MSI Laptop sudden shut down and will not power on...motherboard?


Nov 27, 2015
SO here I was installing a new steam game excited to play and randomly my laptop just shuts down, the only thing left on was the battery charging light. The Laptop is an MSI GP60 2QF Leopard Pro. The AC adapter was plugged in at the time and had been all morning. My initial thought was oh must have been unplugged and I didn't notice. Wrong.
I switched outlets and still nothing, attempted to boot without AC plugged in.... nope... with AC and no battery... nope. So I left for 10 minutes.
Tried booting again... without battery and up it starts. I log-in and all seems well. I stick the battery in and it registers as charging. Curious right?
Five minutes late..BAM! Shuts down again exactly the same thing with no warning.... now I'm wondering if its the battery or the AC adapter? Or GOD FORBID the motherboard/RAM is fried... any advice for diagnosis or ideas on what this is? I'm living on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia so as you can imagine there isn't much else to do besides work... so I'm pretty heartbroken my laptops out of commission. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Couple of steps that you can try to diagnose the problem.
- Do remove the battery first and just use it without it and see if you'll get the same problem were it will shut down on it's own again because if that happens the battery is out of the question. It would just be the Ac adapter or the motherboard.
- If it will still shut with just the AC adapter next test to do is measuring the AC adapters voltage if it's supplying enough power. If you also have another AC adapter that has the same voltage do try it and observe again if it will still shut down.
- If it will still shut down with a different AC adapter that means it's the motherboard.
- Do clean the inside of the laptop first make sure that there's nothing stopping the fan for spinning freely also do apply a new thermal paste onto the CPU and GPU to help with the cooling.
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