All Round Budget Laptop Needed! Help!


Aug 20, 2014
Hi there,

My current laptop of 7 years is on it's last legs (overheating, switching off, struggling with pretty much everything) so I'm in need of a replacement. I've spent the last few weeks doing research and I just can't seem to find anything to fit my needs and be within my budget. So I could really do with some help.

My budget is about £700/750 (around $1200 I think).

I'd be using it for the usual sort of stuff - browsing, office stuff, music, watching videos, a little bit of web design, some moderate/light gaming (usually older games) etc. However, due to illness I'm currently housebound, so my laptop is even more crucial than ever as it keeps me connected to the outside world and provides a huge amount of my entertainment.

The specs I'm ideally after:

15 inch
1920x1080 resolution
i5/i7 processor
500GB HD (would prefer an SSD but with my budget I'm guessing that be pushing it)
Cool or light, as it'd be used on my lap most of the time.

Really I'd like something that will perform well as I'm sick of my super-slow current laptop, and that I won't have to replace in a couple of years.

I'd looked at models like the Lenovo Flex 2 - but read some reviews saying that it had a useless keyboard and trackpad, plus the build quality is pretty terrible. Also issues with the wireless connectivity. I'd also looked at some other Lenovo's, an HP and a Toshiba Satellite, but all of these seemed to have some fairly major flaws. I realise for the money I'm willing to pay I may be expecting too much but just really want to get it right.

The other option I'm considering is sacrificing some of those specs and getting a less powerful laptop and combining it with some form of tablet. The problem with that is I'm not sure if I really NEED a tablet. I've read a fair amount of people saying that for general home use a tablet is a good option now, and I like the idea of one.. but that may just be because it'd be new and different, and the novelty factor would wear off quickly, leaving me with something that wouldn't be up to the requirements I need.

I've even done some looking at hybrid laptops, mostly the new Asus Transformer Flip TP550, which seemed to fit the bill perfectly - but is, unfortunately, a bit over budget.

So if anyone could offer their expert opinions on a possible laptop for me, or whether a laptop/tablet combination would be more suitable, or even the hybrid option, that'd be great. Feel free to tell me I don't need a certain spec or should get some extra I've missed out, I'm a bit out of my depth so all advice is welcomed Just any opinions or advice at all would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks very much!

- Andy


If you're getting a tablet know for sure that it'll be like half your budget (which is good), more portable, lighter (4 or 5kg will be a pain to hold over your stomach after a while), cooler (not as cool but as less heat/more cold) and doesn't have to be on your stomach/between legs and Many Micro beings (what's the English word for that?) can't take high temperatures (that's why fever over 40C is dangerous). However, you'll also be sacrificing the fast typing (although you can buy a small bluetooth/usb keyboard), many features, programs and games from Windows to Android/iOS, a CD player, can't use a mouse, etc.

Getting more to the point, A hybrid seems to fit you perfectly, a light laptop should be okay too, or a powerful tablet may be good enough too at this point, but it all depends on your likes and your health-status. I'd also note that office on tablets is horrible. At the 1200$ price point you can buy any/almost any tablet, most of the hybrids and most of the light laptops. keep also in mind that hybrids don't usually come with high-end graphics as most usually just bring Intel Integrated Graphics.

Have a look at
the Yoga 2
iPads, Samsung Galaxies, Kindle HDs.
Someone else may come with better solutions than those I just listed though

edit: Are you housebound, or bedbound? if you're thinking on placing your device on a table then ignore everything I said till now


Aug 20, 2014

Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

I'm housebound, not bedbound, and going to be using the device mainly on my lap, not a table. So everything you said is still relevant!

I'd looked at the Yoga 2 and everything I'd read about it had been great. However, it's largest screen is a 13 inch, and if I'm getting just one device then ideally I'd prefer it to be 15 inch, regardless of the weight/lack of portability. I sort of always want a 15 inch device for office/typing based things (as you said, tablets aren't great for that). It was just whether I get a laptop with less powerful specs AND a tablet, so the tablet is for my day to day use and then I switch to the laptop whenever I need to do something the tablet can't handle (office, typing etc.), or do I just get the more powerful laptop or hybrid and not bother with the tablet. Not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense, and may be a stupid idea, it's just I'm used to 15 inches and have got a bit attached to it.

Is it even possible to get a decent tablet AND a decent 15 inch laptop both for under £750/$1200?

As for the lack of dedicated graphics - I'm not really too fussed. I'm fairly certain most of the games I would want to play would be fine with that.

Also, I completely forgot to mention in my first post - I'm from the UK, so that may affect prices (US always seem to be cheaper)

Thanks again!



Of course it makes a lot of sense, I love my 15,3'' and wouldn't change it for a smaller screen, and bigger screens won't double the price. edit: 15,6'' I don't know how could I have made such a mistake.

"Is it even possible to get a decent tablet AND a decent 15 inch laptop both for under £750/$1200?"
about this: I guess you'll have to select either the tablet or the laptop first and stretch the other's price to make it fit. Is it possible? yes, as long as you're okay with Intel HD it's all okay (although you could get an AMD/Nvidia GPU depending on how expensive the tablet you're buying is). As for the prices in the UK I can't really say yet it's true that electronics are usually cheaper in the USA and China/Japan/South Korea.

Let's see, Would you rather pick a tablet first and then a laptop or vice-versa (The other way around)?


if you ask me, Samsung and Kindle are better for budget, iPad minis are 400$, Samsung between 200-600$ depending on screen size, too lazy to check at surface but that's about 300/400 Euros (like 0,80 pounds or 1,3$). I guess it's better to buy in the UK as seas shipment will add about another 300$, but I don't live there so you got the word here.

If I didn't have to pay shipment, and given the conditions I'd do one of the following:
a) buy a 200$ Tablet, and spend 1000$ on an 820m/830m/840m/850m from

b) buy a 600$ Tablet and spend 600$ on an Intel HD integrated graphics

but yeah, that's ignoring taxes and shipment. In reality you'd end up doing something like this: (Also noting that prices will be in pounds so there will always be a little mistake in our calculations)

c) buy a 200-400$ tablet and rest on laptop with intel integrated graphics

edit: Also note I linked xoticpc as a reference but you can find similar specs at similar prices pretty much anywhere else


Oct 30, 2013

The first option would probably be the best option. Getting a $200 tablet and a $1000 laptop would be the best way to do it.


Aug 20, 2014

Amazing, thanks so much for the reply! I'm going to attempt to go for the $1000 laptop and $200 tablet option, and if not then fall back on $200-400 tablet and the rest on a laptop with integrated graphics. Pricing is going to be the tricky part as everything is so much more expensive in the UK.

Thanks for all the help! You've been awesome!
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