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    Laptop is so so slow, accidentally shutdown while updating windows 10 but works fine in safe mode

    please help! I accidentally close the laptop and the battery went off while updating windows 10. Then its not booting up..I've tried the troubleshooting provided by windows but still doesn't work. Then suddenly I tried to restart again and it open but it became so slow that even just a click it...
  2. L

    Stuck in safe mode

    I have Windows 10 and a toshiba satellite L 75. I went and let a repair program take my laptop into safe mode to do its job. My monitor is proven and it’s hooked up to a tv monitor and now I can’t see anything or get my laptop out of safe mode. Please help!!!!!!
  3. J

    Administationwindowsystem32 is stuck on my screen what do I put there it won't do safe mode

    Was doing a hard reset on my tablet and it's stuck in the ministration system32 what do I add on after the system32 what does not do safe mode
  4. K

    How can i disable safe mode in volume down key stuck position?

    My mobile's volume down key already stuck. Now i restart my mobile and it goes into safe mode. How can I disable safe mode now?
  5. R

    Lg G3 will not reboot

    I have tried everything and followed all instructions and my lgg3 will not go into safe mode or factory reset. Please help.
  6. L

    Laptop Brightness set to 0%

    I just turned my brightness all the way down, and now i can't see a thing on my laptop. I can reboot it and can open safe mode fine, but if i try to log back on everything is just black. I thought adjusting the brightness would just make it really dark, but now its just blank black. Any help...
  7. P

    how can exit to safe mode...??? sony xperia z1 stuk in safe mode nd my volume down key did not working..... so what will i do to turn of safe mode off
  8. knanan

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Safe Mode

    Booting a device in safe mode is an excellent troubleshooting tool. Safe mode allows you to turn on your device with third-party apps disabled. By doing this, you can easily identify and uninstall apps that may be causing software problems on your phone. Booting in safe mode does not...
  9. A

    I'm using Micromax Aqua Y4 ,but I don't know how to disable safe mode . plz....

    Micromax Aqua Y4. Safe mode disabling process. [don't post your email address on the forum]
  10. M

    Rebooting Android ,5 lollpop

    My tablet keeps rebooting as soon as it's on it turn out again I'm in safe mode
  11. I

    black screen with cursor in lenevo l430

    when i boot the system then it completely boot with black screen error. cursor is working, it is opening fine in safe mode. but it is showing black screen error in normal mode
  12. D

    How to get safe mode on my Acer aspire r11

    Screen keeps flashing the Jane and name of laptop
  13. R

    Samsung 4 battery draining

    If in safe mode how do you know if it is bad app or something else?
  14. A

    how to disable safe mode on Samsung galaxy A5 volume buttons not working so what I do to disable

    My phone Samsung galaxy enter in safe mode. Unfortunately my volume down button seems not working. How to disable safe mode? Maybe any hack for it? Restart not works.........
  15. R

    Rca tablet stuck on logo screen

    My rca tablet is stuck on the logo screen ive tried the reset hard and safe mode and everytime i turn it off it comes back on on its own it charges but just wont turn completely on please someone help this is my children tablet and the main way he learns due to his autism
  16. G

    How do I know if my Asus x205t is still in safe mode?

    Hello - I was having trouble starting my ASUS X205T so I booted into safe mode to see if it would repair.. Not it is starting up fine but I am not sure if I am still in safe mode and I don't know how to get out of it.
  17. P

    Amd 8670 problem...

    Whenever I install amd 8670 there is always error and it gives video_tdr failure until it is deleted by going into safe mode. i5-4gen.. 6gb ram.. inspiron 5537
  18. T

    disable safe mode on samsung duos

    How do I tirn off "safe mode" on the Samsung GT-S7562?
  19. K

    AMD R9 M265X complicated issue

    I managed to install amd r9 m265x series via device manager using the "inf" method IN SAFE MODE.. I reboot system and install crimson 15.12 every thing was fine... but unfortunately when I plugged in AC power laptop freezes.. I forced shutdown to reboot and that was the end (sometimes freezes...
  20. J

    I need to see what options I have while starting windows 7 in safe mode. My laptop screen is completely broken so I've been us

    Need help with viewing on my external monitor
  21. J

    Need help stuck in update loop

    My asus laptop is stuck updating and restarting. I cannot get into safe mode or repair it. I have never set an admin password and it says I need one to do anything. Windows won't boot up at all. The repair screen says windows didn't start properly and takes me back to the screen I need an admin...
  22. K

    Antivirus doesn't erase virus

    So I have a viruses on my computer and I can't open anti viruses unless I'm on safe mode. When I go to safe mode the viruses don't erase and it says I don't have any viruses. I use malwarebytes and norton. One of the viruses I have for sure is svcvmx and a lot of other ones but none get erased...
  23. L

    Help with removal of Adware.ChinAd and Adware.Agent.E

    Hello, guys! A few days ago my PC was infected by several malwares (got them from a file I downloaded). I cleaned most of them, but these two remained: Adware.ChinAd and Adware.Agent.E. Both are detected by Malwarebytes which can't remove them (asks for reboot to complete the disinfection, but...
  24. D

    Asus 2-in-1 stuck on Asus Logo Screen

    So my wife's laptop randomly decided not to come out of sleep mode. Tried restarting it and it gets stuck on the Asus Logo Screen with the rotating loading wheel. It acts like it's booting, but never gets anywhere. After forcing the restart a couple of times it goes into the Automatic Repair but...
  25. F

    Got stuck on safe mode

    My lg v20 is on safe mode and i have tried ALL THE PROCEDURES GIVEN but still stuck on safe mode cant even make calls
  26. R

    Safe mode off

    I don't know how to get off safe mode. Don't know how it even happened
  27. S

    svcvmx virus removal

    Difficulty removing it wont even let my Windows 10 reboot in safe mode
  28. E

    Getting out of Safe Mode

    Mother's Dell laptop is running Windows 10 in Safe Mode. How can I log off then in as a different user?
  29. S

    Solved! Lenovo Laptop Stuck on Loading Screen

    I have a Lenovo G575 laptop with Windows 10, having a couple of issues. Upon hitting the power button, the laptop goes to Windows Defender Offline, then powers down, then powers back on. After that, it is stuck on the circle to load Windows. I could start the laptop in Setup Mode or Boot...
  30. H

    what is happening nowadays i can't get out of safe mode???

    it always shown in safe mode everytime i switch on n even i did all the thing u guys said i still didnt get out of safe mode in sony xperia.
  31. M

    I can turn on the phone samsung 3 but my screen won't let me do anything

    I have a samsung s3 and went into safe mode to the Red X in the charging mode and I went and deleted some things I have put on there thinking maybe it was causing it but now my phone will turn on my screen will come on but will not let me do anything. I also cannot answer my calls it will not...
  32. I

    How can I get my galaxy j1 mini out of safe mode? I tried rebooting it but still nothing.

    I cant get my j1 mini out of safe mode. I tried rebooting and pulling out the battery for some minutes but still nothing. Pls help
  33. N

    Ndistpr64.sys failed virus HUGE problem

    Please help. I recently downloaded some malicious software that has infected my PC. The symptoms are as follows; After about 20 seconds BSOD comes up and reads the following; Stop Code: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What Failed: ndistpr64.sys Computer will only boot into safe mode on 3rd...
  34. M

    Only in safe mode

    Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite that I tried to connect to a TV with a HDMI cable and I mistakenly pressed the wrong button in the Screen Resolution screen and now it opens with a black screen unless in safe mode. I have tried altering the settings in screen resolution but the changes...
  35. I

    Computer is Infected HELP

    Hello. I currently run Windows 10 on HP laptop. I have noticed that there was a background program that is called svcvmx or something like that. I tried to end its process at the Task manager but it kept coming back. I went to its original folder to delete that dump of junk. However it refused...
  36. K

    My keyboard isn't working on my rca voyager tablet and its in safe mode what do I do?

    My rca voyager tablet turned off then when I turned it back on it is on my PIN screen in safe mode and the keyboard isn't working to type in PIN to get into tablet. I restarted it many times.
  37. M

    Booted into safe mode with a broken screening

    I have been using an external monitor for a while now as my laptop screen broke, but now I booted into safe mode and it only displays on my laptop screen so I don't know what it's showing and can't get out please help
  38. T

    Axon 7 safe mode

    I have an axon 7 and the volume down button is jammed, it is very hard to get it to a repair in my country and it does work, it just goes into safe mode! i have tried to push the volume up button, but to no avail. help!
  39. L

    I did everything.Why is safe mode still on?

    I pressed power key then to restart and my phone is still on safe mode.I even deleted maby apps
  40. H

    Safe Mode Stuck ( broken laptop )

    I have a laptop screen that is broken and I have recently went into safe mode because of all the malware on it. I waited an entire day for it to load on the external monitor but nothing came up so I shut down the computer manually by holding the power button. I turned it on and I waited for a...
  41. C

    Laptop not boot,how to bypass and go to safe mode

    I put laptop in diognostic boot now it won't boot at all. I log in and it dose nothing. How to get in safe mode to reset ?
  42. M

    safe mode on Samsung J3

    I use the Samsung j3 and I dropped my phone in water, because of this it went into safe zone. i have fixed the water damage but the safe zone is still on. It says reboots to stop it but it never works. I have changed the battery restarted my phone and turned it on and back off. I can't use apps...
  43. A

    Aptio safe mode how to

    Alienware 17R3. How to start up in safe mode from the Aptio Setup?
  44. G

    my hp wont start past the windows logo, just a blank screen with the cursor

    it will show the ssafe mode, safe mode with networking etc, wont start up in any past the windows logo, then it goes black with the cursor on the screen, I can move the cursor but a black screen
  45. H

    how to use ccleaner

    I HAVE ccleaner installed on my pc what happens when you use it and what do i need to look out for before running it,i also want to use it on my kids pc as his has possibly been hijacked. I have not used the safe mode enough as that i believe that will be the only way to remove what has taken...
  46. A

    HP Laptop running Win 8.1 wont boot, wont go into safe mode, denies there are restore points.

    I'm getting desperate here. I ALWAYS keep Windows Update turned off (I do not want to debate here whether that's good or bad, it's not the issue). Windows 8.1 tried to run it anyway on reboot. I tried getting into safe mood to shut off Windows Update, pressed F4 at the right time, safe boot...
  47. N

    How to remove safe mode on Sony Xperia T2 ultra

    How to remove safe mode on Sony Xperia T2 ultra
  48. F

    Disable safe mode

    Help me to disable safe mode volume lower button is also struck due to safe mode I restart my Cell up to hundreds of time but nothing works I have also read many solutions on Google and applied it too still safe mode is on Plz help me out from this situation
  49. S

    stuck on windows logo

    solution for hasee laptop when i turn on my laptop then he stuck on windows logo but when i press f8 key and its working in safe mode
  50. T

    safe mode help

    Restart won't turn off safe mode Samsung galaxy 4s mini
  51. C


    So this is what happened I accidentally put my android phone into safe mode. Then almost all of my apps doesn't work it change into android icon then they'd just disappear. I tried to restart it to get out of safe mode but the apps still doesn't work until the notification shows "DAMAGED SD...
  52. P

    Broken screen, auto boot in safe mode, now can't see

    I have a Dell Windows 10 laptop with a destroyed screen. I've been using my Acer monitor TV as an external display via HDMI. I some how caught a virus and my anti virus software didn't detect it, so I couldn't remove it. I set my laptop to automaticly boot into safe mode using Win+R> typing...
  53. P

    LG V3 Safe Mode

    I've done everything I've read here and still stuck in safe mode. Worst part is the back up lost half of my contacts! This is extremely frustrating, the other day the camera turned on by itself and began to take pictures, before that it was turning off and on all by itself. I looked up my...
  54. F

    Solved! Broken screen safemode

    Stuck in safe mode
  55. C

    "Your computer has been infected" Pop ups

    Had these for a month or so now, when they happen my screen goes in full screen (like I've hit F11) and I cant make it go back to normal size or leave the page (Have to alt tab then close the page by hovering over chrome icon and then closing the little thumbnail). I've tried everything I can...
  56. M

    My LG k7 is bricked and will not boot into safe mode

    My lgk7 is bricked and wont boot .i tried to root my phone with king root and then put super user it wouldnt root and tried to uninstall software and now its frozen with metropcs screen.
  57. L

    Latitude 3540 Safe Mode

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude 3540 on Windows 10 and I can't get into safe mode. I hit F8 at boot and it brings me to a screen that has windows defender offline on it.  If I either cancel that or let the scan run, it reboots again after.  If I have multiple failed reboots, that also takes me to...
  58. P

    Desperately need help

    I was trying to delete some files and through my research it suggested that I try doing so in safe mode. So I went to msconfig and selected to auto start in safe mode upon restart. However, when I restarted my PC, there was no output from my video card (RX 480) to my "monitor" (a vizio tv). I...
  59. R

    Can't get OUTTA SAFE MODE ! ! !

    Trying to find a "Disabling" technique. To rid myself of this bloody " SAFE. MODE ! ! ! "