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  1. H

    Yamaha RX-V677 Digital Optical output

    I currently have a working Sennheiser Flex 5000 (TV ears type) connected to one of the rca type audio outputs on my 10 yr old Panasonic Plasma TV. The Sennheiser transmitter also has a digital optical input (PCM only) for the audio. Would I get better audio using the digital input? I do not...
  2. O

    Solved! beyerdynamic DT990 upgrade for gaming

    ey folks, im looking for a upgrade for my DT990@250ohm my right side is not working well for some reason, so i want to change them any suggestions what works better than these one purely for gaming? (for music i use senn HD650) i have a schiit modi2 uber/magni 2 uber thru spdif connected to my...
  3. D

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Issue

    Hey, so I am new to this website and not really sure what to do in terms of posting, but here is my problem and I would be much appreciative if you could help me out. So a couple of months ago, say 5, I purchased Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones so I could record, edit, mix, etc. music. They...
  4. N

    Solved! An external Amp Dac for HD598

    Hello I'm going to buy the hd598sr (mainly for gaming purposes) and really need an external dac amp combo for it. I'm going to be using it for my laptop (lenovo y500) which doesn't have a good mobo and so I was thinking of getting maybe the fiio e10k (haven't done much research) to get the...
  5. J

    New headset purchase

    Hello, my last headset was a hyperx cloud ii, but they aren't working anymore, so I'm thinking about the sennheiser game one/zerl or a hyperx cloud alpha for cs:go I don't if it matter or not, but my motherboard is Gigabyte H110M-S2H and I don't have any audio onboard card.
  6. I

    Best Sennheiser headphones for Gaming and Music?

    I've only owned the Game One's and currently own the HD 559s but am not a huge fan of them. Does anyone have recommendations that are under the sennheiser brand name? I play competitive games, listen to Hip-hop/Rap. As much as I'd love to get the 800s they are far to expensive for my tastes...
  7. pandasaurus

    Sennheiser hd600 vs 598 vs game zero

    Used to run a pair of 598s and liked them but wanted more definition, picked up game zero and was disappointed, now thinking about hd600s but can’t find a comparison, play a lot of games and listed music etc, running a schiit magni3modi2 stack, will be 600s give me better bass and more...
  8. D

    (HELP!) Sennheiser 4.40BT VS Skull Candy Crusher Wireless

    Looking to purchase a £100 pair of headphones and are torn between these two. Anyone own or have owned these and can give their opinion? Thanks!
  9. B

    Discord. everyone can hear my what im doing on my computer.

    Hello, whenever i am playing a game such as PUBG everyone in my discord chat can hear my game. my head set is the Sennheiser Game one and whenever i mute myself (by lifting the mic above a certain point) they can still hear the game. I am on windows 10. so far i have tried: lowering the...
  10. G

    Solved! I need to choose one - cost-benefit

    Hey, I'm from Brazil so I would like to know what is really worth doing: Pay $220 for a HyperX Cloud Revolver S 7.1 in Brazil and get it by this week or Pay $259 + ~$65 (freight) for a Sennheiser HD 598 in Amazon and wait ~15 days I can afford any of these headsets, but I actually don't...
  11. S

    HD 558s sound bloated and really bad?

    Hi, I just got a pair of Sennheiser HD 558s today. Open the box, connect to my phone, put music on...and it sounds really bad. Not the “I don’t like the range” or “I wish there was more bass” kind of bad. The sound is hard to describe, but it’s bloated, distant, washed out. Gaming is even worse...
  12. B

    Will Sennheiser HD598 SR be an upgrade over the 518?

    Hey there guys ive been using my HD518s for over 3 years now and i really like them i came across a great deal on the Sennheiser HD598 SRs (Rs.8000 or 125 USD) I was wondering how much of an upgrade will they be over my 518s? I know that the 598s are better but by how much? I also do a lot of...
  13. joelmappa

    JVC HA-RX 700 vs Sennheiser HD 201

    Hello, So right now i have the Bluedio Hurricane H it costed me 20$ i love the sound but i absolutely hate the headaches it apply pressure to my ears and i get earaches after like 1 hour.And i use them for lot of time straight like 3,5 hours.So i thought on buying new ones. I can get the...
  14. J

    sennheiser game zeros sound quality sounds tinny and low mic volume

    like the title say i just bought a pair of sennheiser game zeros with the 50mm drivers. i have a asrock 970a-g/3.1 mobo with the Realtek ALC1150. ive tried using both sets of jacks on the front and back of my computer but nothing seems to change. i dont know much about sound so if someone could...
  15. 0

    Solved! Sennheiser GAME ZERO (50 ohm)

    Do I need an amp or soundcard for the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset (50 ohm)? I'll use them for gaming only My motherboard is gigabyte z270x aorus gaming 7
  16. Shaun98

    Looking for the best Bass heavy Earphones or headphones under £50

    Hi i currently have sennheiser cx 300 ii earphones and also Sennheiser HD 200 PRO headphones. The earphones are starting to die due to having them for a while but the headphones are studio ones so there too big and the cables way to long to carry round with me. i'm looking for something that...
  17. P

    My Headsets mic will not work on my pc?

    I am currently using the headsets sennheiser 4.40 BT. When i use them with my mac air, the mic works perfectly and i can talk with my friends on discord and skype with no problems whatsoever. But when i plug my headset into my PC, i can never get the mic to pick up anything :/ My motherboard is...
  18. C

    Thinking of buying a pair of Sennheiser HD 589CS for my PC, will I need a DAC/AMP and/or Soundcard to supplement them?

    I have a ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E MB and I have no idea how to determine whether the on board sound is good enough to fully power the HD 589 CS.
  19. C

    Connecting Sennheiser RF headphones to Home Theater setup

    I have a Samsung UN55H6300 TV and a Sony STR-DN840 AV receiver. I'm trying to connect a pair of Sennheiser RS175 RF headphones. Since I'm using the Sony receiver for my sound, the Samsung TV is set to "receiver", which means no audio is available at the TV ports on either the optical or Audio...
  20. T

    Sennheiser Game Zero Special Edition audio quality terrible.

    First time on a thread so here goes nothing.... I bought the Game Zero SE headset as part of my Christmas this year as well as the sennheizer mic/speaker joining adapter. I plugged them into my iPhone 6 and the sound was absolutely abizmal! The vocal sounds as if it were coming through a mile...
  21. ravndal15

    Which headset for pc gaming out of these two ?

    Hello guys . Really looking at a good headset for gaming on pc . I’ve been doing much research and I was going to get Sennheiser game zero from this place...
  22. ravndal15

    Is my mobo ok for Sennheiser game zero or game one headset alone ?

    Hello guys . Planning on buying either Sennheiser game zero or game one headset . I was advised possibly I might need a dac/amp item to get the potential of the headset. I conducted a bit of research and discovered possibly some motherboards perhaps might be enough to provide adequate power to...
  23. ravndal15

    Game zero or game one for pc gaming ?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase either a Sennheiser game zero or Sennheiser game one for PC gaming ... I just don’t know which would be better for pc gaming mostly ... and am I right in understanding neither one is 7.1 ? I play FPS shooters including Call Of Duty ... I’m buying them to...
  24. T

    Best external audio card for my setup?

    Hello! Want to liven up my headphones a bit and use an external audio card instead of my Asus Z97-P on board audio. I currently use the Sennheiser HD451 headphones mainly for gaming and music. My budget is around 60$-80$ but I can go up to 100$ if it's worth the price. Thanks in advance for any...
  25. S

    are fiio A1 "sufficient" for Sennheiser hd599

    I am not much into music.. i use these headphones for gaming mostly but since i am rocking an entry level gigabyte h110-m motherboard, these headphones are not loud enough.. a friend of mine has a z.. i am pretty much broke right now so the only option for me right now is fiio A1 since it is...
  26. I

    Crackle coming through headset only from PC

    Hi, so i use a wireless headset "Sennheiser RS185" which is plugged in both with the Digital output as well as the RCA cables which i use a 3.5mm adapter for, however both of them crackle whilst in my PC plugging the 3.5mm adapter into my phone doesn't crackle so its been narrowed down to my...
  27. Y

    Will the ASUS Xonar DX be able to drive the Sennheiser HD6XX

    I recently bought the Sennheiser HD 6XX from Massdrop and I was just wondering if my sound card, Asus Xonar DX, will be able to drive them.
  28. N

    Solved! Sennheiser Game one 150 vs 50 Ohms

    Hey, I was looking at the sennheiser Game one for Christmas. I saw there was a 50 Ohms model and a 150 Ohms model, and I was wondering if there would be a big difference in sound quality between the 150 Ohms model and the 50 one. Also I was wondering where I could find the 150 Ohms model, I saw...
  29. A

    New Acer Predator 17 has constant ticking/static/white noise if headphones plugged into the jack.

    Bought on Black Friday, just set up Sunday. Plugged in headphones for the first time this week to watch some Stranger Things. Noticed an subtle ticking noise every half second or so with the headphones plugged in. Not an issue with my old laptop. Thus, troubleshooting began. Computer: Predator...
  30. D

    Razer Thresher or Sennheiser RS 175 for PS4

    Hi! I am struggling with this decision. I am about to buy a wireless headphones (no need for the mic) mainly for gaming with a PS4. I tried to restrict my choices to these two. I really don't care about the 7.1 etc, but only a good audio quality, comfort and a decent sound stage. What should I...
  31. K

    Need help with headphones.

    Hi all I am new to the forum. Really excited to be here. I am looking at replacing my Sennheiser game zero headset. I wouldn't mind going for them again because man did they serve me well. I play a lot of comp BF4 and Cs. I also really like listening to me tunes while I prac and when relaxing...
  32. R

    Solved! Possible Broken Headset Chord, But Looks Undamaged

    Hello, around 20 minutes ago i was walking around my house using the Sennheiser PC 373D Gaming Headset with my phone and i stepped on the cord and the input plug came flying out of the jack, since then no sound has been coming out of my headphones. It looks normal (except for some loops because...
  33. W

    How to connect Sennheiser RS 160 headphones to new Samsung TV model UN40MU6290FXZA with no audio out

    Please help, I am technically challenged so if this can be explained simply it would be greatly appreciated. Bought new Samsung "smart" TV model #UN40MU6290FXZA only to find out it has no audio out to connect my Sennheiser RS 160 wireless headphones. Can it they be connected some other way or...
  34. chaos_viper15

    Razer vs Hyperx vs Sennheiser?

    So, I've done like 3 hours of research trying to decide on a gaming/PC headset. So the headsets I'm choosing while standing in microcenter for more than an hour deciding on are as follows: Razer Man O' War Wireless $52.52 Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 $102.67 Hyperx Cloud II $97.19 Sennheiser PC 360...
  35. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $200 CAD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on this site and whoa it has changed. Well, to get straight to the point, I'm basically looking for a new pair of headphones because I recently broke my M40x's, which were great and lasted me 3 solid years (I dropped them one too many times). I was...
  36. P

    Can I use Sennheiser RS 165 wireless headphones with Samsung UHD TV MU6300?

    I have tried hooking up the Sennheiser RS 165 headphones first to a converter to change their RCA connections to optical audio and then attaching the optical audio cable to the Samsung UHD TV. All I hear is a rapid clicking sound through the headphones. Is this likely a compatibility problem?
  37. B

    Solved! Sennheiser hd 206 vs Logitech g230 HELP!!!

    Hi friends. which is better hd 206 ? G230 ? Thanks.
  38. L

    Best gaming headset

    I would like to buy Sennheiser g4me zero or Hyperx cloud Alpha.Any reccomends ?
  39. X

    Cant use sennheiser g4me zero mic on my laptop help

    I purchased a pair of Sennheiser Game Zeros and i have a ASUS Gl502VT. I had to buy a splitter adapter since my laptop only has one 3.5mm jack port. I cant configure my mic to use it because it uses my laptop mic instead. I don't know how to fix it and when i try to hear myself in steam, its...
  40. I

    Solved! Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT (1 jack), bought a splitter and only the audio works, friends cant hear me in discord

    Hi all , I have a sennheiser hd 4.40 bt with one jack and since i bought a new computer , i had to get a splitter to be able to insert into both the audio and mic holes in the case. However , the Mic does not work in discord or anywhere and i can only hear them but i cant respond? picture...
  41. V

    Sennheiser Game Zero Headset issue.

    Ok so I recently bought me a pc and built it everything was working fine, and then last night as I was getting up my headset got caught and jerked a little bit, now if I plug them in all the way the audio sounds really distorted and the mic isn't working at all. I can unplug the audio jack a...
  42. B

    which one should i buy?

    I am a fps player and I need a perfect audio to be able to listen to every detail and also to position any enemy just by listening to it. I came here to ask what headphones should buy. I have 200 dollars. I hope you help me make the best decision. Thanks.
  43. Avanta

    Audio Technica M50 vs Sennheiser Game One

    Hi guys I'm planning on upgrading my PC with a soundcard, probably a Soundblaster Z and I was wondering if I should get "Gaming" headphones or not. I play FPS games so I need good directional sound and I listen to music pretty much all the time. Specifically I'm unsure wich one of those is...
  44. T

    What is better an amp/dac with LMH6643 or LME49860?

    What is better an amp/dac with LMH6643 or LME49860 for clarity and sound for sennheiser 598's
  45. P

    Loss of sound with headphones

    When plugging in the sennheiser headphones I get sound but tv goes mute. Nowhere at back of sky Q box to plug in jackplug
  46. W

    Can you turn the Sennheiser GAME ONE PC Gaming Headset into a USB headset?

    I'm looking to buy a new headset and I do not have a sound card in my PC. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to headphones in general. With that said I'm looking at getting the Sennheiser Game One headset, but without a sound card I'm afraid I will not be able to optimize it. Are there any...
  47. G

    how to get Sennheiser 160 digital RF headphones to connect to my Samsung 32 inch smart TV(2016-17 model))

    I have the above wireless headphones that were sold to me to support an older model (12 yrs old) Sony Bravia. They have not been used and now I have the Smart Samsung TV. I am not technically inclined so need a response in simple form. Thank you.
  48. T

    Constant buzzing/static noise in Sennheiser Game One headphones

    Hi all, so this issue is driving me insane i've read countless similar forum posts but have not been able to find a solution. So when i just start the PC and don't have much running the noise is not very loud at all, however when i start a game (any game) or do something intensive the noise...
  49. N

    Sennheiser HD 518 48v Phantom Power

    I am currently connecting my Sennheiser HD 518 headphones to my computer via a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. My question is whether or not I can/should enable the 48 volt phantom power option. I understand some electronics may be damaged doing this. I assume the Sennheisers are perfectly capable of...
  50. S

    Headphone for music and gaming

    I'm looking for a new headset for music and gaming. These are what I've found: Sennheiser GSP 300 (€75) Hyperx Cloud II (€80) Sony MDR-XB950AP (€85) Shure SRH750DJ (€85) Sennheiser HD 558 (€100) Audio-Technica ATH-M40x (€100) Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO [250 ohm] (€130) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (€150)
  51. N

    z170x-gaming 3 s

    is this motherboard enough for the sennheiser game zero? speaking of OHMS
  52. O

    Looking for a headset for csgo

    Which gaming headset should I buy(for csgo)? My bugdet is 160$ Im looking at Sennheiser Game One HyperX Cloud II and Razer Man O War. Help please
  53. H

    Getting a Sennheiser wireless headphone to work on a desktop PC?

    I just got the Senheisser 4.40BT and while it works wirelessly on phones, can it be used on a desktop PC? would buying a 3rd party bluetooth dongle work with the headphones?
  54. A

    Sennheiser HD600 on a 2015 Macbook Pro Without an AMP?

    Hello, I recently ordered the Sennheiser HD600 headphones for casual music listening. I was just wondering if my 2015 Macbook Pro would be powerful enough to push these headphones for the time being while I wait to order a Schiit Audio Fulla 2 AMP/DAC? I did previously have a pair of Sennheiser...
  55. B

    Which headphones are better?

    Hi. I have my eyes on 2 good headphones but im unable to choose which one to get. I listen to a lot of pop top 40 type songs and im drawn between the sennheiser urbanite XL and the Audio Technica ATH-M40x. The audio technica is £56 and sennheiser £52, but the quality is pretty similar and the...
  56. K

    Best AMP/DAC for Sennheiser RS 185

    Does Sennheiser RS 185 requires an AMP or DAC? If it does, which one(s)? I'm confused because it's hard for me to spot the difference between DAC and AMP, also I don't know what DAC/AMP will be enough becuase these are my first that expensive headphones.
  57. P

    Sennheiser game zero question...

    My motherboard is a Asrock z270 Extreme4 and its sound board is a Realtek this good enough to power the seinnheiser's glorious sound ive been looking for a good gaming headphone for my shooter games.....thanks
  58. P

    Can asus b85m-g handle sennheiser game zero?

    Can asus b85m-g handle sennheiser game zero? Or do I need to buy an amp or dac?
  59. A

    Sennheiser HD598 SR or Beyerdynamic DT-990 + Fiio A5 AMP?

    A little info about myself: I listen to hip hop-jazz type of musics, and I don't want too much bass, just want it to be in between. I am an audiophile, and love to get the highest quality of music out of my headphones. Now, in your opinion, do you think it'd be better for me to get the DT990 +...
  60. L

    Need assurance on the sennheiser hd 650 headphones.

    I have decided to go the seperate headphone and mic route for gaming and found the sennheiser hd 650 headphones, but i'm not sure about buying them. I first want to know if there is a better pair before shelling out 300 dollars. I want them for high quality gaming in competitive and leisure...