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  1. J

    Which laptop has better specs?

    If I had choose between: -a 12-hr battery with an i5 7th Gen at 2.5 Ghz OR -a 9-hr battery with an i5 8th Gen at 1.6Ghz (I know it doesn’t matter but thought I’d put it in just in case) Which is the better deal? I DO want a long-lasting battery but I also appreciate speedy performance. D...
  2. A

    Solved! Graphics card comparison

    I want to buy IdeaPad 330s. It does have an i5 8th gen and rx540 GPU. What will be it's gaming performance? Can it outperform mx150 in real world tests? Please share some real world gaming benchmarks if possible.
  3. J

    S.O.S. Help me choose: Mid-level, long-lasting laptop in battery/performance for $1000ish or less

    Been searching +2 weeks for a laptop now and to no avail. I’m looking to get into a bit of gaming while also sustaining my (extended) browsing habits. *BUT battery and a long-lasting laptop with solid performance is all that really matters to meeeee. 1. What is your budget? $0-$1100ish for...
  4. R

    How to Calibrate Your MacBook’s Battery for Better Performance

    Battery performance depends on things like the age of your battery, and power used by the apps you’re running. However, you can calibrate your battery so it gives better performance. It’s not difficult, but it can take time. Read on to find out how. 1. Select the ‘Apple’ Menu Click the ‘Apple’...
  5. J

    What bitrate on obs?

    Hey I just got new internet that might be sufficient for streaming I’m not sure tho.ive been told to keep my bitrate lower than 3000 for best performance can someone help?
  6. M

    Performance of Ryzen 5 1600 vs Core i7 8750H laptop?

    Which one will be faster? I have tried to find benchmarks comparing but I have not seen any benchmarks that clarify this question. The reason for askingGL702ZC is because I am thinking getting either of the following laptops: - ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC - HP Omen 15-dc0805no My main requirements...
  7. I

    Monster Hunter World: Hunter Rank Guide

    Your ranking as a hunter plays a crucial role in your overall performance in the monster hunter world. The higher you rank as a hunter, the more reward you in the game. This monster hunter world guide helps you in improving your current ranking and achieve a higher, and better scale on the MHW...
  8. I

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - How to Increase FPS

    When it comes to the gaming experience, it is imperative that a player gets high performance, especially in multiplayer mode as other players may be getting higher FPS than you and that will give them an edge over you. So to increase your FPS, you can do the following things: • Anti-Aliasing...
  9. M

    Solved! Laptop suggestion for student

    I am looking for a new laptop that will be a good combination of high performance, long lasting battery life, and lightweight because I will need to take it with me and don't want to have to carry a heavy laptop and the power cord. SketchUp is a program I would like to be able to use and here...
  10. P

    My Laptop is suddenly not using the high performance GPU?

    My Laptop has a Intel HD 630 GPU and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. Before, when I played games and did whatever, it would use the 1050 Ti. Now, the 1050 Ti is stuck at 0% gpu usage. When I run anything, it tries to run it off the 630. I tried downloading the latest nvidia drivers, and it said...
  11. L

    Wich laptop suites me!

    Hello, I am searching cheap laptop for: 1- browsing 2- watching movie. (720p) 3- programming ( only) Preferred HP or dell ( any other recommend are welcome ) 2nd or 3rd ,and would that affect ? Or make a difference to me ? Although I got dell e6440 4th gen, 8 gb ram Guide me...
  12. H

    Dell G7 Gtx 1060 Max-Q or Dell XPS 15

    I am looking for a laptop that has a balance between portability and performance. I would carry my laptop for every vacation. I want to play games in 1080p and 60 FPS plus for at least 4 years Plz help
  13. C

    GTA V FPS Drop

    I have Lenovo Y50-70 for almost 2 years. Most of the games worked well. Now that I have started playing GTA V, the stuttering and fps drop totally kills the experience. A few months back, I even upgraded my RAM from 8GB to 16GB, but still, the stuttering never stops. It gets even worse when I...
  14. B

    Bad Performance Out of GTX 1060 6gb VRAM

    Hello everyone, no one will probably see this but I can use all the help I can get. Specs: 16gb Ram AMD Athlon X4 860K Quad Core Processor NVIDIA GeForce 1060 6gb Gigabyte F2A68HM-DS2H I've had this problem ever since I built this PC approximately 1 and a half years go. All my specs say I...
  15. R

    How to Increase the Performance of Your MacBook Pro

    If your MacBook Pro is no longer running as smoothly or quickly as it used to when you first purchased it, you can implement changes that rev up its performance. The following steps will help you increase the performance of your MacBook Pro. Step 1 Tone down the visual effects Fancy animations...
  16. A

    Dell G3 17" heat sink removal issue.

    Obligatory "I'm a newbie to laptops". Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the topic. Model: Dell G3 17" i5 8300h, gtx 1060 maxQ, 2 days old So after finding out that this model's cooling solution wasn't the best, hence the high GPU and CPU temps that hover anywhere from 72-85 degree celcius...
  17. S

    Best laptop for work

    I’m looking for a laptop for working with good quality/price performance. My budget is 1000 - 2000 usd I thought lenovo but I don’t know witch model. Some councils?
  18. M

    Need to make a choice between gtx 1070 and 1070 max Q.

    I have one option of hp omen 17 which has i7 7700hq process with GTX 1070. The Second option i have is of omen 15 which has i7 8750H with gtx 1070 Max Q design. Both are almost same price.I don't know what to choose. People say max-Q design is slower than the normal gtx in a laptop where as...
  19. E

    Solved! CPU Usage limited to 22%?

    So when I use my computer and I do heavy tasks like video editing, my CPU hits 100% usage and gets respectable temps of around 60-75C while rendering (this is Balanced Performance Mode, by the way). However, the moment I plug in my laptop, my CPU usage in Task Manager will never exceed 22%...
  20. D

    way too low desktop graphics performance

    So I wanted to run a windows experience index on windows 10 but since there isn't one I used chrispc So I noticed that everything was above 9 except desktop graphics performance. I have a acer nitro 5. is that normal or is the app not accurate? my specs are 8 gb ddr4 intel core i5-8300H...
  21. sparker781

    Getting Better Gaming Performance On My Laptop

    So I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop. What is the best way to get better gaming performance? I was looking online and saw some solutions but they're expensive as hell Thanks
  22. M

    I am a full time student looking for a new laptop. Any suggestions?

    I am starting to take college classes full time and am looking for a new laptop that would best be in the sweet spot between performance, portability, and battery life. If possible I would like my max budget to be no higher than $700. I will mostly be using it for casual school related work but...
  23. D

    Performance laptop for gaming

    Hi, I wanted to buy a laptop for games, the main thing i look in the laptop is a good gaming specs and non related to that, good batery (if possible) and a nice screen (non glare, nice colours, etc). Im also looking for a budget laptop but i know a little more money invested makes up in the long...
  24. K

    1366x768 vs 1920x1080 heat generation and battery performance

    I am looking at two laptops(1366x768 vs 1920x1080) ... they both come with Intel iGPU....I am not doing any graphical intensive work...Just math software and some programming... Am i right to think that the 1920x1080 one generates considerably more heat and has worse battery performance ? or...
  25. D

    Dell 7577 poor performance. Is it single channel RAM?

    Hi everyone, I have a dell7577 with the 7700HQ a seagate SSHD 1TB and the 1060Max-Q . Several games i play show poor performance with cpu at 50-60% and gpu around 50-60%. I'm starting to think its the single channel 16 GB 2400MhzRAM they put in these machines. Do you think framedrops caused in...
  26. N

    Smart phone application performance

    Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) With 1.5 GB of memory... I have donloaded PUBG for mobile... and I would like to know if by dowloading another heavy game,PUBG's performance would be affected?.
  27. G

    AMD A4 9120 performance in minecraft

    can anyone give me a good estimate or speculation on how good this cpu can do in minecraft, any info is appreciated, thanks the cpu is AMD A4 9120
  28. N

    Good Performance Laptop for Architecture and Photography Editing $900 budget?

    Hi I was previously a Acer Aspire 15 mx940 user but sadly my laptop was stolen . I am looking for a laptop within my budget that will help me on Architecture software's and rendering such as Lumion and also close colour accuracy for photo editing would like recommendations with a laptop that has...
  29. F

    FPS drops on High Performance Mode

    Hello, I have a fairly moderate laptop called the Acer Swift 3, having MX150 8gb Lddr3 ram, 256 ssd, i58250. The MX150 is capable of the games I play, such as Fortnite, and CS-GO. The problem is that when I am using the High Performance Power Plan, I get high fps for 10 minutes, but then...
  30. S

    ASUS Gaming Laptop Not Working As Before

    So, I have this ROG G750JM since 2014, and it started having some trouble running games for some months now. I have installed and uninstalled many games, applications and also moved a lot of data through it. As it is my main computer, I use it to all kinds of things, from web browsing to gaming...
  31. B

    Sudden Performance Drop in my Dell XPS 15 -- Please Help Me

    Hello, I've had my Dell XPS 15 for almost a year now and there hasn't been any issues with it up until now. It seems that overnight my laptop would take a lot longer to open up programs and there was a significant change in gaming performance. Before my computer began acting up, I would...
  32. I

    What processor give the "best" balanced performance for 1080p gaming when paired with a 1060 6GB?

    My wife has offered to buy me a 1080ti so long as I build her a system in return. Since I am using a 1060 6gb in my current rig, that card is going to find a new home! SO: what cpu will give me best balanced performance for a resolution of 1080p, 60 Hz, when paired with a 1060 6gb? I...
  33. P

    i have installed lower graphics driver than it was earlier, will it affect gaming performance?

    i have AMD radeon 550 and by mistake i installed AMD r5 330 which has lower performace will it affect gaming?
  34. J

    Changing laptop cpu

    I'm using these spec in my laptop. i already find that my laptop can replace cpu (not soldered) anyway, what's the maximum performance cpu that can be attatched to this laptop? i searched some cpu from here, but i don't know which...
  35. E

    high performance power plan for laptops

    hi i just got my first gaming laptop. On my desktop I would leave my power plan on high performance and not worry about it, but on my laptop I am afraid to leave the power plan on high performance because of the impact on battery life. Is there a way where I can make my laptop automatically set...
  36. G

    Looking for a laptop with good gaming performance on the go

    Hey all! I've been looking for a laptop which has good gaming performance on the go with good cooling and which is also good for productivity and college work. I'm looking for a laptop with a 15 inch screen and specs as 8th Gen i7/16GB RAM/GTX 1070/128GB or 256GB SSD along with a 1TB HDD...
  37. F

    Big sudden drop in performance

    Hi. I have a Dell entry level gaming laptop: 16Gb Ram Core I7 7700HQ 2.80 Ghz GTX 1050 Ti. 2 days ago I notice a considerable drop in gaming performance which basically came out of nowhere. Everything was fine one day and then the next day I started noticing big drops in framerates. Games I...
  38. NoPuhi

    Solved! Diagnostics tool for performance increase

    PCs slowing down seems to be a common problem in older rigs. Mine has got to that age. It takes a while while alt tabbing from and to games and opening windows/programs. Windows occasionally freeze. The worst freeze happened a couple of days ago when i was cutting up a video in lightworks. The...
  39. S

    What's the difference between the ASUS UX430UA - GV232T and GV415T

    Hi I am planning to purchase the ASUS UX430UA - GV232T or the GV415T. I was wondering if spending a extras £100 is worth getting the GV415T? What is the difference between those 2? Is it a HUGE different? Is it noticeable? How much % performance increase? Does both have IPS? Appreciate...
  40. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale - How to Customize Game Settings (Best Settings)

    Fortnite Battle Royale has not just attracted the hardcore gamers with expensive gaming systems, but it has also sparked the inner gamer of players with average computers. But the problem is that players with average PCs do not get the best performance out of the game as Fortnite Battle Royale...
  41. N

    Performance Differences Of Memory

    Hello everyone... I am playing a game that requires 8 GB RAM and my computer has 6 GB RAM... Could anyboddy tell me if there is a big difference in performance between 6 and 8 GB of RAM? Will it's performancee be better after an upgrade?
  42. C

    GTX 1070 low usage, low temperature, won't overclock

    I have a HP Omen 17 with the following specs: HP Omen 17-an005f i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 8GB DDR4 2400mhz I have set to 'Maximum Performance' mode on Nvidia's control panel, my Windows power plan settings are on 'High Performance', and my laptop is plugged in. I have disappointingly low...
  43. N

    Compaq C500 performance after upgrade

    Original processor 1.73 GHz Cache 2Mb Upgrade processor 2.33 GHz Cache 4Mb Has anybody performed this upgrade or similar and what kind of increased performance did you obtain? My System Notebook Model Presario C500 (GF572UA#ABA) System Board ID 30C6 Processor Tupe Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080...
  44. S

    Converting RAM into VRAM on a low end laptop!

    Hello! My question requires expertise in hardware. I want to ask that should I be focusing on adding more ram to my laptop to improve its gaming performance because when I add more ram I will have the ability to convert the ram into vram and eventually increase gaming performance. The reason...
  45. E

    Macbook Pro failure after power failure

    Where I live there is constant power failures where power randomly goes out do to an overload or a discharge (really don’t know how to explain). I usually have my laptop connected to a protector on the plug, but one night I left it overnight plugged directly to the wall and I guess a power...
  46. D

    What high-performance laptop should I buy for university? What tweaks are preferred?

    Hi community. It's been a few years since I've been on this forum. Glad to see it alive and well. Anyway, I am now going to Uni, and I'm looking to buy a high-performance laptop. From the stickied post: 1. What is your budget? Anything below 3800 USD. Preferably at the 3000 USD range or...
  47. R

    is it okay to continuously charge my laptop even after 100% charging while i'm working over any designing softwares ??

    Is there any chance of battery damage or laptop reducing down it's performance level, when I charge laptop even after 100% charge.
  48. S

    Performance issues on Samsung galaxy tab e

    How do I fix slow and choppy performance of Samsung galaxy tab e?
  49. S

    Bad performance gaming laptop

    Back in 2015 i bought an ASUS Rog gl551jw gaming laptop. When i first got it i noticed that it had a poor performance with low settings in almost every game i played, such as csgo and H1Z1(games that dont require a really good computer to run and mine certainly was not doing the job correctly)...
  50. R

    Laptop 200-300? So many choices

    Hello Forum! Ive searched the interwebs and this forum but i didn't exactly find the answer I was looking for..... Anyways, I'm looking for a laptop for: -Basic Browsing -Netflix -Emails -Word Documents etc Only games to be played are Club Penguin and Roblox (8 yr old Child)..... My cell...
  51. R

    Does video editing only use the cpu or does it use the graphics card as well?

    And if it does use the graphics card is an hd 4000 enough for a good editing performance, or should I get a better card for video editing?
  52. D

    Bad laptop performanc

    My laptop is almost 3 years old and lately I haven't been able to run most games at a decent fps, I'm not talking about new games, even games I used to run at acceptable settings back when i bought this laptop barely run at horrible fps. Is there anything I can do to improve this? Or is the...
  53. J

    I need help to choose between this 2 laptops of 1300-1600$

    Hi, Next year i'm going to the university to develop games. I need one laptop to work in class with game engines, etc. And, here is my doubt. I have a budget of about 1100-1350€ // 1299 - 1600$. I have been looking arround a tech page that we have here in spain, and i have found for that...
  54. W

    GTX 1080 Ti GTA V Performance?

    Hi. GTX 1050= 60-70 GTX 1060= 68 78 GTX 1080 ti GTA V performance????
  55. S

    Gaming Laptop Performance Degraded

    I own an Alienware 13 R2 gaming laptop. Its about 2-3 years old so it should still be able to run stuff decent. But, for some strange reason, I can't run games at even lower settings now (Can barely manage 10 fps on Fortnite; lowest settings). Not really sure what the issue is. Computer has been...
  56. A

    Best gaming laptop

    I've decided to look at buying a laptop for gaming and schoolwork, and the market seems to be absolutely saturated under the 750$ price point, are there any that are clearly the best, price to performance wise?
  57. L

    Perfmon reports poor performance for newly bought Acer Aspire A515-51G laptop, and screen has a yellow tint that won't go away

    Just received the laptop this Monday, 5 days ago. Specs are Core i5-8250U / 8GB RAM (DDR4, i think) / 1TB HDD / Windows 10 64-bit / NVIDIA GeForceMX150 with 2GB DDR5 RAM. I am not an avid gamer. Rarely game, actually. Noticed around Wednesday that the screen has a yellow tint to it that will...
  58. S

    Asus Vivobook N705UD and Dell XPS 15

    I need a performance laptop for my buisness. (some gaming features too) I'm undecided between the two Asus Vivobook N705UD and Dell XPS 15.
  59. S

    Increase performance of radeon hd 7670m

    I have hp pavilion g6 powerd by intel hd 4000 powerd by radeon 7670m 2 gb i can't play games smoothly In my pc how can I fix this ??
  60. D

    How to disable 1 Ram Slot

    Hello, I've Hp Laptop which came with 12 GB RAM [ 4GB Micron 2133MHz & 8GB Samsung 2133MHz ] recently I've been facing BSODs, I run a memory test and it displays the message "Hardware problems were detected. To identify and repair this problems,you will need to contact the computer...