Question ASUS N76VJ wont boot, no asus logo, gets stuck on back lit black screen. Please Help!

Mar 8, 2019
Hi All,

My Asus Laptop, N76VJ, boots to a black screen, no asus logo appears. The only way to get it to turn on is to remove the battery and charger for about 30 minutes or longer and to then reconnect it to power, it will then boot properly (basically I know if it will boot properly since it will show the Asus logo in the first 5-10 seconds on startup when working, if that doesn't appear I know it's stuck in the black screen) to Windows 10. My current option is to basically never turn off my laptop the next time i get it to boot up, but this is less than ideal obviously.

I've already tried the following fixes:
  • A complete factory reset, I completely wiped hard drive and started from a fresh Windows 10 install. Install went fine, was able to update and restart to complete updates and everything. Then I powered off the laptop (rather than select restart) and turned it back on to a black screen again.
  • I've tried removing the hard drive, powering on and going straight to BIOS and resetting to default options, powering off, and replacing the hard drive. Didn't work after replacing the hard drive.
I guess some relevant info would be, the laptop is about 6 years old, for the most part, I'd say I've taken good care of it, no bad drops/water damage or anything. After a complete factory reset I'm concerned it must be something in the hardware unless there's some boot setting in BIOS that can be adjusted that isn't necessary and is causing the "crash/freeze" on startup.

Any solutions or suggestions out there that you might have would be greatly appreciated!