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  1. B

    Which laptop should I buy for run faster Sims 4 wicked Mods and cc

    Which laptop should I buy for run faster Sims 4 wicked Mods and cc MSI or Monster brand ?
  2. K

    Active metro pcs sims into a lg last serviced thru straighttalk

    How to put an active metro pcs sims into not active lg last serviced thru straighttalk
  3. A

    HP Laptop Compatability With The Sims 4

    I have an HP Laptop with a model name of: 15-db0018ca It has: •AMD Dual-Core A9-9425 Accelerated Processor •1TB Hard Drive •No Optical Drive •Windows 10 •8192MB Of RAM (8.192 Of RAM) •15.6” Display Am I able to play The Sims 4 with this computer?
  4. P

    Laptop won't run Sims 3 without an external hard drive

    My current laptop is a Sony Vaio from 2013. It runs Windows 8.1. System: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU 1.60GHz 8GB RAM 64-bit OS This is a refurbished laptop. Soon after I bought it, in 2014, I installed Sims 3. However, the game never launched. Later, I tried to install the game on my...
  5. R

    The Sims 4 question

    Hi, I just want to ask if I can play The Sims 4 using my laptop Acer Aspire 4738? Thank you for your answers.
  6. G

    Can you play Sims 4 on a lenovo ThinkPad X131

    I currently bought the sims 4 and I was wondering if I could play it on a Lenovo ThinkPad X131. I was planning on getting that laptop. Would it work on there?
  7. L

    Will sims 3 work on a laptop

    I want to start playing sims and I want to know what laptop would be better to play them sorts of games. Would a ASUS laptop for what I want to use it for?
  8. I

    Are these specs decent for sims 4?

    Hey! I've been looking around for a while and I think I've finally found a good laptop to run Sims 4 + expansions on, but I wanted to double check with people who know more about the details of all the little things which may improve or worsen the working of the sims on the laptop. The laptop...
  9. B

    Need phone unlocked to use my government some card

    I'm needing my iPhone 5. S unlocked so I can use my government Sims card in it ..p
  10. H

    from start up goes directly to choose option

    we tried to download Sims 4 onto my Lenovo Idea pad 110. upon completion of download, computer shuts off and all you can see is the option to choose the language for the keyboard>choose an option>troubleshoot or turn off pc (if I choose troubleshoot, I can reach command prompt) At command...
  11. L

    Sims digital recorder

    I have the SVR925 digital voice recorder. Can i get the software for it and if so where. I assume it is like a cd
  12. N

    Will the Sims 3 work on my laptop?

    Hi everyone. I keep playing the Sims 2 for years, but i want to try a new one. These are my laptop especifications. Intel Core i3 CPU M 350 @2.27 GHz 3,00 GB of RAM Video ram 1.5gb Video card Intel HD Graphics The Sims 2 works perfect, but i'm a bit worried about TS3 not working on it.
  13. S

    Is this a good laptop for the sims 3 and some expansions?

    I want a laptop for the sims 3 and 3 expansions, and maybe the sims 4. Im looking for a laptop on the cheaper end. Will this one work...
  14. S

    Can I play Sims 3 on this laptop with expansions?

    Looking for a laptop to play Sims 3 $300 or less and curious if this might fit the bill. 3.6 out of 5 stars 3,557 Reviews Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-Inch FHD Notebook (Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Generation , 4GB DDR4, 1TB 5400RPM HD, Intel HD Graphics 620, Windows 10 Home)
  15. C

    Will my Lenovo ideapad 320 4G ram , 2 cell battery HDD: 1T play sims 3 on steam??

    I am wondering if my laptop will play sims 3? Before I pay $20.00 for it!
  16. B

    sims 3 laptop help!

    So I am currently looking to purchase a new labtop for my sims 3 and my two expansion packs (generations and pets). I was looking at this one computer an Hp intelcore i3, 8 gb memory, 1 tb hard drive space, an intel hd graphic 620 card, windows 10 and 2.4 ghz for 400.00 dollars. should I get...
  17. A

    Laptop for all Sims 3 Expansions and Stuff Packs

    My current laptop is a Lenovo Edge 15 [Windows 10, intel i7 core, 8GB RAM] but now that I have all expansion and stuff packs the game is too slow to be playable. I would like to get another Lenovo if possible and I was wondering which one would allow me to play without problems on (preferably)...
  18. M

    Will this laptop work for the sims 3+expansions?

    Ok, so I am looking to buy a new laptop (spoilers, I am not an expert) and I wanted to make sure I could play sims 3 on in before I got it. So can someone please check this computer out and tell me if it will run sims 3 smoothly? I had and old windows version before and it crashed every 30 min...
  19. J

    Which of these laptops would play The Sims 3 (with a few expansions) the best?

    Which of these laptops would play The Sims 3 (with a few expansions) the best? HP Silver Iridium Ci5 15-cc050wm 15.6" Laptop, Touchscreen, Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i5-7200U Processor, 12GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive...
  20. A

    Laptop for sims4 + mods and cc

    Looking for a laptop to play only the sims 4 + mods and cc will this be a good laptop?
  21. E

    Best laptop to buy for sims 4

    Hi, I’m looking to buying a laptop with good battery life and will also be fast and suitable for playing sims 4 I have $1000 or so to spend but don’t wanna go to crazy. Or if possible I would spend more money on a MacBook if it catered those two things
  22. B

    How do I activate new Sims cards in old phone without a phone number

    I have a G Vista LG-D631. It was giving to me without a Sims card. It is a AT&T carrier. I went to got a AT&T Sims Card. How do I go about getting them activated
  23. B

    Suitable laptop for sims 4

    Hi i was just wondering does anyone know of any cheap laptops that will play sims 4? I dont have a big budget and my daughter wants a laptop for her birthday but it has to be able to play sims 4. Thank you
  24. N

    Can I play Sims 3 on my Acer Aspire laptop? These are he specs: AMD Dual Core processor A9-9420 with turbo core technology

    Hi everyone, I just got this laptop as a gift but I have been reading different forums and they all suggest that I return my laptop and get something with an Intel processor. Now I have asked a friend who has been in the IT business for over 30 years and he says that with the processor I have...
  25. S

    Help need a laptop that supports sims 4

    Hi I am looking for a cheap laptop to buy that will support the sims 4 I understand that sims 4 is not great on a laptop and obviously a more high end laptop would work with it better but I can’t afford much. I have seen this laptop in the link below and like the look of it...does anyone...
  26. K

    Will the dell inspiron 15 5000 play them sims 4?

    Wanting a new laptop from curry’s and wondering is the dell inspiron 15 5000 will run the sims 4?
  27. R

    The sims 4 with AMD A6

    I have the Asus VivoBook 15.6" AMD A6 8GB 1TB Notebook (a bit of a shitbox I know) and I was wondering how well it will go with the Sims 4 e.g how much will it lag, is it worth it?
  28. H

    Solved! Sims 3 laptop 2018

    I need the cheapest laptop to play sims 3, I know the game is recommended for more so a desktop, but does anyone know the cheapest computer that would at least run the game smoothly? Thanks in advance! I have a seperate laptop that barely can play sims 4, but I’m looking for a new laptop to just...
  29. S

    Lenovo ideapad 300s x the sims 4

    Hello. I want to know if i could play the sims 4 on Lenovo ideapad 300s?
  30. J

    I get my Sims card to work in my Samsung VK 18 for G from Verizon

    I have a San sung VK 810 for G from Verizon I cannot get the Sims card to working I don't know if I'm doing something wrong I am not tacky at all please help
  31. cdiscodiva02

    can i play the sims 4 and its expansion on the HP notebook - 15-ba022nr

    I have AMD Radon that came built into my HP Notebook - 15ba022nr and was able to play the sims 4 with no problems. Now that pets have been installed I began to have issues. Can some one help me to configure my notebook to continue enjoying playing the Sims 4 and expansions? Thanks, cdivasims
  32. A

    Sims 4 and Minecraft Are Laggy

    My computer specs are: Processor Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2830 @ 2.16GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 2.2 GHz Number of Cores 2 CPU ID BFEBFBFF00030678 Family 06 Model 37 Stepping 8 Revision Memory RAM 6.0 GB Video Card Video Card Intel(R) HD Graphics Manufacturer Chipset Intel(R) HD...
  33. N

    Can my Lenovo ThinkPad run sims 4?

    Hello, I currently have a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 3702 and I was curious if I could run Sims 4 with it? I am planning to upgrade it to 8gb ram but that's all i can do, here are the specs: Product Line: ThinkPad Brand: Lenovo Model: Helix MPN: 37021H5 Type: Convertible 2-in-1...
  34. K

    The Sims 4

    I have a Dell latitude e6410 laptop can I play the Sims 4 on this laptop
  35. B

    Looking for a low budget laptop or desktop to run sims 4 and online college

    I'm a single mother looking for a budget of $700 laptop or desktop to be able to play sims 4 decently in my free time and be able to attend college online with. If you can, provide links ? my current laptop meets all requirements except for CPU, was working fine till yesterday now I can no...
  36. M

    Can I play sims 4 on the asus vivobook f541 core i5

    I’d like to know if the above mentioned laptop will be able to play sims 4 before I buy it These are the specs according to dealer ASUS VivoBook F541 Core i5-7200U 15.6'' Notebook - Black Part No 90NB0CF1-M28200 Model Name F541UA-GQ1733T EAN Code 4712900752403 UPC Code 889349752401 - LCD...
  37. K

    What laptop should I get?????

    Hey there I am buying a laptop and I want the sims 4 to run smoothly on it I have never played the sims 4 and I don't know much about laptops I would like to get 'get to work' , 'city living ' , 'parenthood' my budget would be £500 I would like to spend less what laptop should I get
  38. A

    Will sims 4 work with these specs?

    Will I be able to play sims 4 with these laptop specs? Graphics: AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics Hard Drive Storage: 1 Tb RAM Memory: 4 GB AMD A9 processor Thanks
  39. A

    Looking to buy a low budget laptop to run sims 4 smoothly.

    I’m looking to buy a laptop for up to £300 I’m on a tight budget but If it isn’t possible then please let me know, I need help as I’m not very good at finding the right requirements in my budget, I want it to be able to run sims 4 decently with at least one expansion pack (cats and dogs) and a...
  40. C

    Can You Play Sims3 on an Acer E5 Aspire 575?

    I need to know how to download Sims3 from disc onto an Acer E5 Aspire 575. I followed all instructions in the game casing and on multiple websites, but the ShieldWizard would never fully download the game? Is it because my computer is incompatible? Or did I just happen to buy a faulty disc?
  41. C

    Can I download The Sims 4 on a 2gb hp stream with 1tb external hard drive?

    Can I download and play The Sims 4 from Origin on a hp stream 14” 2gb 32gb laptop with a 1tb external hard drive installed?
  42. S

    Looking for an inexpensive laptop for school and sims for under 600

    I’m planning on purchasing a laptop to school and also for me to play sims on because my current desktop lags a lot due to age but I need a laptop under 600 dollars and I was thinking about purchasing the HP Notebook - 15-bs013cy . Would this be good laptop for playing sims, and having custom...
  43. K

    Looking for a Laptop to play Sims on

    So basically i am looking for a reasonably priced laptop which can run sims 4 on medium to high settings for around £500. Ive been having a look around and i went into currys and they basically tried selling me something that could barely run the game for £700. I have seen some other posts of a...
  44. 2

    laptop help for sims 4

    Does anyone know any laptops under 600 that will run sims 4 on medium to high settings?
  45. A

    Solved! how to recover lost data/searches/contacts

    broke ellipsis tablet lg /verizon can i retrieve data from sims card?. Power doesnt stay on very long,
  46. T e c h I l l i t e r a t e

    Can a Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Laptop (AMD) Run Sims 4? Can this laptop run Sims 4 well? Specifications: Processor AMD A6-9220 Processor (2.90GHz 1MB) Operating System Windows 10 Home 64 Display Type 15.6" HD...
  47. R

    will i be able to run the sims 3 on hp stream 14 with 7.3gb of memory left?

    i want to download the sims 3 off originand says you need to have at least 7.1gb of storage for download, I only have 7.3 left if I download it will I be able to run it and run Microsoft word and powerpoint as well?
  48. B

    Looking for a budget "gaming" laptop for GF.

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy my girlfriend a laptop for Christmas. Nothing too snazzy but i just need it to be able to play the sims 3. It's the main game that she plays and i need it to run this but i obviously don't want to spend too much as she will only be using it for general browsing netflix...
  49. H

    Can you play sims 4 HP 14

    I am thinking about buying my daughter a HP 14 laptop with 4 GB RAM, 32 GB emmc. Will this be enough to power the game and expansion packs?
  50. S

    Screen flickers and flashes while playing games

    Laptop: acer aspire E 17 E5-773G-50EP Intel Core: i5-6200u NVIDIA GeForce 940M 8GB DDR3 L Memory 1000GB HDD I bought this laptop last year and it was doing it's job. I had it for school. I wanted to play games like the sims 3 and 4 on it. But every time I open the game, the screen starts...
  51. S

    Will sims 4 work on a hp notebook hp-bs039na

    Seen a good deal on this but need the laptop to be able to play sims 4
  52. H

    Which laptop do I need to play the Sims 4 on

    Which laptop do I need to play the Sims 4 on
  53. J

    Will this laptop run The Sims 3 base game okay?

    Is the AMD Integrated Graphics on this laptop not enough to run The Sims 3 base game? or maybe this laptop...
  54. H

    Can I play Sims 3 AND Sims 4 on one laptop?

    So I am a HUGE sims fan. I LOVE the Sims 3, and play it way more than Sims 4. However, with the new Cats and Dogs expansion coming to Sims 4, I would like to be able to reinstall Sims 4 and play it, but still be able to just play Sims 3 whenever I want. My laptop runs Sims 3 at the moment with...
  55. X

    Looking for laptop to play ts3

    I know the sims 3 is a poorly made game, but I can't stay away. I've narrowed it down to a few laptops and this is what I have. I've been told that for games, a dedicated graphics card is better but apparently Nvidia GeForce 940mx isn't the best? Is it better than having intel 620...
  56. K

    I have a 16gb card the phone say no more memory on it help the sims card is 8 or 10 gb what can doI have moved things and dele

    I have an android phone I think the sims card is 8 or 10 gb. I placed a 16gb card in it but it says memory is full, 1 card tells me that I still have 12gb left. I have moved and deleted still know change. Can you help
  57. T

    Cheapest laptop for Sims 4

    What is the complete cheapest laptop that can play sims 4?
  58. T

    Acer Aspire One D270 VS. SIMS 4

    Will the Acer aspire One D270 be able to handle sims 4?
  59. H

    Will Sims 3 be playable on my Packard Bell laptop?

    So I've heard that The Sims 3 is quite a beefy game, and I'm sick of the Sims 4's lack of content. The Sims 4 ran perfectly fine on my laptop, and I also had several Mods and Custom Content installed too, as well as every Expansion pack, Game Pack and a few Stuff Packs. I've decided to downgrade...
  60. P

    Solved! Can Dell inspiron 15 5555 play The Sims 4?

    I would like to purchase a Dell inspiron 15 5555 but i want to make sure it can run my sims games. i have all of the sims games but i figured that if it can run the latest game smoothly that it can play all the others. here are the specs for this laptop: 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD AMD Radeon R5 series...