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  1. A

    Audio from DVD doesn't play dialog, only background sounds

    My older Samsung DVD player won't play dialog thru my new V505-G9 TV. I have an HDMI connection only. Dialog plays thru my other TV. TV just downloaded the latest firmware when I brought it home. DVD has the latest F/W that's available. Anyone seen this happen?
  2. R

    How to Connect a Printer to Your MacBook Pro

    Sometime or other, you might have to print official documents - or those all-important holiday photos. Whatever your needs, adding a printer to your Mac is important. Adding any printer, be it wired or wireless, is not very difficult. These simple steps will guide you through the process. 1.)...
  3. Lutfij

    How To Enable The Delete Confirmation Dialog Box In Windows 8 Laptop

    Contrary to previous versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS environment, when you delete a file from a folder or physical drive on Windows 8, that file is shot straight to your recycle bin without any warning notification. This can be a good thing where people don’t like to be pestered for an...
  4. Mighty

    Solved! "This app is blocked for your protection" during boot. Which app???

    Frustrating one. Win 10 is telling me on boot that one of my apps is being blocked. But, the dialog box does not provide any information whatsoever on which app it is. The only button on the dialog is "Close." Is there a log somewhere that will tell me which app is blocked? I realize I can...
  5. C

    Machine id is CHANGING.

    MACHINE ID is CHANGING.. I have purchased some DVD classes.. And whenever I open a video a dialog box comes with it stating my MACHINE ID and asks for playback password.. We can get the playback password for a particular id and not for different ids... Please help me
  6. S

    Why do i get dialog from all 3 front speakers at all times z906

    am wondering if am getting real 5.1 surrounds from my setup because i get dialog from all three front speakers, in all games even with surround sound on and in all movies videos you name it its there. it makes the dialog very loud and it takes away IMO from the sound that needs to come out the 2...
  7. M

    Firefox 56 apparently broke Xmarks

    Ever since FF updated itself to ver 56.xx.x, Xmarks doesn't sync and has lost user response in several of its dialog boxes. Thought it was just me, but checking xmarks and FF forums resulted in quite a few complaints. Anyone find a fix yet? Not much in the way of replies from FF or xmarks so...
  8. D

    Folder Tree Missing

    A Windows 7 computer has Office 2007 installed. A couple of months ago, when in any application in office 2007, the Save As dialog box no longer has the Folder Tree showing on the left. When you Open a document, worksheet, or presentation, the Folder Tree is visible in any application, but not...
  9. R

    which key should we need to press to get picture dialog box...

    which key should be pressed to get dialog box as given in above picture. should we pres f8 frequently or any other ey should be pressed.
  10. M

    Yamaha BlueTooth and Dialog Questions

    I recently bought a new Yamaha RX-V681 Home Theater receiver. A couple of questions on it follow. 1. Vocal dialog seems to be on the mid-rangy side of things. Is it possible to adjust the frequency that's put out to my mid range speakers? I have a pair of cherry Infinity Beta 50s. 2...
  11. Shula 7

    Browse to DRIVERS Folder Location?

    Please, why does DRIVERS folder not appear in C:\Windows\System32 from AOMEI Backupper dialog to add driver for USB connected disk to create boot/restore media? I can browse to that DRIVERS folder location with Windows 7 Explorer but I cannot see it from software dialog. Under Folder Options...
  12. B

    Have a jvc dvd player hooked to a toshiba tv. Only get music and no dialog?

    I have a jvc dvd player hooked to a toshiba tv. Only hear music on movies no dialog
  13. S

    Should I buy this?

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207592767967279&set=gm.953221454771759&type=1&theater I'm looking to get a quality surround sound for as cheap as possible. I live in an apartment and I want to hear dialog clearer at lower volumes.
  14. W

    Character of Folder Properties Message Box

    right click a folder, select properties, message box cannot display correct character.
  15. O

    the power input on my ASUS X200MA- RCL no longer fits my ASUS charger after i plugged my earphones in

    I plugged my earphones into my new laptop's power supply port before realizing the jack for the buds was on the right side. I clicked on "earphones" when a small dialog box popped up briefly before even reading what the dialog box was asking. It seems that i changed the default setting...
  16. R

    application 0*c000007b failed to start

    on starting my vaio vpceh35en laptop a dialog box appears stating "applicatio 0*c000007b failed to start " its very annoying ....please suggest wat this problem is and how to remove it???
  17. M

    I installed MS 2010 pro plus in my win7. But when its in the middle of installation a dialog box appears saying i need to sele

    I installed MS 2010 pro plus in my win7. But when its in the middle of installation a dialog box appears saying i need to select the location of the source file of this (access.en-us\....branding.xml) is from.. what do i do next???
  18. A

    How do I remove the "Send to OneNote" dialog box in OneNote 2013?

    Hello. Every time I use the "New quick note" keyboard shortcut (Win + Alt + N), a "Send To OneNote" dialog box appears as well: Is it possible to disable this box? I have no use for it whatsoever. A side question: Is it possible to get the old shortcut for "New quick note" - Win + N - back...
  19. R

    computer want bring up dialog box to tranfer pics from camera.

    I have been transferring pics for 3 years on my computer but now all it does is click but want show dialog box to let me import.
  20. R

    I don't get a print dialog box anymore when I choose print from my Outlook e-mail;

    When I choose print from the "More" option, in the print box I see a screen shot of the outlook welcome screen, not options to print. How can I fix this? THX
  21. R

    Sony vaoi headphone jack

    I am having problem on my sony vaio headphone jack............In my sony vaio laptop when head phone is plugged only sound of the instruments or background music is head no music or dialog
  22. W

    A program trying to display a message

    There is a dialog box which continuously pops up. it displays this message "A Program running on this computer is trying to display a message. the program might need information from you or your permission to complete a task a. view the message b. ???" actually the dialog box appears and closes...
  23. P

    I get always bearsh 1\mediabar

    When I open my windows 7, I always get a dialog box warning me that C:\program files\bearsh1\mediabar\datamngr\iebho.dll is not a program for Windows. I think it is a virus (a trojan maybe). How I can fix the problem? Thanks in advance.
  24. C

    XP Processes Restore

    Hello, I think my xp processes need restoring. My ram works ok, but dialog boxes are so slow that causes the system to confuse.
  25. J

    Error codes for think pad 600e

    Hello, Does anyone know the code definitions for 301(11,23), 163, 173 and the solution dialog screen displaying blinking off/on icons?
  26. MauveCloud

    How do I suppress upgrade prompt in PowerDVD 9?

    I have set up an HTPC with an external Blu-Ray reader (Plextor PX-B120U) that came with PowerDVD 9, but for some DVDs, it pops up a dialog saying I need to upgrade to get Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (or something like that), yet runs the video in the background, so I end up missing a few seconds of...
  27. G

    Erro my computer shows save as dialog box

    Hello, my laptop opens save and open dialog box whenever i open any thing even if i open outlook it opens that so any advice or suggestion it will be use full for me
  28. G

    Solved! Product Key Certificate Authenticity

    Hello,i hope you can help me with my problem.everytime i enter the product key on the dialog box,it is always invalid eventhough i copied it on the certificate of authenticity at the back of my computer. thak you!
  29. R

    Dvd no sound for spoken dialog hear background

    Have sound on some dvd's, only background music on other dvd's. Headphones get all sounds. Confusing. Thanks.
  30. L

    P-6860fx gateway

    I installed a new hard drive, but I can't install the operating system. The screen shows a dialog box like installing windows, but it never seems to complete the process and move to disc 2.
  31. G

    Sloppy engineering of OTA channels

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) This last week two KPIX-dt (San Francisco) foulups have occurred that strike me as odd. CSI and CSI Miami opening teasers had no dialog track. The background sounds were there, but no actor dialog until the main body of the program began...
  32. G

    Unbreakable problems on ABC

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) Well... here in Richmond, Unbreakable was not exactly that. Problems with the sound - seems that only the surround channels were making it through most of the night and the video alternated between the 16:9 HD and 4:3 SD for most of the show...