Looking for Closed ear Headset with a good microphone


Feb 13, 2016
Hello everyone,

To give a rundown of what I am looking for I am going to give you a few details about myself.

I work as an IT consultant in a rather large company in Europe. As a consultant I have to be on the phone, most of the time. Meaning I am wearing a headset, sometimes for longer periods of time. In my case its a Logitech Headset (I think its the H390) Which is not noise-cancelling in any way, and customers sometimes complain that they are hearing themselves. (That may even be the software's fault, but I can not tell for certain.)

Another thing to mention is that I work in an open office environment which basically means that it does tend to get a little noisy.

Now, I am Looking for a closed style headset, which will allow me to drown out the noise which an open office environment can produce.
Of course that headset should have an especially good microphone, since I do have to speak to my customers. Of course also being able to filter out the noise which is being

And yes, I know that the software which is used to call, is going to degrade the quality anyways. But I want to ensure the better quality coming from my end.

Going onward I thought about using the Headset also privately. But that is somewhat of a lesser priority.

I did a bit of research and found a few options but I would like your input and suggestions.

    First of I was Looking at the Jabra Evolve 80. Which I could get for around 250 Euro, and is aimed at those types of environments.
    They offer noise cancellation, and the evolve lineup overall has some really good microphones.

    A drawback for me personally is however, that they come with a usb dongle which is capable of answering calls by just pressing the button on the controller. However that only works if the software allows it. Another feature which wont be allowed to be used to its potential,is the so called "Busy light", which is a red circle on either side of the headset, which illuminates when you either press the button or receive a call. But yet again that is only if the software allows it.

    This is why I ask myself, if it is really worth it if I have to pay quite a high price for features that might not be available to me.

    Another option which I looked at is the Sennheiser PC 350 SE at a price of 115 Euro. Which is quite a step up, in terms of quality I think. And the microphone is not bad at all including its noise cancellation, from what I could hear from several sound samples.

    However, I am a bit skeptical about the quality which might not be at its full potential. The reason being that it is a Headset with a 150 ohm impedance, and given that at my workplace they have just the standard soundcards from the motherboards in our Workstations.
    But I am tempted to make that trade-off, since it is supposed to be used at my workplace and the main focus is to speak and be heard, and of course hear the other end es well.

    Additionally I have looked at several Gaming headsets from different brands. But they have little to offer for their price I believe.

OK, I did hit you with a wall of text here, and I apologize for that.
I am simply looking for comments or suggestions, which might make my decision easier.

If any questions should come up, feel free to ask and I will answer them as soon as I can.

PC350 should be good, most motherboards can handle 150 ohm just fine. If you're really concerned about it, try Sony MDR-7506 with a modmic, it might be a good alternative though might be a bit more expensive overall.

Depending on your head size, the Kingston Cloud II or their plantronics equivalents might be comfortable enough.


Feb 13, 2016
I have heard the Kingston cloud II and the mic is really horrible.
Plantronics, yeah I have looked into them as well, since they also offer phone functionality.