SONY HXR-MC2000E crazy problem!


Dec 12, 2013
Hello guys

I have bought a HXR-MC2000E 3 months ago for wedding/etc professional shooting.
I started using it immediately, and have recorded around 10 weddings till now so last week i started to import them in Premiere pro CS6 for editing.

(please note that i do the recording directly on the internal memory and then moving it to my computers hard drive)

What i noticed is that on long takes of 10+ minutes (normally during the wedding dancing time) when the camera is on the tripod, in Premiere sequence i find those video clips losing sound and frame for 1 second every 10-15 minutes!!!
Like it has been cut automatically by the camera during shooting, but it disables sound for 1 second and losing 1-3 frames.

I have tried to find some answers everywhere in the web with no luck.

Could that be because the product is defected in some way?
Could it be because of a buffer issue?
Could it be a setting that i miss to see?

Please help me out here i am going insane!



What settings are you using to import the footage? You said you are recording to internal memory, are you using the HVRMRC1K Memory Recording Unit?
Are you using Firewire or HDMI to capture the footage to the computer?


So, it records in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (AVCHD). When you import (copy) the files from the camera to the computer are you copying the entire folder structure or just the individual clips? I had a similar problem using an external recorder for an older HDR-HC1 and had to import all of the clips together and bring them into Premiere Pro CS6. AVCHD can be a little tricky if not imported properly. What settings are you using to import the files?
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