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    Monster Hunter World: Weakness Exploit

    Many players get confused when they hear the name of weakness exploit. To them, it sounds like any other typical quest in MHW. But as a matter of fact, weakness exploit in the monster world is a piece of armor that is activated when you get equipped with certain weapons. This brief guide has...
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    Monster Hunter World - The Encroaching Anjanath Quest Guide

    Another quest that requires you to kill a monster. This one is the toughest of all and if you want to defeat it on your first try then you should need to know some things beforehand. Therefore, refer to the guide given below: Walkthrough: Well, this one is also like most of the quests that you...
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    Monster Hunter World - Exterminator of the Waste Quest Guide

    This one is pretty much same as the previous quest but the number of monsters that you need to slay is higher than the previous quest. So if you want to complete this quest successfully then make sure to read the guide given below: Walkthrough: Another quest that is a bit different than the...
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    Monster Hunter World - Flying Sparks Tobi-Kadachi Quest Guide

    Another quest that involves hunting down a monster and this one is very fast and sharp. So if you want to know more about the quest and how you can successfully complete it, then refer to the guide given below: Walkthrough: Another assignment that requires you to hunt a monster, but, this one is...
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    Monster Hunter World - Sinister Shadows in the Swamp Quest Guide

    The quest is also among the ones where you need to slay a monster but you will also have to find a scholar and bring him back. So to know more about the quest and how to complete it, refer to the guide below: Walkthrough: Another assignment that requires you to hunt a monster, but, this one is a...
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    Monster Hunter World: Bone Guide

    A multitude of monster bones is found throughout the monster hunter world. Ancient bone, Boulder bone, and Warped bone are the most prominent types of monster bones that you might want to collect. The significance of these bones is that you can use them to craft incredibly powerful weapons and...
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    Monster Hunter World Crafting Guide

    In order to put an effective defense against a monster in the monster hunter world, you need to know how to make essential items like potions, and trap on fly etc. And to do that, you absolutely need to learn how to craft. This monster hunter world guide will teach you all steps necessary for...
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    Monster Hunter World Insect Glaive Guide

    Insect glaive is definitely one of the most difficult weapons to come by in the monster hunter world. Once you get grips to it, insect glaive could also prove to be deadliest if you have got the trick how to make use of it. This monster hunter world insect glaive guide details all the numerous...
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    Monster Hunter World - The Pain from Gains Quest Guide

    This quest is related to monsters that are found in the water. You will not have to worry about fighting a big monster as these are relatively small and less dangerous. To know more about the request and to complete it, follow the instructions given below: Walkthrough: Finally, a quest that is a...
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    Monster Hunter World - A Prickly Predicament

    This is a pretty easy quest that can give you some decent reward if you complete it successfully. You don’t have to fight any monster; it is just a pure hunt for cactuses called Bauble Cactuses. If you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it then take a look at the guide given...
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    Monster Hunter World - Snatch the Snatcher Quest Guide

    The quest is the second one in the Wildspire Waste and it is different than the last quests. If you want to know more about it and how to complete it, then refer to the step by step guide below: Walkthrough: Unlike the previous quests, this is a lot different. You had to kill the monster in the...
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    Monster Hunter World: Best Armor Sets for Each Weapon

    As you delve deeper into the monster hunter world, the more armor becomes accessible to you. Gradually a stage comes where you unlock advanced-level armor that you’ll need to pair up with appropriate weapons to inflict the maximum amount of damage. This monster hunter world weapons builds guide...
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    Monster Hunter World - Landing the Landslide Wyvern Quest Guide

    This quest will be a bit harder than the last one as it involves the mighty Barroth. So be prepared to have a tough fight. And if you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it successfully then refer to the guide given below: Walkthrough: Another quest that requires you to capture...
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    Pukei-Pukei - Urgent Pukei-Pukei Hunt Quest Guide

    This quest is about hunting a monster that is called Pukei-Pukei. It is a poisonous monster and may create some trouble for you. So if you want to complete this quest successfully then follow the guide below: Walkthrough: This is almost entirely a hunting assignment. The main objective of the...
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    Monster Hunter World - The Best Kind of Quest Guide

    This one is a new kind of quest that you will get at the start of the Wildspire Waste. If you want to know how you can complete the quest then follow the guide given below: Walkthrough: The quest is a bit different than the previous ones where you just had to kill and carve a monster. Although...
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    Monster Hunter World: Palico Guide

    In monster hunter world, Palico guide serves you as a guiding companion wherever you go. Even though it looks like a slightly humanoid cat, it may be put during the intense combat. This MHW guides you on how to make use of Palico gadgets and how can you upgrade Palico equipment. Customize Your...
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    Monster Hunter World: Arms and Weapon Affinity Guide

    Monster Hunter World Affinity is a facet of the game that mostly remains unknown to you when you start off your great adventure. Through this guide, you’ll be walked through the manner that could help you understand how can you use affinity in your maximum advantage while selecting the best...
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    Monster Hunter World: Kulu-Ya-Ku - Bird-Brained Bandit Quest Guide

    This one is also related to tracking and hunting a monster. It starts when you are searching for a spot to make a camp and you see the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster who is busy in digging up the treasure but once it spots you, it runs away. If you want to complete this quest successfully, then follow the...
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    Monster Hunter World: Hunter Rank Guide

    Your ranking as a hunter plays a crucial role in your overall performance in the monster hunter world. The higher you rank as a hunter, the more reward you in the game. This monster hunter world guide helps you in improving your current ranking and achieve a higher, and better scale on the MHW...
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    Monster Hunter World: How to Catch Monsters

    It is quite useful to learn the trick of capturing the monsters in the monster hunter world. Once you have learned how to seize the beasts, you can successfully finish your quests without having to slice and dice your prey. Capturing monsters alive can earn you more rewards and benefits than...
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    Monster Hunter World: Combat Overview and Guide

    Combat and fights with monsters make MHW a game what its name suggests. Players are supposed to be fighting giant, gigantic beasts and earning rewards thereon. But fighting monsters is a high-risk challenge requiring maximum caution on part of the player. This is a MHW guideline that will help...
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    Monster Hunter World - A Kestodon Kerfuffle Quest Guide

    Monster Hunter World is a game that will make you face different kinds of monsters that you have never seen or heard about before. This quest is also related to slaying some monsters. If you want to complete the quest successfully, then follow the steps mentioned below: Walkthrough: This quest...
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    Monster Hunter World - How to Co-op an Expedition

    Playing the Expedition with friends in a co-op mode is one of the least clear parts of the game. But this guide will help you get your friends to play an Expedition with you. There are two routes that you can take to play an expedition co-op with your friend(s). Both are very easy to understand...
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    Monster Hunter World - The Great Jagras Hunt Quest Guide

    This is also one of the quests where you will hunt and kill a monster. This time, you will be hunting down a Great Jagra that is a bigger beast with some aggressiveness to it. If you want to complete the quest successfully, follow the guide below: Walkthrough: The quest will automatically start...
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    Monster Hunter World: Gathering Hub Areas Guide

    This monster hunter world guide aims to help you learn how can you start quests, to know about the canteen, and where you can find a workshop and the canteen. It will also help you understand how to benefit from the armor range. You should know that the gathering hub area holds central...
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    Monster Hunter World: Zenny Farming Guide

    In Monster Hunter World, players are supposed to fight plenty of Monsters, and there are tons of amazing weapons, and armors to craft. But the important thing to remember is that neither of your weapons or collection means anything if you don’t have a penny to pay for the stuff. As soon as you...
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    Monster Hunter World: Beginner’s Guide

    As you are aware, Monster Hunter World has been launched for the PCs too. So now you can play the game on both the computer and the console, while battling monsters at tropical and hazardous locations. This is a short monster hunter world guide for beginner’s that contains guidelines that will...
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    Monster Hunter World - Jagras of the Ancient Forest Quest Guide

    Just like Stardew, there are different quests in Monster Hunter World that you can complete and earn rewards. There are some optional quests and then there are some assigned quests. This is one of the assigned quest and will help you know the basics of the game. So if you want to successfully...
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    Monster Hunter World - Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest Quest Guide

    This is the second quest that is assigned to you and you need to complete it to progress the game. The quest is simple and does not require a lot of work. All you need to do is to go to some specific areas and get the mushrooms. If you follow the guide below, you will be able to complete this...
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    Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Guide

    As mentioned in Monster Hunter World beginner’s guide, taking down monsters while playing solo is a cool way of mastering the fundamentals of the game. But if you continue to stay on the A-game, you are likely to hit a monster-shaped wall which is almost next to impossible to be done sole. This...
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    Monster Hunter World – Fishing Guide

    Surprisingly, a lot of stuff about Monster Hunter: World has nothing to do with actually hunting monsters. Instead you can always look for different kind of stuff to collect, capture or craft. Not every activity is worth spending the time on but the one non-monster hunting activity likely to...
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    Monster Hunter World - How to Play Co-op Quest

    There is no doubt that the game Monster Hunter World is fun to play along with your friends. Completing quests and hunting monsters with friends has its own fun. But, you should be able to know how to start a quest and how your friends can join it to avoid any confusions. Therefore, follow the...
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    Monster Hunter World – How to Create Squad and Start Online Session?

    Monster Hunter World has introduced some impressive cooperative gaming experience of the players. You are able to go out on quests together and hunt for monsters as well. But, before playing co-op with your friends, you need to understand some basics like creating a squad or starting an online...
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    home audio system only playing left side speakers

    I just moved into a new house with home audio set up. There is a Yamaha receiver with a Monster Cable multi-speaker selector. all speakers are hooked up to the Monster multi-speaker selector but only the left side speakers are playing. I looked at the balance on the receiver and ruled that out...
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    Can I use a monster game surround system with my Vizio ?

    Can I use a Monster Game surround system to enhance the sound from my Vizio?
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    watching movies on a pc moniter

    I have a 27in hp monitor with HDMI/VGA/DVI-d connections. Can I watch movies using any of those ports from my dvd player or my LG-stylo 2 phone
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    Did it...Cord is Cut...HELP....

    New antenna on co-axel connection...added monster splitter just below to accommodate single connection and un-hooked 2 co-axel lines from Dish and reconnected to antenna and Monster splitter....down exterior of hse to a RCA splitter and into bdrm (great signal strength into 37"...
  38. M

    1050 mobile on laptops

    Hello, I would like to ask the experts' opinion on the 1050 laptop version, I have found a monster laptop: Terribly sorry for the link is not in English but my native language. Would you recommend the graphics...
  39. H

    High pitched sound from power center

    I have all of my equipment except my SUB running through a Monster HTS3600 power center and I'm getting a high pitch sound that seems to be coming from the power center. Any solutions??
  40. M

    My m10 monster tablet keeps rebooting help

    Please help me my tablet keeps rebooting and only stops when on charger
  41. S

    Audio Technica ATH-M40x VS Monster DNA

    Hello all, I'm wondering which of these two headphones would provide better sound quality. I currently own a pair of Monster DNA headphones and I really like the way they sound. However, due to poor design they have deteriorated with very gentle use, so I'm looking to replace them with...
  42. M

    why is my singing monster's slow when im in the house,my my singing monster's is fast when I drive

    Every time I play my singing monster's in my house it is slow and I can not play but when am in a car it is fast and I could play can you tell me why
  43. N

    Searching for a monster laptop

    I want to buy a laptop as powerful as possible, at 15-18 inches, and as upgradeable as possible too. I have seen some models that support desktop CPUs (most from Clevo/Eurocom) and some that support MXM SLI GPUs. But not a one that supports them both. Is there any laptop like this out there...
  44. S

    need help with ( Tor onion ) theres this error that pops up at sites

    this is very strange whenever i go to any web site while using tor it wont let me theres this weird looking monster looking picture which is named monster onion and it says with the fellowing 'This is rotten onion.' Under United States jurisdiction we are unable to relay to:... it always...
  45. Spiritos

    Weird behaviour/troubleshooting PC->HDMI->Receiver->bitstreaming audio (MPC-HC and VLC)

    I recently assembled a new monster-PC (Win 8.1 64x/i7-4790K/Asus Z97 Pro/MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2 GB) and connect to my PC-monitor using DVI and HDMI to my receiver (Sony HT-SS1300: I use MPC-HC (and occassionaly VLC but I prefer MPC)...
  46. O

    Are there different type Fiber Optic cables for smart T V

    We have a new Samsung Cuved Smart T V and Sound bar.I was sold Monster Fiber Optic Cable,but I will not fit into slot designated on TV. It is 2.43 m
  47. J

    Headphones only playing in one ear

    My Monster DNA On Ear headphones only play out of the ear cup in which the cable is plugged into, if some pressure is applied to the band just above the ear on the side that is not working, both cups play audio. It is definitely the headphones, as they have been tested on multiple audio devices...
  48. H

    My monster hdmi cable stopped working

    I was playing Dead Rising 2 on my tv then I decided to switch to destiny, but then after 2 minutes of playing the screen suddenly goes black and I connected the hdmi to my Apple TV and nothing popped up.Help?
  49. D

    Monster Inspiration splicing

    Hey all, I need some help here if anyone knows anything about Monster Headphones. My puppy got to the chord and im trying to splice it to a line from another high quality headphone i had it working at some point but when i went to go back in for surgery to Solder the lines i couldn't get them...
  50. H

    I just bought a used Kenwood Receiver KR820 I'm trying to connect Monster cable powerline 2, to speaker jacks. The unit has a

    I'm trying to connect Monster cable Powerline 2 to a used Kenwood KR820 receiver. The cable won't stay in the unit. Is the cable too thick? Do I have to get Jacks to attach to cable first?
  51. C

    Need super thin, super light laptop for school

    I already have a monster gaming desktop for all of my gaming needs. What I need now is a laptop that I can bring with me virtually anywhere, be super thing (Able to fit in my already crammed backpack) and super light. I would prefer if it had a touchscreen, but this is not a necessity. I was...
  52. Nightman

    Best laptop around $250, OS doesn't matter

    I think I'm going to sell my current laptop in order to finish building my gaming desktop (this monster but I'd still like to have a laptop. I'd mainly only use it for taking notes and writing essays (I'll be a Cornell student in the fall), so it...
  53. N

    Monster cable question

    It's silver color on the top and copper on the inside. Wondering if it's actually silver or aluminum. It's this:
  54. G

    Looking Headphones for $25

    I was always puzzled on where or how to find headphones because of so many brands and models with all diffrent sounds. I want headphones that are $25 (including shipping). ik these are the best at 25 but theirs gotta be some that are phenominal at that price range. I even looked at fake beats...
  55. W

    Monster 1 in X 3 out cable splitter

    I'm looking at a Monster 1 in X 3 out cable splitter. Two outputs to TV's and the third to the cable modem. One of the outputs is labeled "power pass". I'm guessing this one is best connected to the modem. Any opinions and what does the power pass mean? Thanks.
  56. G

    Razer Kraken Pro/Electra or Monster Inspiration

    I am planning on getting a headset, mainly for music and skype so I was wondering if Monster Inspirations were worth it or the Razer Kraken or Electra is good. I do have a gaming PC and game quite a bit so it would probably end up being used for that as well.
  57. exfileme

    Samsung's Monster Smart TV Arrives in August for $10K

    Here's a 75-inch 3D HDTV that can be upgraded without having to purchase an entirely new unit. Samsung's Monster Smart TV Arrives in August for $10K : Read more
  58. exfileme

    LinkedIn Declines To Buy Job Search Site

    LinkedIn decided to pass on purchasing parent Monster Worldwide. LinkedIn Declines To Buy Job Search Site : Read more
  59. JMcEntegart

    Beats Electronics and Monster Part Ways

    Beats Electronics has partnered with Monster for almost five years. However, the contract between the two is set to run out later this year, and when it does, Beats reportedly won't be renewing it. Beats Electronics and Monster Part Ways : Read more
  60. exfileme

    LG Revealing 84" 3D UDTV at CES 2012

    This monster Ultra Definition TV will measure 84-inches and make its debut at CES 2012 next month. LG Revealing 84" 3D UDTV at CES 2012 : Read more