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There are many ways to convert mp3 to minidisc and is sub-divided into Digital or Analogue ways.
ANALOGUE Recording
You will need the following stuffs before you can record:

* Any Normal Soundcard
* Mp3 Decording Software like Sonique or WinAmp.
* A 3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug Cable

Basically you connect the Cable to the speaker output of the soundcard and connect other end to the "Digital Input" of your minidisc recorder.Press the REC button. Play music with your MP3 decoding software. Thats it!

Invest in a good quality soundcard like the SBLIVE! Value is worth your money in the long run and can be upgraded to Digital Recording Using the Hoontech Digital Bracket.
DIGITAL Recording
You will need the following stuffs before you can start digital recording.

* A digital Soundcard or Digital I/O card
* Mp3 Decording Software like Sonique or WinAmp or Creative Minidisc Centre in LIVEWARE 3.0!
* A Toslink Optical Cable.

Connect the Toslink Cable to the digital Optical output of the soundcard. The other to minidisc recorder and, Remember, press REC before playing the music.

If you have SB LIVE! VALUE or SBLIVE! soundcard, consider investing in one Hoontech DB bracket II/III.
They are easy to install and maintainece free.
DB II both comes with a toslink digital output.
DB III comes with toslink input and output. Good for "SCMS stripping". Just record into computer and record out again. Signal loss is very little.

Or you have lots of money to spend. Just buy a Live! Drive and Sound Blaster Live Platinum That would provide an optical output too!
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