:GO. As you can see is...
  21. M

    Sketching and 3d modelling.

    Firstly, I never had an apple laptop or desktop. I always used windows. I am wondering about possibly obtaining a macbook pro for sketching and 3d modelling in like autodesk maya or one of the adobe programs. My prace range is well preferably no more than £1500. I would like a 15" display. Which...
  22. A

    for 3d modelling and rendering

    guys, im looking at the dell inspiron 7559, and need to know whether it will be enuf to support applications like revit , 3dmax and lumion, ?and is it upgradable, and assuming it is .. is it reliable ?
  23. C

    I think I may have virus

    I was watching youtube and all of sudden a pop up pops up and it said something about embedded double click . net and I had option to x or yes or no. I clicked x and went out of it. Can you please recommend me a software that deals with all the virus malware etc. I have some 3d art works that I...
  24. N

    Help finding sound design/3D modeling/gaming laptop

    I'm looking for a good laptop and don't know where to start. I'm a college student working with sound design and 3D modeling, mostly in Ableton intro and Maya. I also use photoshop, illustrator, and sometimes Unity. I also really love gaming, but on my current laptop, Heroes of the Storm plays...
  25. S

    3D home theatre and none 3D TV

    So my TV is none 3D Sharp and i want to buy a Pioneer mcs-333 home theatre.I dont want to watch 3D movies i just like the home theatre.My question is are they compatible or the home theatre should be none 3D too? I know its a bit stupid question but i decided first to ask then to buy.Thanks.
  26. P

    is ASUS G752 good for 3d Modeling in Maya

    ASUS G752 for Mudbox and Memento
  27. B

    Best Laptop for 3d video production

    What laptop should I get for hardcore video production. I will be running maya, photoshop, after effects, and premiere pro. Sometimes i will be using them at the same time. I want it to be flawless when i do. I'd rather that it will have 16 gb ram. I'll like the price to be under $1,800 but it...
  28. S

    Mobile Video Card (GPU) Comparison Chart?

    Hello, I'm in the market for a laptop for graphic design / motion design / 3d animation and video. Does anyone know of a chart or some type of breakdown showing the differences in power of the common GPUs? For example, I'm having a difficult time telling the true difference between say a GTX...
  29. M

    3D Animation/Game Design Student Laptop (Dell XPS 15 9550?)

    Hi all, I'm in the process of looking for a laptop and I currently have my sight set on the Dell XPS 15 9550 with i7-6700HQ Quad Core CPU, GeForce GTX 960M w/ 2GB GPU, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD, and UHD Display. From the many reviews I've looked at, this seems to be the machine for me. But I have...
  30. K

    i what to by a pc for doing animation and vfx work in a budget of 50K

    i want to built a pc for doing 3D animation and VFX work and my budget is 50K
  31. H

    PC for 3d Animating

    Hello my name is Hunter I am 15 and would like to take my editing to the next level. I use blender, 3ds max, Final cut pro and after effects. I mainly use blender creating computer intensive renders. I would like to build a PC that is nice and quick. I would really appreciate some advice i don't...
  32. E

    Lenovo yoga 3 14 inch vs yoga 700 14 inch

    Title says it all. I want to use it for college this fall and for pc gaming and 3d modeling in blender 3d. I would also like to install android 6.0 x86. Which do you think is best? Yoga 700 14 inch. If i were to get this one it would be with the nvidia geforce 940m...
  33. D

    CAD Revit Sketchup 3D laptop

    Hi guys, Its a bit long post, sorry I'm about to purchase a new laptop and the options ive found dont fit the specs. Hope you might advise on best option/or throw something out custom i can check out. Basically a very fast 3d modelling design machine (final renders can be done overnight, or...
  34. T

    Completely Customizable 3D Printed Case.

    I've been drawing up designs for a completely customizable 3D printed PC case. I've been wanting to do this for a while now. If someone could lend me some more help with creating the CAD files, it would be greatly appreciated. The goal is to create multiple little case components, like a wall...
  35. J

    Viewing 3D Pics from single lens camera

    i have the panasonic lumix dmc zs19. it creates 3d pics by taking many and combining 2 of them. can i see these pics with 3d glasses on a tv or computer, or do i have to have a 3d tv? thanks.
  36. A

    Laptop Comparison for Autocad : Asus G751JY vs HP ZBook 17 G2

    Hello everyone, I have an asus g751JY that i'm planning on selling soon because I have a desktop computer now. My brother uses Autocad software for his work everyday, he asked me to give my laptop to him. But I really doubt autocad would need the same requirements as video games would. Because I...
  37. V

    Best Laptop for 3D modelling/rendering

    Hi everyone, I've been looking on countless website and I'm still not sure what computer to buy. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I need a computer for mainly 3D modelling and rendering and I want to be quiet powerful. I use mostly Rhino, 3DS max and V-ray to design. I also want to be...
  38. V

    which of these laptops is the better performer for 3D applications ?

    i need a laptop to study 3D modeling, Analysis and occasional gaming. which of these will be a better performer HP AB125AX - A10 8700P , 2GB R7 M360 Graphics & 8GB ram(1600 MHz)...
  39. V

    which one of these is a better choice ? HP or ACER ?

    which one of these is a better choice ?http:// OR http:// i need a laptop to study 3D modeling, analysis , video &photo editing & occasional gaming. Acer is bit cheaper so i would definitely buy a SSD and an additional 8 gb ram for both .so which one a better performer ? Also please guide...
  40. V

    Laptop for Autocad drawing 3D and 2D

    Hey all at Tomshardware, It's been many years since i looked at laptops so i have little knowledge on which brands to go for. This is really searching for my dad. He is a mechanical engineer who works in the plastic molding industry who needs his laptop a lot as he reviews and give pointers to...
  41. K

    Looking for a 'Powerful laptop' upgrade w/out previous flaws

    -current Laptop issues -looking for a durable recreation/workstation upgrade -need to know some advanced basics -price range is a factor -custom models shouldn't fail after a year...right? :'( +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
  42. harrystam

    Re-Recording Audio For 3D Sound. Is It Possible?

    I'm a audiophile. and I don't use that term loosely. I die for my music. But I've recently gone on a 3D music rampage and it is great stuff, but it's in limited supply. I'm wondering if there is a way to convert or re-record original songs and turn them into 3D audio for a more immersive...
  43. P

    Need Help: Best Desktop Configuration for 3D Modelling and Rendering software

    I am industrial mechanical engineer. Most of the time I am on my desktop working on 3d product design, assembly and rendering . My computer has become old so its time to buy a new desktop with good processor, ram and gpu. Most of the time following software's run on my system 3D Modelling ...
  44. M

    3D Mark score

    I was just wondering if any body knew if this was a good 3D Mark score for a gtx 970 and a i5 4690k? http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/9873326? Thanks, Matt
  45. J

    New laptop for 3D and other things

    Hello, I'm a student that follows DAE (Digital arts and entertainment) and my laptop decided to well fall apart. I managed to fix it but every time I move it around it almost falls apart again. I found it to be time to get a new laptop but as almost every student my budget is small. My current...
  46. D

    How can I watch a 3D movie file on my PC with my Benq w1070?

    I have 3D blu rays, that's simple enough- put the 3D blu ray in my PC and start Power DVD 14, and boom- it'll be in 3D. What if I just have a 3D movie file? How can I watch it in 3D? Currently when I click on the 3D movie file, it shows a 2D image side by side, and it opens up in VLC Media...
  47. Froggman

    How do I make 2d Blu-Ray movies convert to 3D (playing through 3D Blu-Ray Drive)?

    Thats what I'm trying to figure out. Or for that matter, if it is possible to convert regular DVD's to 3D? I will buy 3D blu-ray movies, just looking to get the most out of this drive. Just recieved it in the mail, and it said in addition to playing 3D blu-ray movies, it was capable of...
  48. S

    Laptop Under 1200 for Photoshop/3d Modelling

    I need a laptop for 3d modelling and photoshop. I will be doing a bit of light gaming on this machine as well. I would prefer to stay around/under 1000 but I am wiling to spend up to 1200. Most likely I will be using a WACOM intuos with it as well. I don't need anything professional as I am...
  49. goaskalice00

    Looking for the best 1080p projector around $600

    Hey all, I've been planning on buying a 1080p, 3D projector for a while now (as opposed to a new TV). I don't want to spend much more than $600 (less would be better!). It seems like there are a few good models floating around in this price range. I will be using the projector primarily for...
  50. G

    best TV 4k 3D to 1500€

    Guys my father and i are looking for a new TV. What do you recomend? he wants to buy 1500€ or under
  51. J

    cheapest 3d tv

    hi i am looking on buying a 3d tv for my room and don't know where to get it form i am in australia thanks for your help
  52. H

    I need a laptop so that I can 3D model with Blender while on the go.

    I'm not looking to do any rendering. I just need a laptop that will run blender smoothly, specially when the vert count starts to go up. If I could build my own laptop that would be great, but after doing some research it seems that people don't really build their own laptops because here aren't...
  53. Z

    Should i buy a macbook pro 15" with retina display or Msi WS60 workstation (4K) or gaming laptop

    Hi I was reading different reviews on internet and confused about this article. I am an architecture student and I will be using the laptop for 3Ds Max modeling, adobe Photoshop, adobe lightroom, sketchup and Autocad. My budget is around 3000 Euros. Should i buy a Macbook pro mid-2015 15"...
  54. durahl

    Maximum Resolution in 3D Gaming?

    Greetings! I just upgraded my 6+ years old HD TV for a new UHD TV which also supports 3D Gaming/Movies using Active 3D Glasses. Getting 3D SBS Movies to work on the TV was a huge pain in the ass but after a while I found an easy way by simply accessing them from my PC through the TV's DLNA...
  55. S

    Best 3D Bluray Software - PC

    Hi, I am looking for software that will play 3D Blurays on my PC(PC is connected to 3D projector) I don't care about a lot of extra features, just need it to play 3D Blurays. I was looking at PowerDVD 15 Ultra but it comes with a lot of features I do not need. Another option was PowerDVD Live...
  56. P

    3D Graphics of games are all messed up on new laptop

    Here is an example of what it looks like: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/403430334745289298/3134E38D40CD284B25FA2C1C28ECEA5EB0DC5F8A/ This is not just Torchlight II specific, it affects pretty much everything with a semblance of 3D animation. I'm running Windows 8.1 with an...
  57. M

    3D Graphic Animation Laptop

    Hi I was just wondering If anyone new of a decent manufacturer for a laptop for graphic animation, I was going to purchase a Dell Alienware 18 but they don't export that one to the UK Budget Is $4,500
  58. I

    Laptop Suggestions? (Questionnaire Answered)

    1. What is your budget? Up to $1400, not including shipping/tax. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15-17" leaning towards 17" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop replacement, but not...
  59. G

    Laptop for animation

    Hello, I recently finished a 3D course and I decided to specialize in character animation. I'm currently working on my showreel with a very old pc and, seen that I'll probably leave home very soon, I was planning to buy a laptop. I know that a mobile workstation would be the best choice for me...
  60. P

    Good Laptop for Revit and 3D modelin use

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a new laptop. I am often travelling for work, therefore I am forced to use Revit and other 3D modeling softwares on a laptop, asking for strong performances. I selected 2 models: Asus N155JW-CN317H Lenovo Y50-70 Asus one is newer, with newer processors and graphic...