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  1. F

    Solved! Can my laptop run a vr headset?

    I'm thinking about getting on but, I need to know if my laptop can run it. Specs: AMD E2-7110 apu with AMD Raedon r2 graphics 1.80hz 4 gb (3.47 usable) 64 bit. I just want to use it for vrchat, I know nothing whatsoever about graphics and stuff yet lol.
  2. M

    msi nightblade 3 only 1 hdmi port working

    only 1 hdmi input works none of the vr link hdmi ports works and ive tried everything
  3. E

    old 16/32 bit codec in 64 bit OS

    my company runs an old 16/32 bit codec software that i need to work, but i need a 64 bit OS for fast working.. can anyone help me, how to run this.. VR not helping.. i am working with audio files that use old codecs
  4. J

    $3k VR Build

    I have a pile of money that I'd like to spend on a gaming PC (VR and otherwise) that I could also use for other day-to-day activities. I'd like something powerful enough to run Fallout VR smoothly on good settings. I'd like it to also be reasonably quiet and easy to maintain. I prefer air-cooled...
  5. S

    Solved! VR motherboard for overclocking

    Hi, My boss has finally given me the go ahead and we are getting 8700k 2 * 8GB HyperX 3600MHz 1080Ti We already have Topower Power Train 1500W PSU (Model Top-1500W with 8 pin motherboard connector Corsair H80 water cooler So it just leaves the motherboard decision, we...
  6. B

    memory on laptop

    hi there how much minimum memory do i need for a basic vr setup on an acer laptop. currently has 1tb. would i need more than that? thanks, b
  7. J

    HTC VIVE - System Requirement Tool on website says my PC can't run it??

    Hi, I wanted to purchase the HTC Vive. I went to the website to learn about it and they have a tool to download and checks system to make sure it meets min system requirements. I just tried it and it said my PC is NOT ready because my CPU is insufficient. Does anyone have experience with this...
  8. L

    Laptop to Run VR

    im looking for a laptop to run vr around $1500, i found this and wondering if it was able to run vr
  9. K

    What VR Headset Should I Buy?

    I want to buy a VR headset but I'm not sure if the Oculus is worth the extra 200$. Right now I'm looking at windows mixed reality because they are on sale for around 250. Should I spend the extra money for the Oculus? If I shouldn't which windows mixed reality headset should I get?
  10. Mark Spoonauer

    I Won't Buy the Oculus Go or Lenovo Mirage Solo (and You Shouldn't, Either)

    New stand-alone VR headsets that are truly wireless are a step forward for virtual reality enthusiasts — and that's the problem. I Won't Buy the Oculus Go or Lenovo Mirage Solo (and You Shouldn't, Either) : Read more
  11. P

    Best Windows VR for Steam VR?

    I bought the HTC Vive back in October, I liked it, but returned it within days as I realized there were very few games in the space genre that were complete titles like Lone Echo. (I just noticed the Vive is now 500$ on amazon, a big price drop). I just found out you can use Windows VR devices...
  12. A

    Can my PC run VR?

    I have been looking at VR for a while now and I would like to make sure my computer can run it well. The headsets that I have been looking for are the Lenovo Explorer and the Samsung Odyssey. Some games that I would like to play are Fallout 4 and Onward. Here are my computer specs: CPU: Ryzen...
  13. G

    How to Pre-Order the Oculus Go

    The $199 headset is ready for pre-order at Amazon. And now's the time to buy it. How to Pre-Order the Oculus Go : Read more
  14. E

    Should i upgrade or VR?

    Hi guys, I want to play VR but i do want good experience so i want to ask some questions in order to be certain. My specs are: Processor: I5 7400 ================ Graphic card: Gigabyte 1060 3GB OC Core clock: 1964 Overclocked indeed ====================== RAM: 8GB DDR4 Budget 550~ Should i...
  15. D

    should i water cool my cpu for vr?

    I am going to get a htc vive and i am afraid that my cpu is going to get too hot because i don't have a very strong cpu cooler and i have a cpu that tends to run a little hot, let me know if you think i should get a cpu cooler and if i should upgrade anything else. i have 5X140mm fans but i...
  16. S

    Upgrade PC to VR-Ready

    Hi Guys Since the new Skyrim VR came out, im thinking about buying a new VR-Ready PC along with an oculus. But because my PC is still 18 months old, maybe upgrading it could get me the same for much less. So here is the thing: I'm planning on Playing Skyrim VR with a lot of mods and this ic my...
  17. S

    DDR4 RAm speed for VR

    Hi, Is the RAM speed important for a VR capable machine? I'm looking at the following to upgrade my system Intel i7-8700 GTX1080 16GB RAM Samsung 960 250GB SSD Thanks
  18. M

    HTC vive or Oculus Rift

    So for my 18th birthday i get to choose what i want. (i usually get books and stuff so this is a first). I get to choose between the oculus rift and the vive, now i love fallout 4 and open world games, and i use steam alot. I have a 1050 ti but will buy a 980. I dont care about the look or...
  19. L

    Solved! New VR pc VARJO

    Hi all So im going to build a new VR PC at the moment just wondering if anyone has found any leaked varjo specs yet? would love to buy one of these VR's at the end of the year when they are released but dont want to upgrade the PC again at the end of the year. TIA
  20. P

    Building PC for VR, need advice

    I want to build a pc capable of high-level gaming for regular games and VR. As of now thinking Vive plus the strap for 360/room maybe Pimax 8k, depending on reviews. First time building a pc from scratch. Here, I have my Realistic build:
  21. G

    What Are Google's AIY Kits and What Can You Do with Them?

    A new "AIY" kit can give you everything you need to create AI experiences. What Are Google's AIY Kits and What Can You Do with Them? : Read more
  22. T

    Solved! HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift

    If i can buy the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (with touch and 3 sensors) for about the same price (400$) which one should i buy and should i even buy one even if i can afford it? My PC has a GTX 1060, a i5-8400, 16GBs of DDR4 RAM and a 256GB SATA 850 Evo SSD with an extra 1 TB harddrive (WD Blue)
  23. M

    Am I VR ready?

    I have a simple question. Currently I am living in japan far away from my computer. I plan on buying the HTC VIVE Pro online and having it shipped home a little before I head back to the states. I need to know if my pc is Vr ready, though all checks require me to actually be at my computer for a...
  24. M

    I need to buy a PC for Augmented Reality.

    I need to buy an PC that is ready for an AR headset (Meta -2). For the PC my budget is 800. I won't use it for intense gaming but I want something that I can upgrade and build on. For now Its mostly for data visualization and multiple screen interaction. I am new to gaming PCs. Where do I start...
  25. D

    Hardware Question for VR

    So, I am thinking about getting a VR system. My current hardware is a bit on the old side now but I haven't come across any games yet that my PC couldn't or stuggled to run, quite frankly every game I played thus far with this set-up has run like a charm.. I have done the checks for both Oculus...
  26. M

    How to do a auto scan for a Westinghouse tv using only antenna

    This is a older Westinghouse tv VR 3225
  27. N

    What's 3D Animator's job in film-making?

    Didn't know where to put this question but hey animation has something to do with VR :D. So I am wondering what does 3D animator do in filmmaking industry? I'am in doubt does they for example make some huge bridge collapse(which would be crazy to do in RL) and later its edited in movie or 3D...
  28. A

    vr, which system and are they stable enough?

    I'm buying a new laptop and id like VR but i have seen lots of posts about games not working with one system or another, tracking issues, conductivity issues, and so on. id be looking to play in a 9X15' area and i really dont want to run into an issue where i cant play a certain game because i...
  29. D

    Dk2 worth getting to start out

    Ok I’ve been wanting to get a vr head set. But since I’ve never been able to try it( none of may friends or fam are into tech) I’m nervous about dropping $400-500 on it and not be able to play(ie nausea or eye issues or just not enjoining it liked I hope I will). So I’ve seen the Dk2 on eBay for...
  30. asheesh1_2000

    Solved! Can you play VR games on Mixed Reality headset and vice versa? (or is this a dumb question)

    I am planning to get either HTC or Samsung, as they both are the top recommendations by TH. However one is VR and other is MR, and while I know what they stand for, can they run each other's version of games? I hope they are not like Playstation and XBOX where some games are available for one...
  31. A

    8th gen laptops question

    Hello, my laptop just broke and it was out dated. My problem is currently laptops will jump into 8th gen this year and anything I buy now will be replaced in a few months. I've found 1 company that has 8th gen laptops but has no reviews and I know nothing about them. CUK N950VR-TP6 VR Ready...
  32. J

    Solved! Is VR worth it or should i look into upgrading my cpu?

    GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.96 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 144Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home I was wondering whether its a good idea to get a VR headset over upgrading my CPU to a current gen CPU...
  33. A

    Virtual reality headset

    I am using and 580x with Amd.Ryzon 1600x ,1000 corsair power supply and 8gb ddr4 ram and 1tb hard disk as well 250 ssd. I want to buy virtual reality headset and i saw many headset available but HTC Vive is best among all but the cost is too high in india approx 1125$ and my relative lives in...
  34. IvelNostrebor

    Will these parts be fine for VR?

    Currently I have a fx-6300@4ghz and a gtx 960 4gb. I plan on getting a Ryzen 1600 soon, and I was wondering would the Ryzen 1600 + Gtx 960 be fine for VR? Also, I plan on upgrading my gpu whenever the prices go down. If anyone has similar specs, I want to know how it is.
  35. G

    HTC Vive Hits Lowest Price Ever as Vive Pro Pre-Orders Go Live

    The high-end VR headset still offers the best VR experience on the market. HTC Vive Hits Lowest Price Ever as Vive Pro Pre-Orders Go Live : Read more
  36. G

    Google’s and LG’s Crazy Sharp OLED Display Will Redefine VR

    The screen could pack 5,500 x 3,000 pixels and will be unveiled in late May at Display Week 2018. Google’s and LG’s Crazy Sharp OLED Display Will Redefine VR : Read more
  37. C

    VR Processor Requirements

    Hello, I recently purchased a Dell Visor VR headset. The hardware requirements for CPU are: Processor: Intel Core i5 (6th generation) CPU, 4 or more physical cores I have a i5-760 which is a first gen processor and obviously incompatible. (Software does a hardware check and does not allow you...
  38. G

    Samsung HMD Odyssey movement tracking

    So i know that with the vive and oculus your able to walk around the room so im wondering if I were to by the samsung odyssey would i be able to move around to or would be sationary Any help would be greatly appricated
  39. P

    Good VR for travelling?

    I have a laptop capable of VR, with I7-7700, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, and all the right ports. I want a VR headset that I can travel with, so something that doesn't need sensors mounted on the walls. I believe the Microsoft VR headset does this, and I believe HTC Vive needs sensors on the wall...
  40. X

    Can i run vr?

    Can i run VR? i7 7700 gtx 1060 (3gb) 8gb ram 2133 mhz
  41. J

    Will a Ryzen 3 2200G work with Oculus

    Will a Ryzen 2200G be acceptable for VR? Its not listed as VR ready on the AMD website but it looks to be just a tad less than the Ryzen 5 1500x and a great deal better than the Ryzen 3 1200. I want to make sure I'm not buying a chip that won't support VR
  42. T

    Upgrade or buy VR ready?

    I have been following VR for a while and wanted to see if my PC was VR ready. Turns out that it was not. CPU: AMD FX8320 RAM: 16GB DDR3 GPU: RADEON R9 280 the oculus program said that my CPU was not capable enough to handle it. So I am stuck in a rut. I want to keep my GPU but it looks like...
  43. Megan_batman

    Help make my PC VR ready

    This is my computer right now CPU- Intel i5 2500 Ram- 12 GB DDR3 Motherboard- Lenovo Mahobay Graphics- 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series PSU- 350 W If I get a gtx 1050ti, will my computer be VR ready? Also, how long should I wait to buy a new graphics? I was told to wait for the prices to...