HDMI to LCD, and Optical out to LCD - NO SOUND asap tournament soon!


Sep 21, 2011
Hey guys,

I'm trying to hear my games through my TV instead of wearing headphones all the time, and I have a tourney tonight.

This is what I did pretty much:

-HDMI cable from my PC tower to my LG LCD screen, video working
-Fiber Optic Cable from my PC tower to my LG screen.
-Set my computer to SPDIF OUT Auzentech x-fi forte (sound card), I even tried setting my computers default to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) High definition Audio Device. Neither work.

I'm out of ideas, do I need a different optical out cable? This one seems to fit perfectly.
Also I can't find any setting on my LCD screen that say optical out, I did how ever set one of it's inputs to PC. Still nothing

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