So many choices. What should I buy?


Dec 6, 2015
So, I've decided to buy a desk. I surprisingly have never owned a desk before. Anyway. I thought now that I'm finally getting one, there's some things I'd like to buy too. The most important of them includes:

Desk chair.

Mouse. Not decided yet.
Headphones. Not decided yet.
Mouse pad.
Pop filter. The Pop:

So I have done a little looking around and some research on what I want. Above are some links, they're what I currently have decided on. But I have ex. Never really used a mechanical keyboard, mouse before or a desk mic. So maybe there's some things I haven't considered. Do you have any ideas for the rest of the items? Do you think my choices are bad? Then please comment why. Is there something I should consider about the items I'm going to buy? Etc.

I can only say that I'm looking for a silent mechanical keyboard, with cherry MX Red switches. I am kind of willing to sacrifice on efficiency for that, but not by much. It'll be used for gaming, so will the mouse. The mic is gonna be used for general talking and maybe for some Let's Plays in the future. It should be noted that I am a little bit of an audiophile, so the headset should be kind of good, though I'm not talking full professional. I am willing to pay up to 500$ for it, but if you come over something more expensive, please do still post it. I might be willing to spend a little more if it's good. Again, the above are only ideas, I'm all up for changing some of them, if your choice is better and/o your reason is valid. May I lay efficiency on "Valid". Please don't come with the "ASDFGHJK, WHHHHAAAT. THAT'S NOT RAZER, THAT'S....IDEK, PLOX BAN". :)

While we're at the money subject, it doesn't really matter too much. I'd be willing to wait a little longer to save up some more, to get what I want. So don't worry too much about it.

I hope you have fun searching and I hope you can give me some good ideas.
Thanks in advance. :)

Also...Am I the only one who miss the old times, where there weren't 100+ companies making these things, it was so much easier back then. But I guess that's a sacrifice we have to make, if we want to get further.

EDIT: So, apparently getting to Blue Yeti The Pop, pop filter would end up costing...More than the actual mic. Not even kidding. 140$ for shipping and the pop filter itself. So instead of being a complete lunatic and buying that, I've decided on the Auphonix 6-inch Pop Filter For Blue Yeti Microphone.


For headphones when money isn't really an issue, HD598 or ATH-AD500X, you'll see those two being the most recommended in the <$200 range. You can spend the rest on a nice PCIe or USB soundcard. For the mic, yeti is good, as are other ones of similar styling like Audio-Technica AT2020USB. I suggest checking out mics, headphones, and their accessories at the bhphotovideo website to see which ones are actually good (they are far more selective in their equipment quality. After finding it there you can buy from your favorite store if it's cheaper)

Mouse should really be decided by how well it fits your hand, since repetitive motion injury is not fun to deal with. There's too many models to consider, but start with Razer and Logitech, both have fairly ergonomic gaming mice.
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