Solved! Audio from HDMI devices connected to TV to amplifier via TosLink Issue?

Jan 14, 2019

I recently purchased an S.M.S.L Q5 Pro mini amp to replace a failed soundbar... the original set up was devices connected to TV (Samsung Series 4) via HDMI and the soundbar connected to the TV via TosLink optical cable... this all worked fine with all devices able to send audio through to the soundbar, as well as the regular TV stations audio. Now i simply replaced the soundbar with the Q5 (again connected via TosLink) but no audio from HDMI connected devices, only the broadcast TV stations... any ideas?



My guess is that the non-TV devices are just passed on. The Q5 Pro can decode surround sound audio so you get no sound. You would have to check all your devices to see if you can output PCM audio instead of 5.1 Dolby or DTS.
Jan 14, 2019

Hi KaneWolf, thanks for that... i know the Samsung TV is set for PCM audio but i'm not sure about the other devices, or if they can be set to PCM... one device is an Apple TV 2nd gen., the other a Raspberry Pi3 running RasPlex. I'll take a look at their settings and see what i can find. Cheers, John
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