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  1. R

    I am using lava a97 and I can't came out from the safe mode

    I am using lava a97 and I can't came out from the safe mode and I also restart it but it doesn't work please help me
  2. J

    I have the turned my off... it is still in safe mode.

    I have turned my phone off and off more than 100 Times between yesterday and today. It is still in safe mode. I did not even put it there in the first place. It is very frustrating. I have a Samsung galaxy neo plus
  3. L

    Do I need a new graphics card?

    It's been a month since I last used my laptop and when I opened it again it seems broken. The logo design appears and the screen blinks three three times then a broken blue screen appears, after that it restarts again and repeats. The only way to use it again is to start it in safe mode or I'll...
  4. D

    Stuck on safe mode

    Tablet in safe mode volume button doesn't work how can I disabled safe mode without use volume button. I've also try to drop down the safe mode icon to disable that way it still comes back on once it restarts up again
  5. J

    Laptop artifacts&white crash

    Hello, My laptop starts only in safe mode, then all screen is in artifacts. When desktop is loaded, if I press something, pc crashes to a white screen Currently I am not able to turn on the pc at all It just shows a black screen and stays lack that
  6. M

    Laptop turns off right after turning on.

    Hello. The problem I'm having with my laptop is that it turns off right after it turns on. And it only happens when I turn the laptop on without the charger plugged in. The OS loads and the desktop appears for around a second before shutting down. But when I turn on the PC with the charger...
  7. J

    Safe Mode Problem

    I have a ZTE Blade Zmax and it is stuck in safe mode and the volume down key isn't working. Will doing a factory reset get rid of the safe mode or what can I do?
  8. T

    Tablet screen flickering and touch points are "off" by about two inches...

    ...making it nearly impossible to work and in some cases impossible. I've rebooted and problem remains. I've restarted in Safe Mode, but problem continues. Because of extreme flicker reading and manipulating apps almost impossible. Any ideas, short of dropping it off at the recycling center...
  9. C

    How to turn off safe mode for Nextbook Ares 8A

    I have factory reseted my Nextbook Ares 8A Android Tablet like 10 times and still in safe mode. And I'm sick and tired of it. It's just bullcrap.
  10. C

    help Samsung j3

    Samsung j3 stuck on safe mode I've tried the power off and volume down button advice I factory reset I've restarted my phone but I have discovered my volume down button is no longer working it's not stuck or got anything in I don't know if it has something to do with the safe mode is there any...
  11. R

    Stuck in safe mode s6

    My volume down button is Jammed in. Can i get my phone out of safe mode?
  12. G

    No keyboard keys working

    Only keys tnat work are wifi and num. Try and restart to get to safe mode F8 key not working
  13. S

    Screen of Lenovo B50-80 laptop with Win10 goes blank AFTER I login to Windows

    Hi. My partner's Lenovo B50-80 laptop was working fine until yesterday - when it boots up and comes to the windows 10 login screen - when you login, the screen goes blank/black. I read somewhere online to go into safe mode (Shift + Restart from login screen) and once into safe mode - go into...
  14. Lutfij

    How To Enable Safe Mode On Windows 8 Laptop

    Safe mode is necessary when you need to diagnose hardware and or software issues. It ensures that you have the basic of drivers for the OS to operate and thus rules out most, if not all, compatibility issues. It also disables a lot of the services that may otherwise be running in the background...
  15. J

    Solved! Desktop won't load & neither will the safe mode

    Hello, I just bought a brand new HP 15 ax250wm. I may have been downloading and installing things too quickly in excitement. The last thing I loaded was Bitdefender and restarted the machine. Also I was installing STREAM and it couldn't finish the updates. I restarted when it just stopped as...
  16. S

    How to Re-Install Mac

    You may have a couple of reasons to consider re-installing Mac, namely your currently installed instance became unstable, the system files of your Mac got corrupted and aren’t repairable anymore, Disk Utility failed to repair the hard drive errors from within the operating system, etc...
  17. R

    Safe mode problems

    I see there was something said about the volume button. I checked and now noticex my volume will go up but not down and its not stuck idk what to do i have apps in my phone i need to use for work and i cant afford to buy a knew one at the moment someone can u please help me out
  18. D

    What is a good app to see what your friends are doing?

    Is there an app to know what my friends are doing and make sure they are safe?
  19. S

    All my buttons is stucked how to disable safe mode

    All my buttons is stucked how to disable safe mode
  20. M

    Posh Revel s500 won't hard reset

    Yesterday I got several pop-ups on my phone telling me several of my apps have stopped working, then the phone turned off. Then when I turned the phone on I started getting the pop-ups about the apps failing, and the phone turns off. Now when I start the phone it just tells me that android has...
  21. S

    I have an rca windows pc mini thing or something and I’ve tried over and over to do the hard reset or the safe mode thing an

    I need help to wipe this baby clean! Just bought it for my baby and she hasn’t been able to use it even once yet!
  22. C

    How do I turn off safe mode

    How do you turn safe mode off!!!!???? I tried everything Google said and it still doesn't work!!!!! Please help me :(
  23. E

    How to turn off safe mode on my Alcatel tablet

    How to turn off safe mode on my Alcatel tablet?? I tried to turn on and off the tablet that didn't work
  24. G

    fix my tablet

    My tablet is stuck on safe mode and it won't allow me to turn it on her off what do I do to reset and turn it off of safe mode and then so I can reset my tablet
  25. M

    Wolvol laptop stuck on safe mode !!!!

    is there anyway I can restore it . or reinstall the os on the laptop. I only used it and never installed an android ever
  26. R

    MY lenovo laptop starts and show blank screen after welcome only mouse work

    MY laptop starts and show blank screen loading of window is very slow even in safe mode after long time it display task manager and desktop icon but it freezed ... i cant access my files ..plezss help more thing when i open it safe mode with cmd it was fine but opened explorer it...
  27. S

    How I disable safe mode on samsung galaxy j7 when volume down button not working

    Pls give a best solution
  28. D

    Laptop graphic problem

    Hello, I have Dell Inspiron N5010 with Intel core i3-380M , 6GB RAM , AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD.. When I start the laptop it beeps 8 times i it doesn't boot. When i connect a monitor it starts but only in safe mode and even in safe mode there are green artifacts. I uninstalled the amd radeon...
  29. B

    Samsung j3 pro

    I currently using samsung j3 pro but then when i turn on the power key safe mode appeared i try to disable the safe mode but i couldnt disable it. And my volume down key stuck and its not working how to disable safe mode?
  30. F

    My volume down botton doesint work how do I disable age mode

    None of the other things work on my phone and my volume down botton doesint work how do I disable safe mode off now
  31. G

    Froze on media port install how to quit program

    Computer froze ln media portal lnstall. How to quit to uninstall. Maybe safe mode. How to do that. Xxz
  32. A

    My tablet wont power down please help

    I can’t get my tab 2 to power down so i can get it out of safe mode. No buttons are stuck so I don’t know whats wrong
  33. M

    Fear I got infected

    I'm pretty sure I have a virus/malware but all the scans I made was ok. It all started earlier when windows 10 informed me that my anti virus bitdefender smart security is off. I reset my pc, tried to re-launch it, tried in safe mode but there still an error. I contacted them and waiting for a...
  34. E

    How do i turn my Alcatel phone off safe mode

    How do I turn my Android smartphone off safe mode
  35. D

    Hp laptop frozen

    Tryed to restart laptop into safe mode but forgot my phone was plugged into it and now it is totally crashed and won't restart at all my original problem was not able to install a new anti virus
  36. J

    What should ai look for on my galaxy tab 2 in safe mode

    My tablet is very slow so im trying to find what the problem is. I already done a hard rest cleared the cach partition and its still runs very very slow.(galaxy tab 2 10.1 jelly bean)
  37. M

    How do i get my toshiba laptop out of safe mode and recover wifi with no disc

    Black screen with safe mode in all corners. No internet network connection. No disc
  38. K

    I m using lava A97IPS but I can't get out of safe mode

    I m using lava A97IPS but I can't get out of safe mode
  39. J

    Asus model D553S will not turn on

    Well you see it shows asus in search of incredible for 10 seconds the shuts off then shows it again it's in an infinite loop I thinks it's malware so if it's possible can I get into Safe mode from there or do something else to fix the problem
  40. G

    I'm using a legacy XP SP3 computer. Tried to uninstall Avast Premier that I installed on Dec17, 2017 by going into safe mode

    I am using Windows XP SP3 and downloaded the free version of Avast. I was offered the Avast Premier trial version for 60 days to try so I accepted and downloaded this as well. As soon as Avast was installed, it took ages to load, it would freeze on boot up 3-4 times on the same day. It would...
  41. T

    Trouble with my Toshiba Satellite L-15 B1330 with Windows 10

    I was having problems with my laptop previously having a blue screen error message. I think it was a device driver, which I thought I fixed by reinstalling the faulty driver. After a week the laptop would freeze when I woke it up from sleep mode to where I would have to restart it. I tried to...
  42. B

    My galaxy a6 tablet is stuck in safe mode? Help!!

    My galaxy a6 tablet is stuck in safe mode even after I restart it. It’s only one month old too!! Any ideas greatly appreciated
  43. P

    PC Stuck in Safe Mode w/ No Display

    I entered Safe Mode in WIN10 via msconfig, but little did I know that my external monitor (TV) doesn't work in Safe Mode. This means that my PC now starts in Safe Mode, so it's STUCK, and I have no way of undoing this via msconfig because there is no display on the screen. Is there a way I can...
  44. W

    Remove my safe mode on my broken screen windows 8 hp

    Hi I have a broken screen on my laptop hp windows 8 it use to connect to HDMI tv but it dosent work anymore because it’s on safe mode how do I get it working again?
  45. W

    Installed program and now Trojan is killing my PC

    I installed a free game from a reputable website that I have used before and it apparently installed a whole bunch of adware and I have booted into safe mode and ran adwcleaner and malware bytes and it said it got rid of them but i booted on my computer to see a cmd window saying windows copied...
  46. S

    What can i do in safe mode samsung galaxy s7

    When the phones locked. In order to unlock the phone, the phone requires me to enter the pattern 5 times. Sometimes it is only 3 times. I've cleared the system cache partition. And I did a factory reset a couple weeks ago which didn't solve the issue.
  47. R

    White Screen on regular mode - NO problem on Safe Mode

    My Toshiba Satellite displays a White Screen some time after startup. I replaced the Vista by Windows 7 and I still have the problem. Only one I enter in Safe Mode I can use it wihout any problem. This make me think that it is not a connector problem. Any suggestion?
  48. T

    Broken Screen, Using HDMI to see Screen, Tried Updating Windows and Now I Am Stuck on a Blank TV.

    I have a Windows 10 HP Notebook - 15-ba079dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) laptop, and I foolishly broke my screen, (not the touchscreen, the actual screen) but that isn't the main problem. I wasn't able to pay for repairs, so instead I simply attached an HDMI cable and plugged it into my TV. I was...
  49. L

    Weird Virus, nothing detecting.

    So i installed something i probably shouldn't have and surprise i got a virus, no big deal, safe mode virus scan delete whatever, but when i started back up in windows 10 normally and I noticed a weird program running and jumping from 0 to 25ish CPU usage. not sure if this is a legit windows...
  50. T

    Laptop only boots in safe mode. Windows 10.

    When I boot my laptop normally, it loads up, the spinning charms and the logo, then goes straight to a black lit screen. I believe it is frozen as it does not respond to anything. When I press F8 and choose to boot in safe mode however, it works fine. I've tried looking for the problem, by...
  51. E

    Can't delete virus

    Hello, I'm currently having an issue with my computer it has some strange file C:\Users\*name*\AppData\Local\cwosxur I cannot access it or delete it in safe mode all I know is that this virus is running programs that are causing my computer to be really slow
  52. O

    would turning power off allow for me to turn my volume up again

    I dropped my phone in water, and i cant seem to disable "safe mode". If i disable this mode will i be able to use the volume up key?
  53. G

    My next book tablet keep cutting every time I try to use a app and when I try to cut it back on it goes off in tried to put i

    My next book tablet keep cutting off every time I try to use a app and when I try to cut it back on it goes off i tried to put it in safe mode but it we won't do that
  54. M

    Is my hardrive failing? Is it fixable?

    Cant access files directly(Explorer.exe doesn't work),windows defender service wont start, troubleshooter doesn't work. But files do open with safe mode, unsure what to do have tried quite a bit with no luck. I don't have a restore point either.
  55. M

    If I put my S5 in Safe Mode will I lose my pictures?

    My screen isn't acting right. I've been advised to put my phone in safe mode but I'm fearful of losing pictures as I don't have an SD card.
  56. M

    Problems after exiting safe mode on my android samsung s8+, please help, i'm new here!!

    Hello people, I have a samsung galaxy s8+ and i was facing some problems with Facebook freezing all the time. So i went to see what i could be on the internet and lots of people suggested to do things in safe mode, witch i did. The worst is that i dont even know what i'm doing and dont know...
  57. M

    Blank screen with cursor laptop wont boot or enter safe mode or even install windows

    Laptop was fine untill it suddenly froze and a blue screen appeared saying "your pc ran into a problem we'll restart fo you" and then it restarted to a black screen with the mouse cursor i turned it off a couple times and it said preparing startup repair and then another black screen i tried...
  58. A

    My asus laptop won't start win 10 after a reset

    After the reset the laptop will not boot windows. I carnt get to safe mode or anywhere else
  59. U

    Manual proxy settings getting turned ON again and again

    For this problem please see below video: To Safe Mode restart for windows 10 see below video:
  60. A

    How to disable safe mode

    My galaxy on5 is enabled safe mode but my volume down button is not working how I can disable safe mode plz tell me