Issues connecting tv receiver and Nvidia shield

May 2, 2018
I just purchased a new Sony STR-DN1080 to go along with my Sony XBR75x750D and Nvidia shield 500. I have the receiver and Nvidia shield in my bonus room and connect to tv via HDMI 2.2 cable. When I connect shield directly to the tv it detects on HDMI4 /ARC no problems. When connected through DN10i0 I get "No signal check the external input or select a other input using INPUT" message. Also tv shows the receiver and shield on HMDI 3 (very strange). If anyone has had any success with settings I might be overlooking. I don't think it's the HDMI cable since there are no issues &ling directly to the shield.


You have connected receiver' output to HDMI3 on the TV, correct? Can you see receiver' messages (eg setup, volume up/down) on the TV? If so, your receiver is properly connected to the TV

Now, just connect the Shield to any receiver' HDMI input, select it from receiver - you should see the Shield on the TV as well.

If you still have troubles - try connecting something else thru the receiver (laptop, DVD player etc)
May 2, 2018

No I do not see the receiver screens on the tv. And it's actually plugged into HDMI 4 Thanks for your reply.
Just because the HDMI cable worked with the Shield directly to the TV doesn't mean it has to work from the receiver to the TV. HDMI is tricky that way. The source, cable, and display all have to meet minimum specs for the connection to work. If one of these is off it may not work..
Try a different cable .
Try a different input on the TV.
Select HDMI 4 on the TV. Select whatever input you connected the shield to on the receiver. You may need to do the full set up on the receiver as well. The HDMI connection may not be assigned to an input by default.
Sep 4, 2018

This happened to me too. My receiver was hdcp 2.2 compliant for all HDMI ports. My 4K tv only had 1 port that was hdcp 2.2 compliant, but I had hooked my receiever to HDMI port 4 because that was the port that had Audio Return Channel (ARC). HDMI port 4, labelled MHL on my 2015 Samsung TV, was only HDCP 1.4 compliant.

I keep all my peripherals in an equipment closet so my solution was to move the HDMI cable connecting the receiver and TV to port #3 on the TV which was hdcp 2.2 compliant and then run optical audio for audio return from the TV to the receiver (port #3 didn't support ARC). The only downside is that when I change volume on a Samsung Smart TV app, I don't see a volume bar anymore which I did when using ARC. The other solution specific to me would have been to purchase the sek-3500 evolution kit which would have made all my ports hdcp 2.2 compliant (and given me HDR-like picture), but that was a $350 solution I'm not willing to pay right now.

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