Asus vs Toshiba, which one?


Aug 13, 2016
Ok so I've been looking for a laptop for quite sometime now and I've narrowed it down to two models, one by Toshiba and one by Asus.
The laptop will be used for gaming, mostly low end games and for classes at the university.
The models are:

1.Asus X556UB-DM097T

2.Toshiba Satellite P50-C-11V.

Here are a the pros and cons of both models as i see it:

1.The Toshiba model has a better graphics card ( gtx 950m) while the Asus has a geforce 940m.

2.The Asus model costs a 100$ more.

3. The Asus model has a slightly better processor (i7 6500u) as opposed to the Toshiba (i7 5500u)

4. the Asus model has a 256gb SSD hard drive while the Toshiba model has a 1TB 5400RPM + 8GB Hybrid SSD.

5. And lastly Asus offers 3 years warranty while Toshiba offers only 2 years of warranty.

Your help is much appreciated.