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    surround sound connection

    hi folks I'm not sure what adapter i need to connect my Bluesky 5.1 active Eltax surround sound speakers to my Sony kdl 40v4000 there's 6 connectors in the back of the speaker and looks like only two in the back of the tv so is there a cable that connects them together if so what is it called i...
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    Power Light Blinks. Motherboard LED solid. Prior trouble-shooting done.

    Power Light Blinks. Motherboard LED solid. Prior trouble-shooting done. Hi there. I recently bought a couple new monitors for my ASUS G10 Desktop. There was a problem with my first monitor because of some voltage issues, but I troubleshot my pc hardware prior to finding out the root cause. I...
  3. P

    msi ge62 apache keyboard led problem

    I've tried Steelseries engine 2&3 but both are asking to connect a compatible device to start. I have uninstall both fully and reinstalled again but are still doing the same. Any ideas? Thanks. p.s its a inbuilt keyboard.
  4. T

    Sennheiser G4ME ONE Problems.

    So I had just recently purchased Sennheiser Game Ones about 4 days ago and had only used them for about 3 hours before switching back to my G930's due to really bad audio issues. The volume would randomly fluctuate whilst shooting a gun in CS:GO or BF4, even switching channels in Teamspeak...
  5. T

    Unsupported Signal Error, Connecting Macbook Pro to Sony Bravia tv

    I have a Macbook Pro that I have tried to hook up to my Sony Bravia tv but everytime I try it just gives me an error saying unsupported signal I am using a mini display port to hdmi cable but whenever I try to plug it into the tv it dosent work. I have used it on a Sharp Aquos and it worked...
  6. B

    Logitech headset working... but not working

    I have no sound in my headset (Logitech G930) It changed it's own name and picture in the windows sound-settings to "Earphone headset" and since it did that my headset have had no sounds. I've tried connecting the headset to another PC with Windows and it worked perfectly. Any help around here...
  7. J

    Can I fix my Moto X 2nd generation?

    I dropped my Moto x and chipped the top left. for a while it only showed a bit of the top screen with an orange tint. and some things that resembles burn marks? But now Its completely black. I can hear vibrations and the alarm still goes off. Can I get this repaired?
  8. F

    Laptop works from 5-20 mins then freezes and goes black

    So I've been having this pain of a problem for a week now and nothing I do seems to fix the problem. So I power the laptop, and If I have good luck it turns on normally, then after about 5-20 mins it freezes then it goes black leaving me no choice but to turn it off.Then when I turn it back on...
  9. L

    Help! My lenovo thinkpad fell and some options dont work

    My laptop just fell on its side and it damaged my sound buttons. I can see what the problem is, the buttons are croocked so they constantly press. The folume is at 100 and i can not turn it down, even not with the mute button. I also can't see my mouse on the screen, i think there is something...
  10. E

    Lost A LOT of space from my SSD after cloning from HDD

    Hi, I've just upgraded my girlfriends laptop to an SSD, i bought her a 240gb sandisk, and cloned over the 150gb she had on her old hard drive. So everythings worked perfectly, apart from the SSD now claims it only has 166GB of storage in total. There is also a recovery partition labeled drive...
  11. M

    Toshiba Satellite P30-153 display color problem

    Hello, guis! I have a very big problem with the display of laptop Toshiba Satellite P30-153, that shows colors in a strange way. They are distorted and some of them not in the correct place like the monitor has been seen from an angle. Also, there is a flickering (blinking) of pixels all over...
  12. S

    Problem with sound when I plug in the headphone (laptop)

    Hello there. So I have a problem : when im in a game or program and i plug in my headphones the audio "splits". I mean the already opened program's sounds are coming from the speakers but the system sounds (or notification sounds, i dont know how it is called ) and the newly opened progs (opened...
  13. B

    Turbo C++ -nan problem

    Heres what need to happen. Enter two consecutive number , add them and show their average. So The code is Quite correct I can say It worked before but if you try and try again . and try to break it and it will It'll show -NAN -NAN and -NAN #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> float...
  14. F

    headset left speaker doesent work correctly

    So this little problem slowly started it started to mute the voice then play it and then mute and after that it started to stuff for example ''Hello how...*SRRRR* A...*mute* you'' and it stops but most of the time its quiet my current headset is Realtek ADX something and im running on windows 8.1
  15. J

    WEIRD ALIENWARE M17X PROBLEM! [Update from previous thread]

    Hey everybody. A while ago I made this thread: I had some answers, but none of them worked, so since then my laptop has been sitting gathering dust (I literally haven't even touched the laptop since that thread...
  16. M

    Laptop Automatically Shutting Off Without Warning

    My computer has been turning off whenever it is low on battery rather than tell me its low on battery. There is nothing wrong with the battery and I have it set to notify me when it is on %20 but it does not. It used to but one day I just turned it on and it has been doing this ever since. All...
  17. A

    calculate amount of salary received based on position level using C++

    Here the question. A company owned by First Avenue has a salary system based on position level. Employee salary is being paid on a weekly basis. The company has 30 employees, which comprises of a manager (fixed salary), cooks (salary on hourly basis), salesperson (fixed salary and sales...
  18. Y

    lenovo 505s wont turning on

    from last couple of days my laptop is behaving madly. it suddenly turned off like there was some power problem. it start normally but suddenly turn of again and again, and last day it stop charging battery, i tried to remove drivers and installed them again but noting help. now my battery is...
  19. P

    Samsung Devices Can´t Connect To home Wifi

    Hi, i have a little problem We have pretty old wifi router, but every other device from other brands (father´s nokia, friends lgs and acer) can connect but me, my brother and mum have samsung (galaxy tab 2 7.0, galaxy tab 3 and samsung galaxy grand neo) and can´t connect to wifi. I tried router...
  20. R

    LAptop high ram usage, fan wont stop

    Hi, my brother has a hp pavilion dv6 running windows 7. The computer has high ram usage all the time, even at idle. Also the fan contentious runs, even when the lid has closed. I cant see what in the task manager is causing the high ram usage. The other day my brother said that it have a high...
  21. A

    LG TV optical PCM output distortion (clipping, fuzzy...) to soundbar

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with my HDTV (LG 42LB5610) and new soundbar (LG LAS350B). Okay, first the issue itself, and then the circumstances how it shows up: The issue: Audio output via optical cable from TV sounds... incorrect. I don't know how to describe it best --...
  22. A

    Headset Causing video problems

    Hey Fellas, I've run into a bit of a problem and wondered if I could use some for your help. Without my headset (Sades 902) YouTube/Facebook videos will run perfectly fine. No delays, pausing, out of sync playing etc. As soon as I plug in the headset, the problems occur. Now at first I was...
  23. B

    Superlux 668b HD wiring issue (no sound in one side)

    Hey, just earlier today my headphones randomly decided to stop working on one side. The other side works perfectly fine. I pried open the case and looked at the wiring, I believe I found something that might be wrong, but even if what I assume is correct, I still don't know what to solder it...
  24. shahzeab

    Poor Wifi download speeds with a wireless USB dongle

    Well i just recently made my pc and here are the specs: Intel Pentium G630 2.7GHZ Asrock B75 Pro3 motherboard 4GB RAM i just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 and installed all the drivers/utility software that came with my motherboard and then installed the driver for my Wifi USB Dongle...
  25. S

    Acer Aspire 4520 help

    I recently replaced the power jack on my laptop, now that ive reassembled it when i turn it on the power button led comes on ebut nothing else, the screen is totally blank, i can hear the fan running and disk drive is able to open but nothing else, please help me out! btw i want to replace the...
  26. M

    Laptop won't charge

    Hello, I am a 20-year-old college student and teacher and I use my laptop every day. But for awhile now, my laptop won't charge anymore. It's an Acer Aspire 5755G-52456G50Mnks. When I plug in the ac adapter, there's 3 lights blinking: the on/off button/light, the light with the battery on it...
  27. K

    Black Stripe On Screen

    Updated: 2015-04-24 Thanks for everyone that tried to help me.[/b][/color] [color=#d60a1b]*FIXED* It was a reckless mistake that during computer launch I took out the battery. Refreshing or reloading pc completely DID the job.[b][color] Hello, my name is Chris and I got this problem for quite...
  28. C

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 - Subwoofer not working right.

    Hi guys, I guess I've tried everything. Really, I'M SURE that, I've plugged everything correctly, it's all right related to cables. When my sound is in 7.1 mode, it sounds bad, really bad, no bass boost, subwoofer etc. When I put it on 2.2 mode, pressing the button on the little control, it...
  29. R

    Nexus 5 Sound notification pop-up

    So I just got my nexus 5 and this is happening all the time while playing a game, browsing the web etc. Everytime this opens it makes a blip sound. When it happens in an app it closes the app and goes to my home screen. Anyone knows how to fix this? Kind regards, lnVader
  30. R

    Samsung Skype sound too hard!

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and when I want to Skype the volume is too hard. With headset and normal Tablet speakers. I only have managed it 1 time to make the volume lower, but now it doesn't work anymore? Please help me! (Sorry for my bad English)
  31. L

    Samsung Galaxy S II glitch

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that is acting weird lately. The voice talk keeps showing up, by itself and sometimes ask me to select an application to complete an action over and over again. Sometimes it stops, sometimes does that minutes long. I tought it would be best to show you...
  32. S

    Sony Vegas 13 Pro not able to use my GPU for speeding up rendering HELP!

    I have been trying to use my Graphics Card to speed up the rendering in Sony Vegas 13 and for some reason it can't pick up my Graphics Card which is a GTX 750Ti. I have checked to make sure my Graphics Card is updated to the latest version I have tried following tutorials on basically how to...
  33. T

    [Solved]System Interrupts taking CPU

    Hello, im looking for some help regarding System Interrupts taking 60% of my laptops cpu. I've tried many of the suggestions offered on the forums, but none did any good of fixing this, it really makes bad performance when playing games. Asus K53SC Win 8.1 Core 64x I have currently tried these...
  34. H

    Connecting monitor to a laptop?

    Hello guys! I want to ask you one simple question - Is connecting a monitor to a laptop a bad idea? I'm asking you because after many months of doing this - my monitor broke. On the other hand, it could be either because of : A) Me frequently connecting and disconnecting it from the laptop...
  35. C

    Logitech Z506 - Only sound coming from front L/R and subwoofer (2.1)

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Z506. I bought it yesterday, and have tested each speaker individually and they all work fine. I have set up the speakers using an analog connection (Green, Orange and Black) to an External USB 5.1 Sound Card. The three cables come from the back of the...
  36. B

    AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE, core unlock suddenly not working?

    Hello, i have a Phenom II X2 555 BE since pretty long, around 2 - 3 years ago, ever since i have it i immediately core unlocked it with my ECS A880GM-A3 mobo, which makes it turn into a Phenom II X4 B55 , a few days ago i installed windows 7 64 bit to compensate for my 4 gigs of ram, when i...
  37. T

    Programs malfunctioning after reparation

    Hi, I've got an Acer Aspire 7750G (You can see full specs on my other threads), it had cooling problems so I've send him in for reparation, after a few weeks I've got him back and I saw that Switchable graphics was installed on it, what never was on it before (and I've reset him to factory...
  38. C

    Synaptics Mousepad not working HP m6-1009tx

    Hey all, Okay, I'm fixing my friends laptop for him, his HDD was messed up to the max, couldent copy anything from it or salvage it. I've replaced the HDD and thrown a new Windows installation onto it. Now, as in the title, the mousepad doesn't work. I've installed the exact driver package from...
  39. S

    Razer Kraken Forged Edition or Razer Kraken 7.1

    Honestly, I have no idea what to get out of these two, price is not an issue, and before you ask, the reason I would prefer to get Razer Headphones as it goes with the rest of my Peripherals and I've owned Razer headphones in the past and they've been epic, and I like the colour, now as I was...
  40. OscarTheTitan

    Why does Sony Vegas Pro 12 not render my videos?

    Alright, so I spent the last hour editing my new video and now I'm not sure why but when I render it as a WMV file to my desktop, and then it goes to 100% straight away and doesn't actually render anything because when I open the file, there is just a black screen with no video there. I'm rather...
  41. C

    Trying to connect 32 inch Dynex TV to Philips Philips CSS2123B/F7 sound bar

    I tried connecting them for over an hour now and I cannot get sound to come out of the soundbar! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Dynex Model I believe is DX-32L200A12
  42. P

    Toshiba P300 charging pins polarity, battery not detected

    hi there i am new to this forum so forgive me if this is in the wrong category. i have a Toshiba L300 and have just purchased a new battery as the previous one was not recognised, the new one also is not recognised by the laptop. i am able to boot up straight from the AC charger without the...
  43. B

    Klipsch Promedia 5.1 weird sounds, please help

    Hello all I have an old set of Klipsch promedia 5.1 for around 5+ years now. To start off with, listening to music and videos most of the time is no problem, no weird sounds or anything an the speakers/subs work properly. The problem is when my computer doesn't play any sounds, thats when my...
  44. 3

    I have a card problem !

    I have the Canon T3 and a card problem. When i want to take a picture or video i get this error : Cannot create folder I did try to change my card but it wont work . Pleas help me !!?
  45. S

    HELP my laptop wont turn on

    I Have a toshiba satellite a300 and i was playing a game on it and suddently it just turned off. it was doing a lot of things at the same time. running a server, running a game and lots of other things. it dos not have a battery and when i plug in the charger NOTHING happenes. does not even show...