How to connect Sony Home Theatre 5.1 to PC (Only one rca cable for output)


Mar 13, 2016
Hi guys, I was recently lent a used home theatre system. Its a SONY DAV-DZ310.

I connected up all the speakers and tested it on my laptop, all the speakers seemed to be working.


I want to connect it to my PC which has a ASUS XONAR DG soundcard. It contains three 3.5m jacks for audio output (Green, Black, Orange). But as shown in the picture below, the home theatre system only has one rca input (one red jack and one white jack) for audio in. (TV).


Will this (Single 3.5 mm jack) be sufficient to get a true 5.1 effect ? This hometheatre apparently accepts multi channel audio but i can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to get it in. HDMI Port says "out". Every other port seems to be for audio. Is this model only built for virtual surround effect? I remember reading DTS / Dolby logic 5.1 / Prologic etc on the box. Kindly help me please.