Polarity of battery and OEM power adapter reversed on Gigabyte p25/p35?


Feb 25, 2016
Hey all,

I came across my battery's voltage amps and polarity, and found it interesting that the manufacturer shipped power adapter (adapter A) output polarity is *positive*, and the laptop's input polarity is *negative*. The amps and voltage (and hence the wattage) are the same.

I've read that the input of the laptop should be the same as the output of the adapter. But, then why did Gigabyte send me one with reversed polarity?

If a battery has reversed polarity from its adapter, that normally means bad things for the battery and adapter. My CPU ambient temps creep into the 50s c with the original adapter in, but with one I found (adapter B) that has less amps, the same watts and the same polarity as the laptop the temps are generally around 35-38 c.

Should I use adapter A or adapter B, and was this possibly a big mistake on Gigabyte's part?