Toshiba Satellite keyboard


Nov 25, 2014
Right hand keys do not work as they should when the light is on below the F10 key. They may move the cursor, enter dashes instead of letter, etc. Pressing combinations of the function keys does not resolve the problem, but shutting down and restarting works and the light below the
F10 key then does not 're-light'. The cause appears to be the cat walking over the keyboard, but I do not know which keys he presses, and he is not saying anything. Is it possible that there is some key combo that causes that side of the keyboard to turn off? The 'restart' solution is only a minor inconvenience, but perhaps that green light below the F10 key is a clue to the problems that others have had with the right half of the keyboard? (Has occurred when using
Thunderbird and Firefox - Still running XP on this machine)