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  1. D

    Laptop for game development, programming and rendering?

    Hi guys, I'm going to study International Game Architecture and Design, so i need a beefy laptop. Form factor is also import as it needs to be easy to carry around all day. Thanks in advance.
  2. D

    Laptop with Pen Digitizer

    I'm kind of looking for a laptop to do it all. I want a reasonably powerful development laptop with a good graphics card. Also I want a 360 flip laptop so I can use for low profile notes reference while teaching. Last for fun I wanted one with a pen digitizer. The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 15...
  3. B

    Winamp auto-tag feature works or not?

    Is still active Winamp auto-tag, or it ended with the development/support of this once great player? I was quite used to complement id3tags via this button in the File Info. Now it appears only the message "no match found". Makes it on all mp3 files, not just some, as before. Or can recommend...
  4. N

    Toshiba Netbook will no longer connect to the WIFI at my Library.

    This is a recent development with my Netbook. I have no problem connecting to other WIFI networks and up until a few months ago I could also connect at the Library. The network at the Library has a sign-in page at startup. That page never loads on my netbook. The Network Sharing Center says...
  5. A

    Best laptop under 1150$

    I want to buy a laptop which can fit my purposes and is under my my budget. I do want buy a descent gaming laptop and my other purposes will be programming and other development stuff. Which laptop should i pick. I am getting a lenovo y50 4k for this price. Will it be a hood choice?
  6. X

    Help: Need recomandation for a good laptop for software development.

    Hi, I need a recommendation for a good laptop for software development. It has to have the following: 1. Ubuntu 14.10 run smoothly on it. 2. At least 16GB ram (better if it can have 32GB) 3. 250GB or 500GB SSD 4. Low weight 5. 14'' 6. It has to be 1300$ max. Thanks!
  7. C

    Is this a good laptop too get me through game development classes?

    like the title says,i'm on my way too learning how too develop games and am going too need a decent laptop too be able too take my studies with me and help keep me sane on the bus ride back. i'm on a budget of about $700,so that makes looking for what i need a little more interesting if not also...
  8. N

    A laptop for basic game development with Unity3D and Blender

    Hey there everyone. I've been looking around for a good laptop for game development in Unity3D and basic 3D modeling with Blender, and I was hoping I could get some recommendations. Right now I've got a budget for around $600 - this isn't going to be a gaming rig, I've got a desktop for that. I...
  9. N

    A laptop for basic game development, 3D modeling and animation?

    I'm a Computer Science student in the United States who's currently looking around for a laptop to bring with me for my studies. My budget is around $600-700, but I've got some room to wiggle the price a bit if I'm going to be paying a premium for something much nicer. This laptop will be used...
  10. S

    Laptop for Android development & VMware

    I am looking for opinions on a laptop, mainly I would use this laptop for android app development and VM for hadoop. Please suggest me some high performance laptop models. I see below deals 1. Lenova-G510 $629.00, I7-4700MQ,1TB 2...
  11. R

    for Laptop buying

    i want to buy a laptop for moderate gaming and web and graphics development, i want i5 or i7 (if quad core). I have shotlisted these laptops Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series, Dell Inspiron 15 - 7000 series, HP Envy 15-j133TX, HP Envy Touchsmart 15-j109TX, HP Envy 15-J048TX, HP Envy 15-J111TX, HP...
  12. A

    Safely Clean an Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset used primarily with video games. It is currently only available as a development kit, though the company promises a retail model will surfa e one day. Once the Rift is released taking care of it and making sure it’s clean and able to run properly will...
  13. itspriyank

    Laptop running painfully slow.

    Hi I am an android game developer and mostly use Desktop Computer for all my development purposes. But recently due increased travelling I thought that I should setup side by side development environment on my 4 year old laptop. The Configuration of the same is: Dell Studio 1558 Intel i5...
  14. T

    PC For Development Under $900

    |What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Eclipse, Minecraft, Blender, Garry's Mod, Mostly 2D Animation instead of 3D |What is your maximum budget? Strictly Under $900 after shipping/taxes |When do you plan on...
  15. B

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a new laptop for using 3ds Max, Unity, Photoshop, possibly Mudbox. I have a workstation PC at home so I will not need to be doing any rendering or really intensive tasks. Its just for modelling, animating and game development related activities. I have researched...
  16. J

    Need a better laptop

    Hey everyone. I've been doing alot of game development lately. I was wondering If you guys could reccomend a good laptop for this (brand, model, specs, ect.). I need something that can handle development tools and that I can easily transfer projects from my custom rig at home to the laptop so...

    About my laptop's performance 2 years later

    Alienware 17: -Intel i7-4710mq 2.5GHz OC @3.5 GHz -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880m 4GB GDDR5 -16GB RAM @1600MHz (Upgradable to 32GB RAM) BTW i heard that DirectX 12 will be released in 2015 and, according to what i read, it will give you 40%-60% more FPS for games that run with it
  18. T

    Help Build - Laptop Workstation - Software Development - No Gaming

    Looking to buy a workstation laptop. No gaming. Only for software development. Suggest me some options
  19. M

    What do you need for 3d Development in a laptop.

    First, I see tons of these post of "Need laptop with X for gaming and game dev! PLOX HELP!>!>!?" and it leaves me deeply wondering if a laptop solution is even worth the time, sadly with my current job it would make the continuation of my indie development impossible if I did not have a laptop...
  20. T

    How much RAM would I need for game development and programming?

    I was only going to buy 8GBs of RAM but then I thought Game Engines like Unreal 4 and Cryengine might be bottlenecked by 8GBs. Would these engines take advantage of 16gbs and is it necessary to have 16gbs?
  21. K

    Wanted Laptop for Game development (like Unity 3D,Blender&Photoshop)

    Hoping to get into college this year and start learning programming/game development etc started messing with Unity 3D and other programs (Blender/Photoshop) wanting a laptop i can take to college and work on and then bring home and carry on rather then you USB sticks. Currently have a desktop...
  22. K

    Help Buying a Game Design & Development Laptop

    Hello everyone and thanks for coming in! Unfortunately, my current laptop has slowly been slowly crashing over the past week and I am in search of a new Game Design & Development laptop. I know its not the perfect choice, but I'm always on the go. However, with so many options, I have no clue...
  23. N

    Can anyone recommend a good notebook for programming and basic game development?

    I don't intend on installing too many games on the laptop itself beyond the ones I am creating, as I'm trying to keep it strictly education-related. I have a fairly high-powered desktop rig for gaming, so I'll be using the laptop for college work and whatnot. I'm looking for a relatively...
  24. B

    For Android Development : i3 4xxx vx i3 3xxx vs A8/A10

    No gaming, very little multimedia editing/encoding. Main load will be from Android development. Which cpu would be netter from the above? Any real world advantage of getting i3 4xxx over i3 3xxx , for the intended load?
  25. arpitsri

    Unreal Development Kit or CryDev? which one should I download

    I want to download a free game engine, and for now these two of them looks quite promising. So I want to know which one should of them i should download. Things I want to do- Create a game something similar to GTA San Andreas or above(if possible) Pre installed animations and charectors for...
  26. S

    Good laptop for 3Ds Max and Unity 3D

    i just finished a year in college doing games development and i need a laptop that can handle 3d max and unity to use in college after the summer. so far i have done advanced enough modelling (i think) and fair bit of animation in 3ds max. to be honest im not sure waht il be doing in 3d max...
  27. C

    PC to run 3Ds Max, Blender and Unity Engine

    Hello! I'm building a computer to work with the programs mentioned: 3Ds Max, Blender and Unity engine for the next 4 or 5 years. I have these two settings in mind. Which is more appropriate? (Remember: I want to play heavy games on PC too!) AMD: Processor: AMD FX 8320 Black Edition, 16MB...
  28. J

    In need of a laptop for development and programming.

    Hello. I am searching for a new laptop. Here is a little about me. I have recently graduated from school for web development program and an android application program. I use the Adobe Creative Suite and Eclipse. I would like a touchscreen as well. I have a budget of 800 dollars. I was...
  29. B

    users of toms hardware i need your help!

    Hey everyone. I'm heading out to college this year and I don't know what I need to buy. I'm going in for computer science and business. I also want to learn and do some game development. I was thinking maybe a gaming labtop. I need one with good battery life like the razer edge. I read that it...
  30. Jack423

    I need help looking for a laptop!

    I have had a Mac Book 13' for the past five years to play video games and work on my game development stuff, but now I need and upgrade. I have been looking around on the internet at some of the laptops and I'm not sure what to get. What I need: 1. Something that will last for ever and never...
  31. shoob0x

    Is it worth learning Python?

    Is it worth it? It's an easy fun language from what I know.
  32. tambeshakunt

    APK Files on S4 ??

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT I9505) running Android 4.3. I recently wanted to install an .apk file onto my phone and looked up the several methods. I have tried many methods but all of them lead to the same problem. :( The .apk installs ok and launches fine but about 2 seconds...
  33. W

    Would you be interested in a new Android media player?

    Hey guys I am contemplating on developing a media player that will be able to play both audio and video within a single app and designing it partly around the vanilla KitKat experience. I was thinking I would list it anywhere between $1 to $3. What do yall think. Is it a good idea? Do you...
  34. B

    Laptop for development

    I'm going to a IT university soon and need a laptop for development, namely programming. I'll be doing lots of stuff for Windows, Windows Phone and Android. My budget currently is 500€, but I might be able to get bit more money to buy something even better (600-700€). But for now 500€ is the...
  35. D

    Eclipse won't open

    Every time I try to open up Eclipse it says: "A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Eclipse. No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations: C:\Eclipse\eclipse\jre\bin\javaw.exe javaw.exe in your current PATH"...
  36. S

    Looking for a laptop for game development like unity and maya and for gaming

    1. What is your budget? $1,000- $1,500 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? anything 13" and bigger 3. What screen resolution do you want? highest possible 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? portable 5. How much battery...
  37. T

    Is the macbook pro retina 15 $2400 Worth it?

    For game development (with windows parallel) and for mac games development is it worth it?
  38. B

    Best Gaming Laptop With Touch Screen For Developer/Gamer

    I am a UK Windows 8 developer and also a gamer. I'm looking for: ■ Touch Screen ■ Solid Graphics Card ■ Ideally SSD (Possibly two in RAID 0) but willing to upgrade it ■ I have around £1500 ■ 15 or 17 inch 1080p screen ■ As light and thin as possible The best option I found so far is the ASUS...
  39. R

    funding app development

    I'd like to have an app and possibly an extension developed (chrome extension/add on). I am pretty good with technology but I understand that this is a bit outside of my ability so I'd like to pay someone to do it. What would be a good way of getting started with this? I was thinking post up...
  40. M

    Laptop For Game Development!

    Currently i am in high school(last year) so my projects are not that of a high level one but i currently working on 3D chess on my computer so it is working smoothly but yesterday i tried to do it on my laptop and it hang for 30 min i am going to leave home in 4 months for collage so wanted to...
  41. B

    Looking for a development notebook

    Hello, 1. What is your budget? 1000,-€ to 1500€,-€ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15,6" or 17,3" 3. What screen resolution do you want? At least FULL HD (1920x1080) or above :) 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Ideally both, it's meant...
  42. B

    New business-class laptop, $1,500 budget

    Hello, I am looking to replace my 7 year old Dell Inspiron E1705, which still runs just fine. My primary reasons for replacing it are that it is too old for modern Windows development and is too old to expect to be reliable for long, and also is huge (17" and `10lbs) Purpose This laptop will...
  43. J

    New laptop for School, software development, and gaming

    1. What is your budget? Up to $2,500 but closer to $2,000 would be better 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Nothing smaller than 13" or larger than 17" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1600x900 will work on 14" or smaller, 1920x1080 or higher otherwise 4. Do...
  44. Donald Bronson

    Need Advice on Overheating Issues and Overheat Protection

    Hi all, I have recently gotten into 3D game development, and the laptop I am using has overheated three times now. I know that laptops are not ideal for doing graphics-heavy 3D rendering (especially as I am running Intel HD Graphics), but I am stuck using it until I can get the money to build...
  45. B

    Lenovo Thinkpad T500 for Computer Science

    I am entering a computer science course by next month, and I will continue into software development. The course will reward me with a bachelor degree and will last for 3 years. Also should I upgrade to Windows 7, and if so which version (i.e. Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional, etc.)...
  46. A

    Toshiba Satellite L855 or Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 for Software Development

    $610 - Toshiba Satellite L855-S5383 Notebook PC - 8GB, Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz, 8GB DDR3, HDD 5400rpm, 15.6" Display (PSKFUU-02X003) OR $655 - Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 - 8GB, Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.3GHz, 8GB DDR3, HDD 5400rpm, 14" Display I will be doing a lot of coding and development -...
  47. T

    Best large Development Laptop

    Hi everyone, I've been running with a Alienware M11xr2 for the past 3 years. I started off with no interest in programming, but now do web/software/mobile development along with graphic design, etc. Obviously, as you can imagine, a 11 inch screen is not ideal for this kind of work. I have a...
  48. N

    Cheapest Laptop for Android Development

    Hey there: I am looking for suggestions on a cheap laptop for Android app development. I'd prefer it not to be a Macbook. Netbook would be ideal but I have heard that android emulator is cpu intensive and Im not sure that would cut it. 1. What is your budget? Sub $400 preferrable 2. What is...
  49. Z

    Microsoft Releases Development Kit For Windows Phone 7.8

    Windows Phone 7.8 for consumers set to launch this month. Microsoft Releases Development Kit For Windows Phone 7.8 : Read more
  50. G

    Guild Wars 2 Sells Over 3 Million, More Content to Come

    Guild Wars 2 has sold over 3 million copies. The development team has lofty goals for 2013. Guild Wars 2 Sells Over 3 Million, More Content to Come : Read more
  51. S

    Best Lightweight notebook for software development

    Hi, I need recommendation for a lightweight notebook for software development and IT works (programming, running database, web server, etc). 1. What is your budget? $400-530 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? lightweight notebook 3. What screen resolution do you...
  52. B

    Laptop for development

    Hi, I would like to get a laptop for development work. Mostly Java SE and Java EE. It will be running Eclipse IDE and maybe Visual Studio 2012, also a web server, MS SQL 2012, MySQL and one or two VMs in Oracle Virtualbox. I would like to be able to do some lite gaming on it, mostly MMOs. My...
  53. N

    Which notebook whould you recommend me for development in Eclipse?

    I develop software applications in Eclipe and I need a new laptop, but I don`t want to spend lots of money on it. Right now I have an old Asus X58C series with an Intel D220 CPU and the latest version of Eclipse runs awful, although I have set the configurations the best that I could. What would...
  54. K

    Laptop for hardcore development

    I am a masters student and professional developer and usually develop for multiple platforms (especially mobile platforms). As my thesis, I would be working on virtualization, artificial intelligence etc. Now I was thinking that should I go for a thinkpad given that I have heard that they are...
  55. J

    Samsung NP550P5C-S02IN

    Is Samsung NP550P5C-S02IN worth buying ? :( I planned to buy this for medium to high level and programming/ development. So is it good & reliable for Long Run? Please share your opinions...! :??:
  56. H

    How can i recording my analog data in my digital development board ?

    my question is that i need to receive analog RGB data from a spectrum with vga adapter (my mission is to recording it) my teacher told my somehow to convert it to digital. I don't know with what converter to use that help me to transfer the data into cyclone 2? i have some inputs in there, it's...
  57. G

    Mozilla Cuts Thunderbird Mail Client Development

    Mozilla sacrifices the continued development of its mail client Thunderbird and is shifting focus to other areas, namely its core product, Firefox. Thunderbird isn't dead yet, but it has been put on life support and may disappear as interest fades. Mozilla Cuts Thunderbird Mail Client...
  58. R

    Laptop needed for development

    Hello, I need a laptop for development. What is the industry standard? It will need to support the following functions on a daily basis: Wamp stack server (Windows Apache MySQP PHP) Local install and development thereon Adobe CS Outlook Multiple browsers IM and Skype video card...
  59. exfileme

    LG Putting Tablet Development on Hold

    LG's tablet plans are now on the back burner. LG Putting Tablet Development on Hold : Read more
  60. exfileme

    HTML5 Slow Adoption Due to Cost, Fragmentation

    HTML5 development faces issues with cost and fragmentation says YouTube boss Andrey Doronichev. HTML5 Slow Adoption Due to Cost, Fragmentation : Read more