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  1. M

    Can I play sims?

    I am looking at buying an Asus vivobook X540 with 4GB ram, would this be good enough to play sims 4?
  2. N

    The sims 3

    Can HP 11.6" Stream Laptop PC with Intel Celeron Processor run the sims 3 ? Plissss help me
  3. T

    Will Dell Latitude Laptop work for Sims 4?

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Processor Ram: 4 GB Hard Drive: 160 GB SATA Optical: DVD-ROM Drive USB: USB 2.0 ports for connectivity Network: Onboard Gigabit Network Adapter included Operating System: Windows 10 I've never bought a laptop before, especially not for playing the Sims. I wanna...
  4. I

    I want to get Sims 4 and Sims 3

    Hi, I am getting an old laptop air has 4 ram and plenty of space. I was wondering if I can get Sims 4 with City Living, Outdoor Retreat and Spa Day and it would work? I also wanted to get Sims 3(on Steam)with Pets, Seasons, Supernatural and Generations, would it overload the computer or work...
  5. H

    can i play sims 4 with this laptop HP 15-BW027TU

    can i play sims 4 with this laptop if so how well will it run?? (I dont know anything about the intel chips/processor or whatever so idk if the one my laptop has will work) thanks :-) The Sim PC requirements are: MINIMUM SPECS: OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1)...
  6. A

    How can we activate a phone after hours

    Tryna activate a Sims card n phone att after hours
  7. H

    Can I play sims 4 on (HP 15-ba079sa) laptop?

    It has 4gb of RAM 1TB of storage And is windows 10. It has a DVD drive so would I be able to play sims 4?
  8. S

    how to play sims 4 on a hp notebook 15-ba079dx amd quad-core a10-9600p

    I just purchased sims 4 and my laptop is being hard headed. it's an hp notebook 15-ba079dx, amd quad-core A10-96009p, 1TB hard drive, 6144MB DDR4 SDRAM. I don't know what to do at this point to get this game to run.
  9. A

    L help me find a calling app for free

    A SIMs card
  10. L

    How do I install the Sims 4 on my Lenovo 100s without a CD slot

    So I've already bought the Sims 4 for PC or MAC and I have a PC but the game is for my daughter and she has a Lenovo IdeaPad 100s laptop and it doesn't have a CD slot? Can someone please help me, thank you?
  11. J

    Which one of these laptops should I get to play Sims 3 ?

    Which one is the best to run Sims 3 and all eps on high quality, if I can ?
  12. C

    Will the sims 4 run on my laptop?

    Ive been searching around but i cant find a solid answer. My laptop has an intel core i3 processor a intel hd 520 graphics card 8gb ram and 2TB of storage if you need anymore information please do let me know.
  13. X

    Need help choosing a laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop and I've narrowed it down to these ones, i just want a second opinion. Using it for: basic stuff, microsoft office, occasional gaming (sims 3 and its expansions) I don't expect the sims 3 to run perfectly because tbh the game was made terribly. Previously I had an Hp...
  14. V

    Can Toshiba L645 run The Sims 3 or The Sims 4?

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255) System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA System Model: Satellite L645 BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 1.60 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz Memory: 2048MB RAM Available OS Memory...
  15. K

    Should this computer play Sims 3?

    HP EliteBook 8460p 141 LED Core152520m 1TB HDD 8GB. I bought it refurbished from but it freezes EVERY time I try to play Sims 3 and Sims 3 Late Night I downloaded on it. I can't even finish creating a sim.
  16. J

    Will this laptop play sims 3?

    I'm looking at Walmart laptops because I can't afford a $600+ laptop. Will an HP 15-f272wm Laptop be able to play the sims 3?!
  17. MadelineMargaret

    Casual Gaming Laptop

    I want a laptop under $500 that I can use to play Sims 3 and 4 with their expansion packs as well as possibly a few other games from Steam. I would also maybe want to be able to run some programs on it as I might need to when I start college. I'm not against buying it refurbished if it's from a...
  18. B

    Can you play sims 4 on a laptop?!

    I want to play sims but I don't know if I can play on a laptop or not
  19. Q

    Will this graphics work for sims 4

    Laptop I want has a Intel HD graphics520 graphics card, will. The Sims for work on it ?
  20. Q

    Will the acer swift 114 inch pentium 4GB 64GB laptop, work for sims 4?

    I need to know soon because want a laptop that Sims will work on. Someone please get back to me soon thank you very much x
  21. L

    Cheap uk laptop for sims 4 - advice please

    Can I play the sims 4 on this laptop? I'm looking to spend ideally less than £300 on a laptop for playing sims 4 and occasional web browsing! Thanks
  22. S

    The sims 4 and expension packs

    Hi, I am just looking for a new laptop for the sims 4 and the expansion packs for the future. I don't want to go over the top with a really expensive laptop. Maximum budget is €500, just want something that has loads of room for the packs and wont crash on me. If anyone could offer me some...
  23. B

    Would a windows 10 hp laptop work perfectly with sims4 and get to work on pc ?

    I want to know if sims would work on a Hp windows 10 laptop through pc.. it. Intel i5 on it and I search that it needed that but I'm not 100% sure if it will work or not..
  24. M

    Would this laptop be suitable?

    Could someone help me? Would this laptop be suitable to play the sims with custom content and do school work or would I need a USB stick to keep it separate so it does not crash? <<Link removed by moderator for reported malware at the source>>
  25. M

    Is Lenovo g70-80 good to play sims?

    My daughter want to buy sims 4, her laptop is a Lenovo this ok to play Sims?
  26. D

    Can my Acer aspire axc 704g ew52 run sims 4

    Need to know before I buy it.
  27. W

    Would these refurbished laptops be any good?

    Hi, i'm looking at getting a laptop for my 10 year old. She plays Roblox, minecraft and the SIMS and watches a lot of youtube. I'm looking at either of these...
  28. D

    what can i do when samsung s4 does not read sims card

    my sims is new the store put it in and tried to activate the phone It did not show the sims card it stated no sims card can I do something
  29. O

    Can I run The Sims 3 and a few expansions SMOOTHLY on my laptop??

    Hi. I currently play the Sims 4 but I have been wanting to revisit the Sims 3 for some time now. I just got this laptop a few weeks ago and it plays TS4 smoothly without any lag. I really don't want to buy TS3 games again if there is going to be a lot of lag. I was wondering if my HP Pavilion...
  30. S

    Can you play sims 4 on acer aspire E1-571

    I have an Acer Aspire E1-571 and I really want sims 4 for my birthday but wany to make sure that it's compatible with this laptop.
  31. K

    Help finding a laptop that's right for me?

    I'm looking for a laptop. I will be in online school and I want to make sure I can play at least the sims 4 with exansions. I kind of want a backlight keyboard and for it not to be too bulky. Budget isn't really an issue because I'll be getting a student loan for the laptop. Thanks!
  32. M

    Solved! Black Screen Virus

    New PC torrented sims 4 but as soon as i openend it my screen went black! I immediately restarted and he screen was still black! Windows 10 OS I'm freaking out please help.
  33. S

    toshiba laptop run the sims 4?

    hey, i'm looking for a toshiba laptop, windows 10 that run the sims 4 game smoothly on ultra settings, any help is much appreciated.
  34. C

    Hi, my computer recently broke and I had all my sims 4 files on it (packs etc.) is it possible to "re-install" the game onto a

    Okay, I have had a laptop for about 3 years now, and the screen on it has broke so the laptop turns on but the screen doesn't work. I had all my sims 4 files and things such as expansions, game and stuff packs, as well as a large amount of custom content. I was wondering is there was any way to...
  35. M

    Please can you tell me of the cheapest laptop that i can buy for just playing Sims 3 on, Image a Lenova at present but want a

    Please could you tell me or drop a link to the cheapest laptop that i can buy for playing g Sims 3 on, I have a Lenova at present but want a cheap laptop that will just be solely for Sims 3 and web link to play the game through origin
  36. A

    Solved! Can you play sims 4 on acer aspire ES 15?

    I have a 2 month old acer aspire ES 15 with 1000 GB HDD. I really don't know whether sims 4 will work on my laptop without damaging it. If it does could you also mention the risks. Thanks.
  37. A

    The sims 4

    Hi I'm wondering if my laptop will run sims 4,Its a hp pavilion g6 1a67nr windows 7 Product Number: LQ540UA#ABA Microprocessor: 2.50GHz VISION Technology from AMD with AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P560 Microprocessor: Cache 2MB L2 Cache Memory: 3GB DDR3 System Memory (2 DIMM) Memory...
  38. 1

    ATT sim card

    how can I activate my old ATT sims card in my new ATT phone that came in a card installed?
  39. B

    I have a Toshiba satellite c675 can I play the Sims 3 on it

    Can I play the Sims 3 on my toshiba
  40. J

    Can i play sims 3 on Acer Aspire ES 15.6 Inch Ci3 8GB 1TB Laptop

    i'm thinking about buying this laptop to play my sims 3 game on does any one know if it is any good?
  41. O

    Solved! How good will a laptop with i7 6500 2.5ghz and on board HD 520 graphics play sims 4

    Im looking for an ultrabook laptop for my daughter and was looking at the lanovo ideapad 710s 13" with the above-mentioned specs and 8gb of ram, but she wants to play sims 4 on it, but i cant find how well it will play and on what setting, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  42. F

    Solved! Can these laptops run the Sims 4 smoothly?

    Hi, I'm currently deciding which of two laptops to buy. I have a maximum budget of £600 (even then that's a push but I've accepted I need to spend this to get what I want). I really want the Sims 4 to just run smooth with no lags - I've only ever brought low range laptops like HP pavilion or...
  43. G

    Does Lenovo Ideapad 100 run Sims 4?

    I don't really know the significance of any specs so I used Direct X Diagnostic Tool, so I'm just spouting what it said. Processor: Intel(R) Celron(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.6GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics If there's anything else I can tell you that would help...
  44. G

    Solved! How do I play the sims on a Lenovo laptop with an intel cor i3

    I'm having trouble playing the sims on my Lenovo pc
  45. H

    The Sims 3 has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware.

    Every time i start the game, after a few seconds there will be an error saying 'The Sims 3 has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware'. Somehow, today the settings reverted back to how it was before, like when the first time you start the game. Then i changed the settings again, I...
  46. B

    Can l remove sims card from my old android to my new android to retreve photos and contacts

    Need help getting data from old nonworking android phone
  47. P

    Would my laptop run The Sims 3?

    I got a new laptop yesterday, and I was thinking about getting Sims 3 for my laptop because it is cheap ($20 on origin) and I was wondering if it would run. My laptop is an HP 255 G5, it is $350 and these are the specs
  48. M

    HP Pavillion 15-au181sa 15.6" Laptop can i play sims 4????????

    Im looking to buy an affordable laptop for college (essays etc) and play sims 4 would this be a good choice...
  49. W

    Would sims 4 run good on an Acer Aspire E5-573G Laptop, Intel Core i3-5005U 2GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD,, DVDRW, NVIDIA 940M??

    Looking for a new laptop and want one that can at least run the only game I play
  50. A

    Will the sims 2-4 run on my HP Pavilion ??

    heres a link to the laptop as all i need to know what type of video card is included with this laptop. ~ ~
  51. G

    Solved! sims 4 on toshiba

    i have ordered sims 4 and a Toshiba satellite L50 Laptop. can i use sims on this Laptop?
  52. L

    Will this laptop run the Sims 4?

    Hi there, I'm planning on buying a HP-AY504TX 15" laptop. With these specs, will it run the sims 4 without looking grainy or poor? Will it look decent? The specs are: 6th Generation Intel CORE i7 Processor 6500U (2.5GHz, 3MB, L3 Cache) AMD Radeon R7 M440 (R16M-M1-70) with up to 2GB of GDDR3...
  53. P

    Sims 4 on hp 15 ba080sa

    I'm just wondering if the sims 4 will run smoothly on this laptop and with no lag
  54. J

    laptop for sims 3

    Hey, I have a budget of $600-650 for a new laptop and I want to get a laptop which can run Sims 3 with 4 or so expansion packs smoothly? any recommendations?
  55. M

    Cam my asus x556ur play the sims 4?

    I just bought a new computer and I want to know if it can play the sims 4 before I'm buying the game. Thank you!!!
  56. R

    Can I run the sims 4 on a laptop i3-4030U 1.90GHz, 8GB ram, 1TB Hard Drive ? thx

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17 with i3-4030U 1.90GHz, 8GB ram, 1TB Hard Drive and I want to play the sims 4 but I dont know if I can, thx
  57. M

    Acer laptop comparison

    Which one is better? I want to be able to watch Netflix and maybe play the Sims 4 sometimes. or this one...
  58. A

    Will this laptop run these games?? Pls help??
  59. S

    Will the Sims 3 (with an added expansion pack) work on this laptop?

    Hi, I'm wondering if a HP Pavilion 15z will play The Sims 3 (with an expansion pack) and if it'll run smoothly? The customized specs are : Operating System - Windows 10 Processer and Graphics - AMD Quad-Core A12-9700P (2.5 GHz, up to 3.4 GHz) Memory - 8BG DDR4-2133 SDRAM Hard Drive - 1 TB 5400...