ASUS S301LA randomly shuts itself down and won't turn back on (until I open it up and fiddle with the battery cable/ac). Help


Aug 3, 2012
Okay I have this laptop.

It seems to work fine, but it will randomly just instantly power itself off. Once this has happened, pressing the power button on it does absolutely nothing. No lights show up, no sound, no fan spin, zip.

The first time this happened, I opened it up and disconnected the battery cable from the mother board and reseated it. It seemed to work fine for ~5 hours, and then it shut itself down in much the same fashion.

The second time this happened, reseating it didn't work. I figured it was dead but kept trying. I plugged and unplugged the AC power a couple times, and then it randomly started working again.

This repeated 4-5 times, where it would shut itself down, and I'd open the bottom up and plug-unplug the battery and plug-unplug the AC adapter, until it starts working again.

It seems mostly random, as it usually takes a few tries of random unplugging and replugging to get the machine to boot again.

I inspected the motherboard and I don't see anything immediately wrong/fried.

Any idea what I can do to this this?

Im Spartacus

Mar 25, 2015
I would if and when you get it to boot up, go to control panel, power options, then select change plan settings on the highlighted option being used select everything to never? Meaning never turn off, even go into advance settings have a look somethings causing your devices to sleep? Screen,keyboard,mouse, modem etc...
Like a young teenager it can't wake up.
Do you have a fn key near left shift key? hold it down and press one of the upper f keys numbered 1-12 i.e...F3 The one that has a symbol of a screen or a square within a square.
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