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  1. A

    Solved! Philips 48PFS8109/12 dead help please

    Hey all ! Last year I upgraded software on my Philips Smart TV. After the upgrade the TV won't turn back on even in to standby mode. I just left the TV sitting in the box since then but now I'm looking for a challenge and won't to give it a shot at repairing it before I bin it. The Philips...
  2. abdulsalamalvi

    Question Laptop suddenly completely died

    Was using my laptop Hp dq 14 1039 while charging when suddenly it powered off and now it wont even start. It also doesnt show charging led indicator anymore. Its barely been few months when i got the laptop.Would really appreciate help.
  3. scyron

    Solved! Asus ZenBook Flip 15 suddenly died (UX562)

    Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well 😊 I need your help cause my laptop died suddenly this week while I was teleworking. It's a good one I bought 1 year ago for photography and video editing: -The AC cable was pluged in and...
  4. R

    Solved! Laptop shuts off in about 3 seconds of turning on

    I've got an old Dell inspiron 17 inch i think its a 9300. Its from 2005/6 and I've used it through my uni days. Pulled it out of storage recently and cleaned it up and charged it and tried turning it on. It turns on for about 3 seconds and then just switches off as though its lost power (even...
  5. S

    No power Canon t4i (650d)

    Yes, no power at all. I was one day on a shoot indoors and all was going great. There was no substantial humidity to worry about, and we were no shooting anywhere near any liquids, including coffee. The next day I went to plug in the battery into the camera and waited a bit, but there was no...
  6. A

    my lg tribute 5 will not turn on after two days of charging

    i was on my phone til it turned off bc usually i can still use it on0 if its plugged. i let it die and i plugged it up it said need to charge more so i went to sleep. the next day i woke up to check my snapchat and the thing woudlnt turn on. i charged it for an hour nothing. so i left it on the...
  7. J

    hp 2000 laptop not starting...

    The battery is dead. when plugged in, the light at the plug in socket is lit. But nothing happens. no spin ujp, no screen, etc. What next.?
  8. E

    Amilo Li 3710 dead mobo

    Hello dear forum members! I have an amilo li 3710 laptop with dead motherboard. I checked everything , i replaced PU9 charger ic and it's not working ye. The PU 10 is dont get pgood signal ,where is the pgood signal come from? And I hear a high pitch but quiet sound from PU 10 it can be a sign...
  9. H

    Solved! Are these dead or stuck pixels?

    I bought this Spectre x360 13.3 5 days ago so I can return but since i bought from HP website so the return would be more of a hassle than returning to bestbuy. Anyone have experience in returning HP orders, do you pay shipping, etc.?
  10. G

    Samsung Galaxy Core 2 won't turn on after battery drained, turns on for a few seconds and then turns off again

    Hi! So, my Samsung Galaxy Core 2 turned off after its battery drained. This happened because, even when I connected the charger, the battery percentage would go down. After it stayed off for a few hours, I connected the charger again and saw it turn on and off to only show an empty battery and a...
  11. G

    This is the strangest thing thats ever happened to me ( 2 computers and a keyboard broke at the same time)

    So two days ago I came home, opened up my Razer blade 14 2015 and was watching a few youtube videos. About 45 minutes later the screen went black on me, and the whole machine turned off including the light that confirms its charging. I try turning it back on but didnt have any luck. I didnt have...
  12. L

    Laptop dead after soldering?

    I'm decent with computers in general, but not with soldering. Today, I decided to solder the 'memory card holder' back in place on the motherboard because it was detached. It got detached previously because I had the memory card in the laptop, then bumped it from the side. Anyways, I was...
  13. S

    Toshiba Satellite e55 not keeping power on (mobo swapped twice!)

    Very odd issue with this machine. Came into a shop i work at and has had me stumped. The machine will turn on but will not keep on. It stays on for about 5 seconds before losing power all together. Tried taking out RAM and powering it on with the same problem. Tried taking out the internal...
  14. magnificent_90

    color changes in one pixel

    I got an Acer W4 windows 8.1 tablet, normally there is nothing wrong with the display (for example right now that Im typing) or when Im playing with it BUT sometimes I see a colorful dot on my screen, I thought its a dead pixel, I checked my tablet with Udpixel and I didnt find any dead pixel it...
  15. mrtoast72

    White screen, no video out either. I'm stooped please help D:

    Hey guys toast here just needing some help uselly I help other people on the forum but today I need your help. I have an asus g72 rog gaming laptop, kinda old but still was good. when I went to go boot it up one day after a trip I got a white screen and thats it. I tried my hmdi port and my vga...

    Laptop Diagnostics and Repairing an Alienware/Clevo D9T D900T M7700 Laptop

    Just picked up my new project, it's an Alienware D900T laptop. Current conditions is "no boot" sold for parts without a hard drive. I do have another one that works which I will be using to test some parts and verify that are okay. Granted they are compatible with each other. I am going to try...
  17. Reks Yong

    Several Key on my keyboard is dead

    I have an Asus X42JY laptop. F4, F9, Delete, Home, Left and right key aren't working. First time I tried it in safe mode, it works. After a few days, it doesn't work anymore. It's like the key just slowly dies away. I just want to make sure, is it the keyboard problem or the driver problem...
  18. J

    Alienware M17X R4 randomly died

    Hey, a couple of days ago I was using my laptop and it randomly shut off, I thought nothing of it at the time and just turned it back on, however, yesterday the same thing happened but this time, it won't turn back on. I have tried removing the battery and trying to turn it on with just the...
  19. K

    Dead(?) Samsung Series 7. Help!

    Hi! Facts: ■ Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5A-S01SE (late 2011) ■ Core i7-2675QM / 8GB / 750GB / HD6750M 1 GB / 15,6" ■ Dual boot Windows 7 / Ubuntu 14.04 What happened: When playing game in windows suddenly the laptop went EEEEEEEEEEEERH for like three seconds and then died. Behaviour now: When I...
  20. E

    Lenovo Y500 LCD screen cable issues

    I have been having issues with my Lenovo Y500 screen, see here: Screen glitch Initially I thought my GPU was dying, since it gets worse when I'm doing things that could be using the GPU, playing games, google chrome, etc. Since the external monitor is rock solid I'm inclined to believe that the...
  21. C

    Is There Any Software For LED/LCD Screens Effectively And Fix Stuck Or Dead Pixels?

    Currently I'm running a test with one software and my hour is almost up and if that doesn't work, I'm going to try JScreenFix. I own a Mitsubishi WD-60737, but I'm not sure if it's LED or LCD. So I don't really want to waste too much time. I need to know what software works best if it's possible...
  22. L

    Can I delete my GPU if it's dead

    My laptop overheated and since then it's been really slow, so I've been told it was from my gpu being dead which is making my CPU bot as good. I'm going to uninstall all of my GPU stuff, but will that damage anything. Maybe something is important that i should keep? I have a nvidia GeForce 520m...
  23. EXA132

    Is my ZTE Warp Sequent dead or is it just my battery?

    So I this phone that i really like and it was working great but it came to a day that rooted it and installed a different boot logo (correctly) but then i was messing around with root explorer and started deleting somethings and got it stuck with a boot loop so i went and reset the phone with...
  24. B

    Laptop completely unresponsive - Sony Vaio VPCSB190X

    Hello all, and thanks for taking a look at this issue. My roommates laptop suddenly stopped working the other night. The story is that it had been sitting, powered up, with the charging plug inserted into the jack. He moved the laptop and realized that the charging plug was not fully inserted...
  25. lolwut767

    My Toshiba Tecra 8100 is DEAD! D:

    Hi there. I'm in a spot of bother. I've got a Tecra 8100, and since a few months ago, the laptop just won't start. I get a few lights; the "Plugged in" light, the On light, the "Charging" light, and the DVD Drive light. They never seem to go off. Also, the hard drive spins up. No activity...