Solved! Install windows 7 on asus without deleting a partition



I have a ASUS F5 and i have tried to install windows 7 but it comes up with a big red error sign so when i turned it off and hit F9 on the boot up it came up with restart now to recover vista so i did and it restored it back to factory. apperently i cant install windows 7 because of the recovery partition built in to the asus laptop, i dont have recovery discs for vista they are all built in hence the problem with installing windows 7, i wanna delete the partition i just have no idea how to and i dont wanna wreck my laptop so if anyone knows how i can get past it without deleting the partition that would be great!
You can add another partition to your hard disk and install Win7 there. You'd have both Vista and Win7 (dual boot) on the same computer.

You can use a 'partition manager' program to shrink the Vista partition and add a new partition to the hard disk. Easeus Partition Master Home Edition is free and works great.

If you want to change the boot menu order so Win7 is the default try EasyBCD