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  1. J

    What laptop to purchase

    Hi all I can’t find a laptop which is FHD(1920x1080) 8GB RAM I5 8th Gen intel 1TB harddrive.ive searched but none of them have those specs. Can anyone recommend a notebook?Anything besides Lenovo. Is it worth getting a 7th gen 7200u are they outdated?
  2. S

    complete hard disk data recovery

    hi i am basic data recovery technician .. means corrupted, formatted memory cards, hdd's to recover data. ok. now i want to learn complete hard disk recover ( clicking, buzzing, not detected hdd, pcb not working) . in my area i don't have to enough sources. please help.
  3. B

    Friends dell laptop wont boot (says the hard drive isnt installed)

    My friend got his pc back after his hard drive in it broke 2 times prior to this time. This is the third time that the hard drive in his pc failed thanks to dell. Before he sends it back, AGAIN, is there anything we could do to fix it? Hes already tried opening up the pc and making sure all the...
  4. D

    Laptop won't work

    Like an idiot I attempted to charge a separate laptop battery by taking a usb cord that I cut and placing the positive wire to the positive side of the battery and negative wire to the negative side of the battery. Once I plugged the usb into my usb port of my HP envy it instantly killed all...
  5. B

    Solved! Installed new harddrive but cant load windows in it

    Trying to install os on new harddrive . It jumps and gives me this information Free dos language (FreeCom version 0.04-pre2 XMS_SWAP(AUG 20 2006
  6. O

    Dell G3 Laptop HDD SATA Cable Unplugged

    Helping a friend install a new SSD in his Dell G3 laptop and when I was removing the HDD the SATA cable unplugged. It has some blue film on top of the cable and it doesn't have a connector to make the cable stay stay in the SATA slot. There is a white hinge thing that I can push on top of the...
  7. D

    How to install the dts equalizer for windows 10

    I replaced the hard drive and in stalled windows 10 to it but the DTS equliazer did not install I have the driver and update but know dts equalizer
  8. J

    Best antivirus for a slow HDD

    Hello, so a laptop i'm using has an 8 year old hdd (Don't tell me to buy an ssd it's not really mine and I have informed the owner about it) and windows defender always turns on every time I restart my computer although I have disabled everything. Windows defender uses much of my hdd usage and...
  9. J

    Solved! need to recover data from hard drive of laptop with a broken screen

    my laptop has had a broken screen for some time now, so i’ve been using a monitor and hdmi cord. the other day while i was logging in, the laptop froze up, so i held the power button down to turn it off. i guess the hard drive * the bed, as it loaded in to bios upon restarting. at this point...
  10. B

    HDD & GC issues on Asus N56VZ

    Hi, After 6y usage, I have some problems on my Asus N56VZ for which I'm asking for your help: 1. Graphics cards : Since 2-3 years, I've been having an issue which seems to be related to one of my GC (HD 4000 Integrated or 650M): after the Windows logo at the start, I had the screen which was...
  11. D

    Boot device not found. It appears in the middle of using the laptop

    After logging into the hp laptop windows 7, it operates normal but after a few sounds from the hard drive it freezes and shows the command boot device not found. when replacing working hard drives it gives the same command. Please I need help
  12. S

    Can I put 2.5” HDD on an SSD slot?

    I have H500p as my case and I want to upgrade my storage so I'm been wondering whether I can put a 2.5 inch HDD (from Seagate) on an SSD slot because I'm thinking of doing raid 0 set up with the two other hard drive bays. I need another HDD so I can put important documents in it without the...
  13. L

    Solved! Other ways around Oculus SetUp

    I've got an Oculus Rift again, and I'm trying to install the set up. I'm using the Win + R window to get it to download into my hard drive instead of my limited SSD (because just clicking the setup from my downloads folder causes it to tell me I don't have enough space. Despite having changed my...
  14. A

    Solved! Laptop for sims 3 & 4

    Will any of these laptops run the sims 3 (all expansions + stuff) and sims 4 (all expansions + stuff)? I'd like medium-high settings for both. Acer Aspire ES1-533-C55P 15.6 in. Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz 4GB 500GB HDD Notebook Acer Aspire 3 15.6 in. Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz 4GB 500GB HDD...
  15. A

    HDD space missing from MSI GE60 laptop

    Hello there, I have the same problem. I have a MSI GE60 that is supposed to have 1Tb of HDD space but I only have 1/10 of it available!
  16. zyclonenuz

    does my laptop support nvme ?

    hi guys I recently got an Asus X411UF-EB107T laptop. been searching Asus Website if this laptop supports NVME. All I know it has an expansion slot. if it does support it can you point me to that website ? i have been trying to google the full spces of the laptop but with no luck. when i google...
  17. C

    Solved! Which SSD for my Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42)?

    I have Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Laptop (Nitro AN515-42). It only Comes with HDD 1TB. 1.is it possible to add 1TB SSD on Laptop Extra ( Without making warranty void )? 2.What is the maximum capacity of SSD my Laptop Can support? 3.Is it possible to make that SSD Primary (Bootable) to install windows...
  18. V

    Solved! Which internal hard disk is best for sony Vaio laptop Model No:SVF14212SNW IN5,54576340 and han code:84713010

    Suggest me best Internal hard disk for sony Vaio laptop.Model no:SVF14212SNW IN5,54576340 and HSN code: 84713010
  19. R

    Need help appraising my laptop

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell my laptop because I'm going to build a desktop pc and am no longer in need of my laptop. (I still have another very simple one for work). But I'm unsure how much I can ask for it. The specs: Acer Aspire v nitro 15. 7" screen Intel i7-6500u cpu Nvidia...
  20. M

    Solved! VAIO laptop 1511B1EW boot menu on new hard disk

    I am having problems fixing my mother's VAIO laptop. The original hard drive has finally died. I bought a new one and fitted it in. Now I can't get either USB or DVD to boot in order to install win10 on the new drive. My brother knows how to do this but won't tell me. He's in that rebellious...
  21. C

    Replace HDD with ssd

    HI guys, I am planning to replace HDD with SSD on my laptop. My laptop currently has small SDD(128GB) and 1T HDD so I don't think this will affect the booting part. On my HDD, I have some of my games and video editing software. When I do that, can I just copy the whole things from HDD to...
  22. P

    How do I remove the hard drive from a Compaq LTE 5300?

    How do I remove the hard drive from a Compaq LTE 5300?
  23. P

    How do I remove personal information from my Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it?

    How do I remove personal information from a Compaq LTE 5300 before selling it? Is there a hard drive I have to remove? The computer works and has Word and other software on it. I'd like to keep the software on it for the buyer.
  24. Q

    Solved! Windows 8.1 Factory Reset taking too long!

    My HP laptop was having a sudden sluggish behavior this past few days though my HDD is not yet full or some sort. I just noticed a beeping sound coming from the HDD. I decided to back up my files and opted for a factory reset (provided by Windows). I chose to fully clean everything, including my...
  25. D

    Internal HDD turned external, won't start Windows

    Good afternoon, As this is my first post on any tech forum I would like to apologize in advance for any difficulties, lack of knowledge, or breaches of etiquette I may unintentionally cause or perfom. My laptop is an MSI GE62 Apache, which I have had for 2-3 years, possibly 4. During this...
  26. D

    No bootable device

    I have a laptop that i bought from like 3 months ago. It's an acer nitro 5 an-515-52. And yesterday i ran into a problem. I was playing a game and the i rage quitted. Then i bang my laptop pretty hard on the harddisk part. After that i got a blue screen then my laptop crashes. When i boot it up...
  27. W

    Solved! Sony Vaio new hard drive install, Windows 7 USB won't boot.

    I've got a Sony Vaio F series laptop 64 (about 10 years old) that the hard drive died in, i got a new one, went to Rufus (lots of people on reddit said to use it) and got a copy of Window 7 (i've tried three different ones) I tried using my product key but windows says in was installed at sony...
  28. A

    Solved! Gparted on Neotechnologies

    I hit my laptop damaged Hard drive. I replaced the HD with Toshiba on my Acer laptop. I'm using neotech rebootable repair disk, for windows 7. So I got linux and windows mixed I guess you could say. Well the only access I have to my laptop is through this CD that's the reboot repair disk. Or I...
  29. D

    Solved! Upgrading Old Laptop

    Hi there, I'm currently looking at upgrading my mothers old laptop. She has a 2009 Dell Latitude running an Intel i3-2330M 2.20GHz, boasting a lovely 4GBs of RAM and a 360GB HDD. I've built my own PC before, but I've never messed around with laptops. Since it's relatively old I'm hoping that I...
  30. O

    Solved! No display after enabling Legacy Boot and disabling Secure Boot

    I have an Hp Pavilion G4-2304tx laptop win8-64bit, my hdd start having problems so I bought a new one and tried installing win10 using a cd but it doesn't show up in the boot manager, when I tried disabling secure boot and enabling legacy boot,after restarting my laptop there is no display only...
  31. A

    Solved! Is it possible that my ssd is about to die, or virus?

    Hey, recently my PC started acting really weird. So i decided to investigate this and scan my PC. I started getting blue screenvof death with error code memory_management. Later i noticed that i cant open/run any antivirus programs, they started crashing instantly. So i decided to format my...
  32. K

    laptop hdd battery fail

    Yesterday my laptop had an error unexpected store exception and shut down it booted into the MSI menu to restore itself but didn't work had to download an msi bootable file onto a memory stick which then managed to restore itself, interestingly the MSI procedure said all personal data would be...
  33. F

    Solved! asus laptop blank screen after cleaning

    Hey.ive just cleaned my k43sa laptop.i removed keyboard and dvd & hdd & ram. then installed all.after turning on , screen stays blank, keyboard won't work, fan is on,dvd drive is on,and all the LEDs are dead but the power.what should i do?please help
  34. X

    Not enough space to set computer to factory, and I physically cant clear up any more space

    Okay, so I have this literal piece of crap laptop my Fiance is trying to sell. In order to sell it, it needs to be factory reset. The laptop is an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1-431. Its literally the cheapest laptop you can buy at a Walmart/Tesco. This laptop only comes with 30 gigs of...
  35. R

    Solved! How does increasing hard disk size and closing the lid affect heat?

    I've got a laptop with a docking station, a bit of a bargain since it's a Probook G1 which has most of the components easily accessible. However, I've got two questions relating to heat: 1) If I use it in the docking station, with the lid closed, is this okay? I'm planning on using it closed...
  36. M

    17.3 inch+128GB SSD+1TB HDD vs 512GB SSD

    I have a choice between 2 laptops for almost same price. Would you choose the one with: 15.6 inch screen and 512GB SSD or the one with: 17.3 inch screen and 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD? Portability is not an issue. The laptop in question is: Notebook Dell Gaming Inspiron 3579 G3, 15.6" FHD IPS...
  37. P

    replace the m.2 storage with a new 1tb ssd 2.5"

    i've asus laptop with 128 SSD M.2 + 1TB HDD I want to buy a 1TB SSD 2.5" instead of the 128SSD m.2 and make it as only drive in the computer. that is possible right? Im planing to do clone with acronis from the 128GB m.2 to the new 1TB ssd 2.5"
  38. S

    Solved! HDD and ODD no power and response

    i have a hp pavilion g6-2305tx notebook which i am using couple of years. i sometimes open it to clean the dust from inside it and i open it parts by parts. but things messed up the last time i try to clean it. after joining it together again when i turn notebook on by pressing power button...
  39. R

    Solved! Lenovo Ideapad 330 - 14IGM is it a good computer?

    Hi guys! I'm not very familiar with PC's, as I've always been a Mac user, so I'm a little lost here and I could use some help. I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 330-14IGM (8GB RAM + 1TB HDD + intel Pentium Silver processor), I work as a Database Developer and this computer is mostly for DB...
  40. L

    Solved! Laptop recognizing a non bootable hdd.

    Hello, i have an acer aspire e15 laptop with dual hdd. When i use two hdd, the boot recognize the one thats not a bootable hdd. How do i change it to the one with the os? Or what should i change with the non bootable device?
  41. K

    How to blanket decompress an entire hard drive with mixed compressed and uncompressed files

    Hi Everyone, I think I've got a computer virus that compresses things against my will and I was wondering if someone on this forum could help. TLDR at bottom :) I first noticed when media files (youtube videos, Amazon radio, offline WAV, mp3 and mp4 files) would not play back correctly. When I...
  42. J

    Solved! Can't get past Toshiba innovation screen

    I have a Toshiba satellite c-50a that was taken in for a dead hard drive and had files recovered. At least that's what they told us. So I purchased a new hard drive and placed it in and at startup it would go to the Toshiba innovation screen and then blank and keep repeating. So I then...
  43. B

    Forgot my Asus Sonicmaster bios password that opens automatically on start/disable/hack?

    I have 2 Asus laptops, had to switch hard drives, got them mixed up. Ayway, prompted for bios password on Start, forgotten password. How to disable or rest?
  44. T

    Solved! Data theft protection

    I am not sure if this is the best place for this question so my apologies. I am trying to understand risks and options of data theft from my employees. I want to know whether I'm exposed to data theft. Here is what I have as security currently to protect data 1) VPN tunnel, but it can b...
  45. V

    Is my HDD dying or my whole laptop

    Hi, my laptop recently started freezing, I was getting blue screen, wouldn't even boot at some point. I did a reset but kept my files and it finally booted successfully. But for about 3-4 days now, it freezes when I try to do even the smallest tasks, I had to delete chrome and install Opera...
  46. A

    Solved! Need help please

    Why after replacing my hard drive does my dell Inspiron now say no bootable devices found
  47. M

    Dumb TV and USB Wifi Dongle

    I have an old LG "dumb" TV. I use external usb hard drives to watch movies. I recently purchased a TP-Link VR600v which has a inbuilt media server that I can plug my usb hard drives into instead of the TV itself. I use this setup on my new "Smart TV" via it's inbuilt Wifi. My question is can I...
  48. H

    Solved! Laptop stuck on start up screen

    1.Tried installing a new OS on my Laptop. 2.Got an error that the CD was corrupted. 3.Tried reinstalling it. 4.Laptop stuck on start up screen. 5.Tried clicking "F2" and it doesn't work "tried "F1" "ESC" "F12". 6.Removed my HDD . 7.Laptop can now click "F2 and others". So can someone help me...
  49. virtualflying

    New SSD not being recognized by laptop BIOS or Windows 10 installer

    I just got a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB for my laptop (Asus TP300LD) to replace the 500GB HDD that was really slow. When I first replaced the HDD, my SSD wasn't being recognized. So after unplugging and re-plugging a lot of times, searching through forums, I decided to try and initialize my SSD...
  50. J

    Solved! USB v UEFI Booting

    I have an Asus x200ca laptop with Windows 10, and a Sandisk 16gb Cruzer Glide which i burned DBan on with Rufus. When trying to boot with USB, it booted with Windows OS instead of the USB, so i went to BIOS to change the priority order, the only 2 options were the windows OS and UEFI Sandisk. I...
  51. A

    Solved! fan noise problem

    Hello everyone. I have Toshiba satellite c850 laptop, I had a problem recently with my hard drive and I replaced it with a new SSD, I also faced another problem with my fan and I replaced it with a new one. everything works fine but I'm having bad noise sound on my laptop... how to fix this! the...
  52. T

    Solved! I removed all files from my hard drive and laptop - can I get them back?

    I am terrible with computers and I made a huge mistake. I have a relatively new laptop. I was planning on setting up automatic backup with an external hard drive. I plugged the hard drive in and there was quite a bit of stuff there, 60% filled. I used it to transfer files from my old laptop to...
  53. B

    New laptop running unusually slow

    Hi all, I have just bought a new HP Pavilion 15 laptop (8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Intel i7 8550u) and it seems to be running slower than my older laptop which had a much worse processor. Multitasking is hard and everything just feels incredibly hard work to do. When I check task manager I almost always...
  54. I

    Solved! No sata power

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5547 and was working fine until someday it decided to not send power to the hard drive, I guessed the hdd was dead, so I changed it with another one and still, I can't even hear the hdd spinning (I tested both hdd on my desktop and it worked flawlessly). One day I...
  55. R

    how do i remove hdd password at startup that i forgotten

    my laptop toshiba tecra a5 startup with the message'enter built-in user hdd password that i forgotten.how it will be removed from bios.
  56. C

    Sata 3Rd plug

    They are 3 plugs on the sata hdd what's the 3Rd one for please????
  57. D

    Solved! looking for help

    I formatted my hard drive for Toshiba satellite L15 W now its no longer boot even from flash, even if l try to load windows from another laptop when l put it back its juss failing to boot
  58. mrhotsharkable

    Solved! Help on deciding a laptop please!

    ASUS FX504GE-E4031T - £699 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 60Hz 15.6" ACER Predator Helios 300 - £749 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 144Hz 15.6"
  59. G

    Solved! Max Hardware Upgrade

    I have a lenovo legion 2017 y520 with M.2 PCie 256gb, 2tb HDD, 4gb geforce gtx 1050ti, intel i7 770hq 2.8GHz-3.8GHz, 16gb memory. I am trying to find out what is the max capability hardware wise? I want to max it out.
  60. S

    Solved! HP Envy x360 13z Ryzen Additional Secondary Storage?

    Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing an HP Envy x360 13z with AMD Ryzen 2500U. It comes with a 256 gb SSD. My question is if I can add a secondary 2.5" SATA HDD and still retain the 256gb SSD? Is there space for a 2.5" HDD? Thanks