Laptop video outputs broken (grounding issue?) Lenovo Y580


Nov 22, 2015

I've got Lenovo Y580 since 2 years and yesterday my HDMI port stopped working while I replugged the monitor between it and my PC, VGA was fine. I though it might be a (rather known*) issue with Intel HD drivers (I was installing some rather unrelated drivers at the time, but wanted to try), but I had second system installation and it didn't work there too. Despite that I reinstalled my drivers, during that process i had plugged monitors to both HDMI and VGA in and out. It didn't help, and what's worse - the VGA out lost Red channel (monitors are fine, tested them with my PC). Everything else works fine.

During the process I got a light electric shock from the VGA port and also HDMI cable (I'd say maybe 5 or 12V). I remembered, that when I first got the laptop it had this "tingling" feeling on its case when plugged to _some_ power outlets or getting electrostatic.
If I touch the VGA output and VGA cable connected to monitor with one finger I feel electricity flowing through the finger. It only happens when the monitor is plugged into ungrounded outlet so it's that. I think it might be some problem with grounding in the charger or laptop and while I was replugging the cables the ports might have been damaged from electricity spikes.

Do you think it might be repairable, eg. by manually resoldering the VGA and HDMI ports and say replacing the charger, or rather it's permanent and I should prepare some money if I want to work with external displays again? The warranty is over.



Start by doing a clean install of the driver of your graphics card.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics driver.
- Do the same in Programs and Features uninstalling anything related to your graphics.
- Download and install the latest driver there is from Intel website.
- Here's the link:
- Reboot your PC and try connecting it thru HDMI again.
- Press the Windows key + P at the same time and select between Duplicate or Extended display then press Enter.
- If these doesn't work the problem is going to with the graphics card itself not the ports wherein you connect the cables of your monitor.
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