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  1. K

    AMD ryzen 3 2200u and Vega 3 enough for fallout 4?

    I’m wondering if I can run fallout 4 with AMD Ryzen 3 2200u and a Vega 3 a cheap budget pc but can play other Bethesda games well .also I have 8gb of ram .
  2. D

    Solved! Which laptops better?

    Hi Guys Just looking for some general advice as to which laptop out of the two would be better...
  3. Z

    Solved! To buy or not to buy laptop cooler for ASUS FX503VD

    Please help. I have an ASUS FX503VD and I'm really confused if I'm going to buy a cooling pad for it. I'm playing fallout 3 at max settings with temps 74 degs Celsius max at both gpu and cpu. This is while overboost fan mode is on. Please help me decide.
  4. L

    Solved! Fallout 4 vr

    Looking for some help with fallout 4. I've a few mods running that were recommended to smooth the game. But I'm looking for recommendations for really uping the graphics. I'm running a powerful rig with a 2080ti so would like to push the game as much as I can for the looks. I'm currently not...
  5. B

    Any "full length" vr games?

    Other than Fallout 4 and Skyrim, what are some good FULL LENGTH VR games? I've bought about a dozen, and Beat Saber is understandably great, but they're all the size of glorified demos and arcade shooters. Any meatier games out there? HUGE fan off Fallout 4, just not paying $80 for a VR...
  6. D

    FPS Limit Program with a limit toggle?

    I'm wondering if there is a program that let's you limit the FPS like Rivatuner, but also lets you set a hotkey to toggle the limit on and off at will. My reason for wanting it is because while playing Fallout 4, with a FPS limit loading times between areas is upwards of nearly 3 minutes, but...
  7. G

    Every Fallout Game, Ranked

    From the original Fallout to the sprawling Fallout 4, here are the Fallout games ranked from worst to best. Every Fallout Game, Ranked : Read more
  8. O

    Gaming laptop - wich to go for?

    I am going to buy a used laptop. Going to play fallout 4, battlefield and arma dayz. Here is the one im looking at: GTX 1060 6gb I7 7700HQ 15,6» screen 16gb ram 256ssd For 990 USD Or GTX 1070 8gb I7 6700hq 17» screen 16gb ram 256gb ssd For 1300 USD The sites are in norwegian, but click...
  9. D

    Will this msi laptop run fallout vr?

    I'm thinking about picking up this laptop. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B074ND6D13/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518405323&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=msi+ge63vr&dpPl=1&dpID=51nvJfOV3QL&ref=plSrch And I was wondering if it was good enough to run it. I really don't want to spend more...
  10. T

    HTC Vive, Fallout 4 Blurry

    Hello, I have purchased a new htc vive and am experiencing graphic issues with fallout 4 vr. I have a 1080ftw, i7 6700k, and 16gb of 3000mhz ram drr4. Fallout 4 looks very blurry at anything over 5meters away. TAA is off Super sampling is at 1.5 Any Ideas or is the just the way the game runs?
  11. O

    Ps4 optical dts dolby or hdmi audio

    I Have a vizio sound stand 2.0 system should I be connecting hdmi audio or optical audio straight to my ps4 pro will it affect the games sound andwhat's better linear pcm dolby or dts and just to throw this out there I can't get dts to work on sound bar need some awnseres and opinions
  12. N

    Can my rig run VR smoothly?

    I'm planning on buying the HTC vive and I'm bit worried that my Pc wont be able to handle it so I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out and evaluate my rig. 70% of the reason I'm buying the headset in the first place is to play games like Fallout 4 VR so I mostly want to know if my...
  13. T

    Solved! HP zBook 15 graphics upgraded ideas??

    I would like to make my HP zBook 15 suitable for games like BO3 and Fallout 4 any ideas of what i should get? Im new to gaming on computers and would really like to start gaming thanks in advanced for any advice given.
  14. P

    Can the hp 15 f-222wm run by Fallout New Vegas?

    Possibly with mods? Thanks for your time
  15. D

    how to upgrade my laptop so I can play Fallout 4

    this May be stupid of me BUT! i got a free lap top HP dv6 notebook. i recently bought Fallout 4 not realizing that my computer does not have what is required to play the game lol, of course impulse buy. anyhow, what can i do to make it so that the aformentioned laptop could run the game and...
  16. R

    Asus G752vs loading Fallout 4 slowly... should I return or ideas to fix it

    I recently purchased an Asus G752VS in Canada. Its the first gaming laptop I have ever had, so I have high expectations for the GTX 1070, the intel i7 6820hk, and 256 SSD. Might be able to overclock, but can't tell from the settings. It supposedly has a good cooling system and has win 10 pro...
  17. T

    Gaming Laptop Under £1000

    i'm looking for a laptop that is under or on the £1000 mark , i need the laptop to be able to play Fallout 4 above 40 FPS minimum (normal settings) and do some adobe suite work, suggestions?
  18. R

    Can a gtx 965m run games at 4k?

    I was wondering if the gtx 965m can run games like gta 5, fallout at 4k
  19. C

    Need a new laptop that I can use for gaming.

    My current system can't run Fallout 4, so I'm looking for something that can run it on high. Other uses would be web surfing and writing. My budget is $1000. I'm hoping to find something that will last a few years. Thank you.
  20. B

    Laptop for Fallout New Vegas

    Hey guys, My  friend is looking for a laptop that can run Fallout New Vegas admirably. It doesn't need to run any other  games really, just this one. So what are the best options for say $600? Cheaper  is better in this case. Thanks
  21. V

    Fallout 4 pitboy text not clear

    I don't know if this forum helps people for games but I have a question about fallout 4. The text of my pitboy is not very clear, it is very dim. This means that when I look at a weapon or amour I can't read what it is. Has this happened with anyone playing this game? If this helps I am...
  22. BubbaMoo

    Help narrow down laptop decision

    I've been looking for a gaming laptop and I'd like some input on others experience with the following brands. This will be used mostly for Fallout 4, Borderlands 2 line of games. I can get the following locally or sent with free shipping. Entry level Alienware 17 1499.00$...
  23. A

    Good quality Gaming headset

    I'm looking for a good gaming headset for games like battlefield 1, fallout 4, ect... I don't want the price to be outrageous I was looking at the hyper cloud 2 headset
  24. B

    Nvidia GTX 950m not being used by Asus N550JX

    Asus N55JX , Intel i74720hq , 8 gb ram, 1 tb hdd, and an Asus sourced Nvidia GTX 950m with 2 gb of dedicated memory, and Intel HD 4600 also. I've tried Nvidia contol panel global and per program setting, disabling Intel HD4600 (resets to Microsoft Basic Display Adapter), updating drivers for...
  25. N

    How To Play Fallout 4 On Your HTC Vive

    We all know Fallout 4 and how popular game it is these days. Another popular topic is VR, so some people already want to play some popular games in VR. This is a tutorial on how to play Fallout 4 in VR with HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. We will achieve this with using the vorpX software. Step...
  26. F

    Will these laptops be able to run next gen games/Which is the best one?

    I am looking to buy a new laptop but am not very knowledgeable with all the specs and stuff, these three laptops are the same price but im not sure which is the best one? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/hp/hp-15-ac630tx-15-6-notebook/915156/...
  27. N

    How To Play Fallout 4 On Your Oculus Rift

    If you want to make Fallout 4 run and feel perfectly than you are on the right place. The process is very simple you will have to finish couple of steps and you will be able to play Fallout 4 without any problem or disruptions. Follow this guide: Step1. First check your GPU Drivers. You need to...
  28. D

    Is the oculus rift- version 1 dev kit still worth getting?

    Is the oculus rift- version 1 dev kit still worth getting? - its going at about £150 at the near cex and ive always fancied one! however im not sure if its garbage by today standards- would it work with skyrim/ fallout 4 elite dangerous etc? if nto ill juts save up for the proper one. Cheers
  29. A

    Fallout 4 is choppy on a Toshiba Satellite S55t

    Laptop has an I7 5500U, a GeForce GTX 950M, and 12 gigs of RAM. For some reason, on the low graphics setting, the game still plays super choppy. I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but this info looks higher then the recommended requirements for Fallout 4.
  30. A

    looking for a cheap laptop for games like minecraft, stalker series, fallout out series

    hello, I need a laptop cheapest as possible, to be used when i am travelling.. it should be able to do things lag free.. gaming or other wise. I have a gigabyte q2006 netbook which cant even run 1080p movies.. so decided to give it to sister and buy a new one for me.. I have a desktop, which is...
  31. D

    Putting external graphics card on laptop

    Is it possible to put an external graphics card to my laptop : toshiba qosmio f750-10 ? Coz i want to play fallout 4 , i wanna get an external graphics card that is not so expensive but the performance is enough to get me play fallout 4 at medium settings and maybe 1640x900 resolution. Pls help me
  32. F

    Which laptop is better out of these two?

    Hi im looking to get a new laptop, i dont know alot about them so i was hoping someone here could help me. I will mostly use it for gaming (LoL, hopefully dark souls 3 and fallout 4 if it will run it) but will also use it for school stuff. These are the two im looking at as i cant afford an...
  33. S

    Would this laptop run fallout 4?

    Hello! This is my most trusted website to ask stuff on so I'm gonna start. There is this budget-ish laptop that I want to get. I want to get it because of the CPU and GPU for the price. I'll upgrade the RAM from 4gb to 8gb however would this -...
  34. J

    Looking for Good Gaming Laptop (Can Be Above 1000 USD)

    My step-dad and I want a nice gaming laptop to play games such as World of Tanks, Fallout 4, Battlefield, and most upcoming PC games. We don't need something amazing but something good that can run most games at, say, high settings. We went to our local Best Buy and saw the Alienware 17 r2 (I...
  35. I

    Far cry primal

    Hi, I am just wondering if I am buying far cry primal pc off the disc will I have to download anything like fallout 4? Its just a real pain having to buy the disc and then download. Are all games going to need to download now? Thanks
  36. D

    laptop recording laptop

    is there a way for me to say play my games on one laptop and record it on another laptop for example i have fallout four playing on my good laptop but i want to use my spare laptop to record me playing it so is there a way to do this
  37. P

    Laptop recommendation for Skyrim

    Hello Everyone, I hope that this is the right place to ask this question. I am looking for a laptop that can run Skyrim on reasonably high settings with good frame-rate, and Fallout 3 on high settings and good fps. I'd also love if, in the future, I can run fallout 4 on low setting with...
  38. L

    CPU usage is very high until I open task manager (is this a virus?)

    So, I had barely any money and I really wanted Fallout 4 so I decided to get it the dodgy way (very bad idea, I'll stick to G2A in the future) and after having my PC off overnight and when I turned it back on, all was fine until when the windows lock screen came up. When it came up, my CPU fan...
  39. H

    Hi ... Disabled have HDMI set wall mounted and looking to use a Laptop or a small pc setup for gamind

    I saw this and wondered if Fallout 4 would run on it ... •Intel® Core™ i7-4500U 1.8GHz Dual Core Processor w/ 3.0GHz Turbo, 4 Hyperthread Cores, 4MB Smart Cache •Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4400 GPU w/ HDMI & Mini DisplayPort •2x 1600/1333MHz SO-DIMM DDR3L Memory Slots (DDR3 1.35V), 16GB...
  40. J

    Fallout keeps crashing need fix

    I want to play fallout 4 on my toshiba radius laptop and in theory it should run on my computer but for some reason it wont even start up, All it does is when i launch it it starts up for 5 seconds on a black screen then crashes. Can anyone help please On a side note my system specks are...
  41. J

    What will I upgrade to be able to play fallout 4?

    With Ultra Low Graphics MOD i hav about 10 to15fps it is still playable but when there is a lot of action going on it drops to 1 to 5fps. i dont have any budget to buy new laptop so i just going to upgrade 1 of those Specs: Intel I5-2450M DDR3 4gb Amd Radeon Hd 7500M
  42. H

    toshiba satellite c series what settings to make fallout 4 run

    Fallout 4 runs sometimes for hour at a time other time it crashes whenever it feels like it. Help plz
  43. S

    Low Fallout FPS, new gaming laptop

    I've just bought Fallout 4, and my new gaming laptop can't run it above 20fps, even on low settings. My laptop is a lenovo z50-75, it's got 8gb ram 2.1ghz proccessing (3.3 on turbo) and a Radeon R6 M255DX 2gb graphics card, can anyone help me with this?
  44. D

    Fallout 4/HD video editing laptop: i7-6500U, 4GB NVIDIA 950M, 256GB SSD plus 1TB hybrid HDD. Any concerns about this running

    Just bought a new Toshiba laptop because my 4 year old Toshiba i7 3610QM struggled with integrated graph to run Fallout 4 in cities. My new one will be here in a few days and I realized it is 2 core after ordered. Am I ok?
  45. L

    Issues With Running Games (GTX 860M)

    Recently, I've had issues with my GTX 860M in my laptop (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-y50-touch-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-memory-1tb-8gb-hybrid-hard-drive-black/6337026.p?id=1219665860106&skuId=6337026 - there's even a misspell on the website that says it's a 960M instead...
  46. I

    Is my Video Card dying?

    I have been having trouble recently with crashes in fallout 4. I thought it was related to the game specifically however after further testing I was wrong. I noticed after playing a game (such as fallout) my game would crash a lot. After that crash happened I could not open any other game...
  47. M

    Is this good enough for these few games.

    Hi Im looking at laptops to play the stalker series and fallout 3 and new vegas. Would the Lenovo z 50 75 Amd A10 7300 be good enough for this? Thanks
  48. M

    Gaming Laptop help

    Hi I am looking for a REASONABLY priced Gaming laptop that can run games like Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Europa Universalis 4, CK2, Victoria 2, Cities Skylines, Tropico 4-5, and Civilization 5. I want to play these on medium resolution. Again keep it reasonably priced. Screen...
  49. M

    Gaming laptop for less $500

    I need a laptop that will play league of legends on very high 60+ fps and if possible fallout and skyrim?
  50. A

    Best laptop cooling pad?

    I will be using it for games similar to Skyrim, Fallout and such. Also for school work. I have a $30 budget (would like it be around $20). Suggestions?
  51. A

    Will this fit my needs?

    I am a Sophomore in High school, and I'm looking for a laptop to be able to do my school work, and play/mod the following games: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim. I have found this computer (link at bottom) after 15 hours of reaserch. For the price and specs it seems like the...
  52. L

    play fallout3 on a cellphone

    Can I play fallout 3 on a LG Samsung!
  53. M

    HELP! Looking for the right laptop for casual gaming, good for watching movies and not so pricey

    Help guys! I'm looking for laptop for casual gaming and watching movies. I would like a laptop that is able to play games like Assassins creed, GTAV and the likes without any problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! these are the minimum specs that I need, hope anyone of you...
  54. D

    Buying new laptop not needing it for high def gaming just for fallout 3 etc. spec below.. think its a good spec for £300?

    HP - 15-g092sa 15.6" Laptop - Black is the name of the laptop! OS : 8.1 Windows (will be downgrading to 7) Processor AMD A8-6410 APU RAM 8 GB DDR3L GPU AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Storage 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm Its going to be used mainly for low end games such as fallout series and...
  55. A

    BEST laptop for Skyrim/Fallout on ULTRA and heavily modded

    DONT EVEN SAY IT.... I know what you're thinking!!! But for a guy in my position i just cannot see building a gaming PC. I am going to college, about a 250 mile drive here. Well, i really don't want to carry around a monitor, PC, etc etc... The mobility and portability of a laptop far outweigh...
  56. A

    Considering Laptop over building my own PC, Thoughts, Suggestions?.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=y510p&N=-1&isNodeId=1 Basically I want a gaming rig for Skyrim, Fallout, and Fallout 4 whenever it arrives(These games are all i play). I want to be able to MOD, but nothing very extreme. I want to play...
  57. B

    Second Opinion on Laptop Choice

    Hello, I just wanted a second opinion/review on some laptops I was looking at. Main purpose: Gaming, hoping to run Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, Skyrim-level games at medium to high. Followed by basic usage for class work. Budget: $500-$800 USD The laptops I've been looking at were these two...
  58. exfileme

    Is Bethesda Working on a Fallout TV Show?

    Bethesda has registered a trademark with the USPTO describing the Fallout series. Is Bethesda Working on a Fallout TV Show? : Read more
  59. G

    Google Maps Posts Improved Aerial Images for 51 Cities

    Google's Maps team must be enjoying the fallout from Apple's own Maps journey so far, and now they've remind us just how sophisticated and advanced their application really is. Google Maps Posts Improved Aerial Images for 51 Cities : Read more
  60. H

    Fallout New Vegas and Toontown startup lag?