Next book NX16A11264 Hard Reset

This is directly from Nextbook.
Factory Data Reset
This reset will take you back to factory settings
Anything you have saved onto this unit will be erased

· Your unit MUST be completely powered off, not on sleep/idle mode.

· Once you have verified your unit is completely powered off,
Go ahead and hold down the "Power Button" and the "Volume (-)" both at the same time.
Hold down until you see "Normal Boot Mode" recovery screen.

· Hit the "Volume (-)" until the box located on the top of the screen says "Recovery Mode".
Once you are on "Recovery Mode", go ahead and hit the "Power Button" one time.

· You will then see "no command", go ahead and hold Power Button and tap Volume (+) one time

· It will then prompt the "Android System Recovery" menu, with the "Volume (-)" go down to "Wipe Data Factory Reset".
Once it is highlighted, go ahead and hit the "Power Button" one time.

· You will then be asked to confirm your request, with the "Volume (-)" go down to "Yes, Delete ALL User Data".
Once it is highlighted, you will hit the "Power Button" one time.

· Once it completes the wipe, you will be taken back to the original recovery menu.

· "Reboot System Now" should already be highlighted, hit the "Power Button" one last time.

The system will power off then power back on, on its own
Once it fully powers back on, set is up as you normally would.

Hope this helps others.